Impossible Lair: Fan Art Favourites!

Hiya! Just us again, wittering on about the upcoming birthday of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair! 

We’ve got a few things going on this week, including a Nintendo Switch & game giveaway, plus the gradual reveal of a short comic strip. Right now though, we’re turning our attention to some fantastic Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair fan art. We even managed to convince Steve Mayles, aka Banjo’s Dad, to share his thoughts on each piece. 

Fan Art Favourites!

First up, Yooka and Laylee go ape on Capital B, brought to you by Tensen! Reckon he makes a kremling-esque noise when jumped on?

Steve Says: “A great action-packed pose with Capital B taking a beating. Chiropractor in the morning for him, I’d say. Look at his face; spinal fracture for sure. And trying to win us over with the cap and tie, bit of nostalgia, eh? Well, it’s worked.” (Source)

Next up, Joelchan’s Yooka and Laylee whiz down a vine with style!

Steve Says: I love a bit of authentic gameplay style art; very dynamic! And a great complementary colour background. Distressed jetpack minion is the icing on the cake. (Source)

We’re always keen to see Wahepu’s work, and they didn’t disappoint with this spooky Scribblefest entry!

Steve Says: This one has a scratch art look about it that is perfect for the spooky theme. Loads of atmosphere, less is definitely more here. Really cool! (Source)

Cammiluna is a beloved member of the Playtonic community, and we adored this festive piece from last December.

Steve Says: Yooka-Laylee toy is giving me BK Bottles kids vibe! Really like the addition of the cape, very regal! Our animator has banned me from adding capes you know, makes extra work for him. (Source)

Looks like Queen Phoebee has a few fans! Sereaza imagines the Royal Stingdom Palace, with a smattering of Beettalion guards for good measure!

Steve Says: A very radiant looking Queen here! The addition of the staff is a nice touch. That Beetalion with the razor-sharp spear is an accident waiting to happen though. Watch where you’re pointing it, soldier! (Source)

Putukdraws brings us a piece direct from the Impossible Lair itself. Did Yooka and Laylee ever make it out of there? It ain’t looking good for them…

Steve Says: Some great perspective here, love it! Well done for dodging the flames Yooka, but the more pressing concern here is the spinning blade about to make mincemeat out of your bat buddy. (Source)

And that’s all for now folks! Tomorrow we’ll be dipping into the world of speedrunning! Don’t forget to hang out with us on Twitter for more updates over the week and all the usual nonsense! 

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