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08th Jun 2023

Elsie: Guardians Trailer from IGN's Summer of Gaming


Elsie is back with a brand new trailer featured in IGN’s Summer of Gaming showcase earlier today. Let’s take a look at some all-new mechanics and story details.

Check out the brand-new Elsie trailer here.

Save the Guardians from corruption

You play as the android Elsie, embarking on a quest to clean up the world she calls home. Uncover the mystery behind the attack and save planet Ekis in this rogue-like neon platformer.

Start your journey in Sapir Wharf, a haven for all survivors of the attacks on Dr Grey’s city. Traverse through a multitude of environments from luscious forests, a volcanic grotto and more to find out why the Guardians have gone missing and save them from the corruption that’s taken over.

Get Parrying!

One of the core mechanics that makes Elsie stand out is how the playable characters parry. Both Elsie and Andru can parry just about any attack. Whether an enemy is blasting bullets or dealing melee swings, the player can parry into it, using it both as a defensive ability as well as an offensive manoeuvre. Get parrying to return much-needed stamina and perform lightning-fast counterattacks destroying your enemies and projectiles.

Choose your playstyle, rock out to a pumping soundtrack and dive into a vibrant world when Elsie launches later this year on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Can’t wait to dive into the action? Be sure to check the game out on Steam and give the demo a blast!

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