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23rd Jun 2021

Q&A With Awe Interactive

Dev Talk
With BPM: Bullets Per Minute coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year, we decided to grill David Jones (Game Director) and Josh Sullivan (Game Designer) from Awe Interactive on how they like to play their game.
Let’s dive straight in.

1. Who’s your favourite character to play as?

David: I like playing as Göll, the default character the most. Having damage over time spell to help deal damage while dodging is great.

Josh: Freyr. Mostly because I voiced him, but also because I love me some of that revolver action!

2. Aside from those pesky baby bats, who’s your favourite and least favourite enemy?

David: I’m a huge fan of the Jötunn Guard. I think the difficulty is interesting. I’m not such a fan of the Minion as he can really ruin a run if you’re not paying attention.

Josh: My favourite enemy has got to be the Clockwork Souls. He constantly makes you have to think and jump, or you’ll get hit! My least favourite is the giant maggot that. spawns those nasty flies.



3. Give us the dish, Who’s favourite & least favourite boss?

David: I love fighting Ymir, especially when he has a nasty modifier. He’s the most interesting I think because you have to keep a very close eye on what he’s doing & strategise for his next face blast. Gullveig is probably my least favourite because she’s so hard.

Josh: My favourite boss is definitely the Draugr because he does an attack that resembles a certain pop star. My least favourite is Gullveig because she’s super hard!

4. Now comes the trickiest question of them all… as developers of the game, what difficult settings do you usually play on?

David: Normal is where I like to play when I’m testing the game usually. Hard I play if I want a challenge.

Josh: HELLISH because it’s challenging for me to do. I’ve played so much on Hard that it’s not really a challenge anymore.

5. And finally, what’s your favourite track on that killer soundtrack of yours?

David: I love Fight of Valkyrie, specifically the massive Wagner-esque breakdown.

Josh: My favourite is Into Asgard. It was one of the tracks during development that I would listen to constantly because I thought it was so awesome!

Love the soundtrack as much as we do? Make your day rockin’ by purchasing it here.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one later this year!

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