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25th Apr 2024

Meet the voices behind the Guardians of Elsie!


Heyyy folks!

Elsie is back with a bang!

We’ve got a new trailer for you hot off the video presses (that’s totally a thing, I promise) showcasing some of the incredible, no, ELECTRIC voice talent that’ll be rocking your eardrums as you dash, dive and shoot your way through each level!

You can watch it riiiight NOW!

Did you recognise any voices before the reveal? Let us know below!

PLUS if you happen to be at WASD Live in London over the next few days you can get an EXCLUSIVE first look at the brand new Elsie demo before anyone else!

If you’re already hyped up for a fast-paced, ever changing, unique bullet-hell experience like NO OTHER get Elsie on your Wishlist immediately!



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