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14th Jun 2024

Yooka-Replayee Dev Q&A Interview!


Hey folks!

I sat down with Gavin & Mark, veterans here at Playtonic, to discuss Yooka-Replaylee in a bit more detail. After some technical difficulties with our first attempt, we took the chance to get a bit more… unhinged… with this one.

Topics covered:

What *IS* Yooka-Replaylee?
Why now?
Is Steve Mayles a whole person?
How are we making the game prettier?
Is Vendi made of flesh?
How big was Gavin back in 2015?
How are we making the game easier to control?

And more!

This isn’t all though, we’ll be answering more of your questions, and our own existential ones, apparently, in the run up to release!

Wishlist Yooka-Replaylee to help us out and stay tuned for more!

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