When she’s not collecting Pagies or rescuing imprisoned Beettalion bees, Laylee spends her downtime watching cartoons and sleeping. Unbeknownst to her, Trowzer had been intercepting her fan mail, hoping to nab Birthday cards filled with wads of cash. The stack of mail was, somehow, the only thing to survive Trowzer’s barbeque. 

Since then, Laylee has been steadily working through the letters and writing back to her adoring fans…

#1 Dear Laylee,

What makes you the best and most beautiful out of anyone you know? Yooka may be jealous, but he knows it’s true.

Yours truly,


Dear Starchild

I reckon it’s my wit and honesty. Some people say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but those people are wrong and likely ugly.

#2 Dear Laylee, 

When you cook soup, are you supposed to grill or toast it? Pictures down below for your reference.

Sincerely, Sam

Dear Sam

You should just eat the soup cold like the absolute bonehead you are.

#3 Dear Laylee,

I hope you and Yooka are doing well. Quick question, if you could use the D.N.Ray to transform into anything, what would you be?

Thank you for your time.


Dear Danny,

I’d transform into a giant version of myself so I could carry Yooka around. I’d get to decide where we go, throw him around, and most importantly, threaten to eat him.

Art by @Wahepu on Twitter
#4 Dear Laylee,

I was wondering. Would you keep fighting that same big bad bee or would you rather expand your horizons, like – let’s say – a banana loving crocodile or a green rapping human woman?

Someone who is not associated with any bad guys

Dear Someone who is not associated with any bad guys,

I don’t like fighting anyone, one bad guy is enough for me! That said, I’d love to take a pop at whoever decided to give Yooka the ability to fart out air bubbles that trap us both inside. Whoever imagined up the concept of surviving underwater by these means is seriously a disturbed individual.

#5 Dear Laylee,

Hello there! Two questions for you:

1. Does Yooka shed?

2. Were you ever a Bat Burrito?



Dear Kelley,
  1. Unfortunately, yes, Yooka sheds. We considered using his shedding as a decoy when we were infiltrating Hivory Towers, but the head fell off so we used it as a Halloween decoration instead.
  2. When I was a kid I was accidentally a “burrito” once or twice. It took me a few years to get used to my wings – I’d often get wrapped up in them.
Art by @Hidane__ on Twitter
#6 Dear Laylee,

Would you ever want your own spin-off game? I know the games with you and Yooka together are pretty good, but I’m curious to see what you would do in your own standalone game. I think your spunky and sharp-witted attitude would work without Yooka if done right. I’d happily play that game, thank you very much.


Dear Leo,

I’m not sure, it sounds like it would be a lot of work. If I can’t have Yooka, I’d want another mount to carry me around. Maybe a nice dog? One that can’t talk.

#7 Dear Laylee,

Bats are renowned for their sonar and superb hearing. You are unique though in that your sniffer makes quite the statement. What’s your favourite smell?

With love,

Bear Bear’s illegitimate son on Twitter

Dear Bear Bear’s illegitimate son on Twitter,

I love the smell of fresh berries on a summer morning, especially if carried my way by a soft breeze. It’s like a delivery service for my nose.


If you would like to send Laylee some Mailee, drop her a line at Laylee[at], and if you’re lucky, she will write back to you.