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07th Jun 2024

Elsie Accessibility Feature Showcase


Hey folks!

If it wasn’t already obvious, Elsie is a pretty fast-paced, colourful game!

The Knight Shift team have been hard at work to provide a host of accessibility features to make Elsie as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to play. Elsie is part of the Access-Ability Summer Showcase on Steam! Check out the video below or read on!

If you just want to absorb the gorgeous style and play through the story, there’s an Invincibility mode! Which might also come in handy if you’re struggling against a particularly tricky boss fight.

To help you focus on the hyper-kinetic on-screen action, there are modifiers to allow you to blur, desaturate or even turn off the background entirely. There are options for adjusting the amount of screen shake you experience too to help with this even further.

Elsie is an incredibly colourful game, so it has options to assist those with colour vision deficiency too. Options for player outline and enemy outline also allow you to adjust the hue to your liking, to make sure the technicolour action is as visible as possible.

If you need assistance with reflex mechanics, there will also be an option to adjust the timing required to correctly hit a parry, as well as following up with those all-important counter-attacks.

So to recap, there’s:

– An invincibility mode
– Parry and counter-attack timing adjustments
– Font size modifier
– Colourblind assist
– Player and enemy outline options
– Rumble strength and screen shake modifiers
– Options to blur, desaturate or remove backgrounds

Elsie is a love letter to retro-action platformers of old while packing in plenty of new elements to give the genre a modern twist and we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the experience.

Wishlist Elsie on Steam and check out the other games in the Access-Ability Summer Showcase!

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