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Grab your clubs and cap, it's time to tee-off

A Little Golf Journey

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Developer Okidokico
Publisher Playtonic Friends
Genre Golfing adventure
Release Date 14th October 2021

Your journey awaits

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A Little Golf Journey is a relaxing adventure golf game played on beautiful diorama courses across a variety of destinations. Unlock secrets, discover treasure and take on challenges. Your journey awaits.

Genre Golfing adventure Players 1 Rating E
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  • 4.5/5

    “Its beauty, precision, and heart-warming story culminate in a surprisingly meditative experience... A Little Golf Journey is a game full of surprises and a gameplay loop that never gets old, and comes highly recommended.”

    - Screenrant
  • 9/10

    “I intend to relive this journey over and over as I shoot for the stars...”

    - Nintendo World Report
  • 9.5/10

    “A Little Golf Journey is so much more than anything I could have expected.”

    - Last Word on Gaming
  • 8/10

    “A chilled and deeply satisfying golf game, A Little Golf Journey combines small scale courses with a pleasant soundtrack, a varied art style and a real sense of adventure in a really pleasing way.”

    - Finger Guns
  • “Golf without the stress and with added exploration.”

    - VG247
  • “This is the chillest golf game you'll play all year... Golf Journey is content with crafting a very forgiving, very colorful experience that is indisputably relaxing as hell... anchored by a lovely (and lengthy) soundtrack.”

    - PC Gamer
Join us on A Little Golf Journey.

Embark on your adventure and bring colour back to the world as you complete golfing challenges across multiple destinations. With over 100 holes split across 10 stunning courses, you’ll be able to unlock secrets and discover mysteries along the way.

Who knows what awaits you on your journey.

No Caddie required.

Just you, the ball and the soothing zen soundtrack as your companion. Play a quick round or stay for a while. Immerse yourself in the beautiful destinations.

Unravel the mystery

The invitation that brought you here, the hints, will you discover who this mysterious X is?

Looking for a par-ticular challenge?

A Little Golf Journey has an abundance of secrets – and gems – waiting to be unlocked, but hold on to your golf clubs, you’ll need to complete some challenges along the way.