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It's time for Beebz's butt to sit on the Demon King's throne

Demon Turf

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Developer Fabraz
Publisher Playtonic Friends
Genre 3D Platformer
Release Date 4th November 2021

explore the Demon World and battle for the turfs

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The Demon World is inhabited by all kinds of nasties… Most of them lumped into gangs battling for dominion, each led by its own head honcho. Yet even these bad dudes are no match for the Demon King himself! Instead, the task falls to Beebz, a young demon barely a thousand years old, who decides it’s time for her to kick every turf leader’s butt and become the Demon Queen herself.

Genre 3D Platformer Players 1 Rating E
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  • “Demon Turf’s art style was what grabbed my attention. (...) But let’s get into the platforming. Which, hoo boy, does it feel good.”

    - Rock Paper Shotgun
  • 8.5/10

    "Demon Turf is a solid 3D platformer on Nintendo Switch, with a ton of personality and a striking art style. The amount of content present within the game is extraordinary, featuring a plethora of main collectibles, alongside worthwhile side content."

    - Nintendo Enthusiast
  • 8/10

    "If you’re a fan of 3D platformers from the 'golden' N64 era and beyond, this one is well worth a look."

    - Nintendo Life
  • “Demon Turf is the Next Big Indie 3D Platformer.”

    - IGN
  • 8.5/10

    "...the core of Demon Turf’s gameplay and story allows it to sit head and shoulders above not only some of its platforming peers, but to become one of the better games of 2021."

    - Cultured Vultures
  • 8/10

    "The stylish visuals, level variety, challenging boss battles, and well-considered design choices make Beebz an unexpected new contender among the platforming elite."

    - Metro
  • 4/5

    "Demon Turf is the personification of that feeling you get when you finally master a platformer."

    - The Gamer
  • 8/10

    "Like a tour of the best the genre has to offer, this is a 3D platformer for those that grew up on them and fancy a hearty yet deeply rewarding challenge."

    - Finger Guns
Welcome to the Demon World

Combining the expressiveness of 2D illustrations with the depth and sense of exploration 3D environments can offer!

The worlds are chock-full of humor and style, from the music accompanied by the protagonist’s rapping to the colorful characters inhabiting the world.

A unique take on progression

Take a victory lap and explore previously beaten levels to discover their liberated state, with plenty of mechanical and environmental changes to uncover. Or take some time off in the hub town taking on sidequests and other distinct challenges instead.

Pull off some clever platforming combinations or get physical with a special physics-driven combat system that ramps up the chaos and fun. Push, pull and spin your enemies out of your way.

Time to get your camera ready!

Unique challenges like the “Photo Hunt” mode where you’re tasked to take pictures of hidden locations & surprising moments! Or simply take picures and selfies for fun and share them across all social media.

Say cheese!

Putting a spin on it

Demon Turf gives the you a different take on checkpoints, freeing the player to place them wherever they want. Show off without them for a perfect run, or place one in preparation for a challenging section.

There’s an awesome collection of purchasable mods that can be combined in clever ways to completely change your play style! Or you could buy some dyes & pets instead, the world’s your oyster!