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Victory Heat Rally

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Developer SkyDevilPalm
Publisher Playtonic Friends
Genre Retro Racer
Release Date Winter 2024

Victory Heat Rally

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Welcome racers to Baytona beach!

We’ve got some sizzling news lined up. Victory Heat Rally is inviting all racers to set their sights on the VHR tournament when it launches.

Choose your driver, customise your car and put the pedal to the metal as you let your opponent eat your dust as you race to victory!


  • Choose from 12 characters and 12 cars.
  • Customise your vehicle.
  • Challenge yourself with all 36 stages across 12 locations.
  • Split screen multiplayer.
  • Game modes: arcade, time attack, rally mode and more!
  • Unlockable content: bonus mini-games, easter eggs, and more.
Genre Retro Racer Players 1-4 Rating TBD
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