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22nd Feb 2024

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process OUT NOW!


Greetings, new, valued employees!

Your first shift for the Ringo CorpoNation starts TODAY!

You have been assigned the prestigious role of sample sorter. You are tasked with sorting genetic samples into the correct tubes for processing. [strike]Do not ask questions.[/strike]

Ringo wants you to feel valued so you will be paid appropriately for your hard work!

With the credits you earn, please put that money back in to the economy, purchasing decorative items such as rugs, plushies and posters for your own personal room!

Decor not enough? Consider parting ways with a few more credits in Ultimate Ringo Fighters! Ringo CorpoNation’s fantastic fighting game, playable on the computer in your room. There’s Solitaire too for those of you who just can’t get enough of sorting!

If you’re still struggling for ways to entertain yourself while not working hard, why not complete a daily survey or read some Ringo news to while away the time in your living pod?

Thankfully, the commute from your pod to work is only an elevator ride away so you won’t have far to go when you’re ready to punch in and work hard the next day!

All we ask is that you remain loyal to the Ringo CorpoNation, if you hear of any potential dissent among your state-assigned chat companions, or receive any illicit-sounding emails, please report to your manager as soon as possible to ensure continued efficiency. [strike]Or face re-assignment. [/strike]

Welcome to the Ringo CorpoNation. We can’t wait to get you on-boarded. Work hard! 🦝

Play CorpoNation: The Sorting Process on Steam

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