Community: Yookathon 2020

What? Why? When? How?

Yookathon 2020 is a speedrunning event hosted and organised by some seriously quick-footed Playtonic fans.

Kicking off on April 11th, the Yookathon schedule is stacked to the brim with speedruns across Yooka-Laylee, and our latest game, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. There’s a tonne of variety to get your teeth into, with the runs covering copious categories such as any %, “Pagie Rampagie” and more.

A Playtonic presence

We’ll be joining in too! Chris Sutherland, Hamish Lockwood and Daley Johnson are all going to be popping in for a chat. Unfortunately, we won’t be showing off our absolutely top-tier speedrunning abilities, but we’ll be cheering speedrunners on and dipping into some development details – we know you like those.

Capital B’s Revenge

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to cause anguish, even Capital B is getting involved. He’ll be setting a selection of speedrunners a challenge and has “kindly” offered up a prize (from our pockets, of course) for the winner. More details on the challenge to come!

We hope you’ll show up to the stream and support the event. You can check out the full schedule with all the details right here!


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