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17th Jan 2024

Playtonic partners with Safe In Our World to #LevelUpMentalHealth


Here at Playtonic, we not only pride ourselves on making fun games but in doing so in an inclusive, healthy environment for our team. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with mental health charity Safe In Our World as part of their #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign!

As a growing development and publishing studio, we recognise that while the games we create are an escape for many, we must respect and support our people and consider the impact our industry has on their lives. Our goal is to continue to create a safe environment that always supports the mental health of our team members.

Our Head of People, Fran Williams, is leading the charge with care and compassion, introducing initiatives and plans to ensure we’re supporting ourselves and our teams.

“I love that Playtonic have been open to initiatives I have suggested with regards to what can be introduced to address all areas of wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is vitally important, and workplaces have a duty of care to do what they can to create a culture and environment where people feel safe, supported, and cared for whilst at work.

At Playtonic we have initiatives that are focussed on many aspects of wellbeing, especially mental health, including: monthly “Let’s Chat” walks, flexible working options, mental health first aiders, wellness action plans, and Playtonic Recharge (a paid sabbatical for everyone, every 5 years) to name a few. We’re also constantly engaging with our team members to ensure we are actively listening to their needs and what could help the way they work and feel.

Working with SIOW will be an amazing addition for Playtonic. The training and content they provide will help ensure we stay up to date and ahead of the game, with a variety of mental health support within Playtonic. We are so pleased to be partnering with them”

Playtonic are proud to put mental health at the forefront of our people processes and are proud to support Safe In Our World in helping unite the games industry to commit to changing for the better. You can find out more about how you can #LevelUpMentalHealth on Safe In Our World’s website.

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