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Lily's back for a new adventure set hundreds of years after The Sleeping King!

Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince

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Developer Castle Pixel
Publisher Playtonic Friends
Genre Action Adventure
Release Date 16th August 2022

The Minotaur King has returned...and it's all your fault!


Lily’s back for a new “classic” action-adventure set hundreds of years after The Sleeping King!

Grandpa’s latest tale takes you on a journey through haunted forests, pirate shores, and other mysterious lands across a vast open-world! Charming towns, terrible enemies, tricky puzzles, and powerful weapons await you.

Enjoy a “story within a story” as Grandpa narrates exciting moments throughout Lily’s incredible adventure.

Will you help Lily defeat the Minotaur King and save her brother?


  • Compelling main story plus engaging side-quests.
  • Classic top-down action-adventure in a retro 2d environment.
  • Dozens of mini-dungeons, caves, and locations to discover.
  • Choices that influence the story and events.
  • A wide array of weapons and abilities.
Genre Action Adventure Players 1 Rating E
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Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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