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21st Sep 2021

Playtonic Friends Presents: Lil Gator Game


Playtonic Friends are setting off on our next adventure with Lil Gator Game.

Developed by MegaWobble, an indie team with a lot of heart, Lil Gator Game is a wholesome experience set on an island playground.

Bop cardboard baddies, climb mountain peaks, glide, fling and ragdoll around as you discover new ways to approach your environment. Collect arts and craft supplies to create all sorts of goodies and see the park flourish. You’ll be sure to make plenty of friends along the way whilst helping the islanders complete their quests.

Find out what lil adventures are just around the corner when Lil Gator Game launches in 2022.

Wishlist here!


What platforms will Lil Gator Game be coming to?

It will be available digitally on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

When will the game be released?

Sometime in 2022.

Will there be a demo?

Absolutely! During the Steam Next Fest (1st – 7th October) there will be a playable demo for you to enjoy.

Where do I follow for updates and more information?

Keep up-to-date with everything about Lil Gator Game by following:

Playtonic Friends on Twitter: @PTonicFriends

Lil Gator Game on Twitter: @LilGatorGame

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