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29th May 2023

Demon Turf x Makeship Beebz Plush is OUT NOW


Pre-orders are now LIVE!

Run don’t walk to pre-order this exclusive Beebz plush on Makeship!

Extra goodies!

Aside from Beebz’s eternal sour frown (we know you love it as much as we do), you’ll also get a Steam key for Demon Turf AND exclusive access to the private beta of Fabraz’s next unannounced game once it’s ready. How cool is that?!

Already have Demon Turf on Steam? Why not gift the code to a friend to share the Demon Turf love <3

About the campaign

The campaign starts today, 29th May 2023, to 19th June 2023 and to make sure the plush is fully funded we need to smash 200 pre-orders.

Your Steam key for Demon Turf will be sent to you after the campaign has ended. Additionally, once the private beta for Fabraz’s next unannounced game is up and running you’ll receive an invitation to join.

For further details, please check out the campaign page.

This is a one-time opportunity to get your hands on a cuddly version of Beebz. You won’t be able to get this plush any other time, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Follow our social media for more updates about the campaign’s progress.

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