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06th Jun 2023

CorpoNation: The Prologue is OUT NOW


We are delighted to announce that a prologue for CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is now available to play on Steam.

The prologue aims to familiarise the player with the main game’s linear dystopian narrative experience yet remains spoiler free.

Described as “the desk busy-work of Papers, Please meets the daily grind of a corporate dystopia”, CorpoNation: The Prologue sees you take on the role of a Temporary Lab Technician for the Ringo CorpoNation, sorting out genetic samples for the company. In the day-to-day grind, you may find rebellious employees attempting to turn you against your glorious employer, but we know you’ll have your employer’s best interests in mind! All seems fine on the surface, but could these “rogue employees” be onto something?

Manage your work-life balance by relaxing with State-Approved gaming, chat with your colleagues and spend your hard-earned wages on decorations for your living quarters. Most importantly don’t forget your bills! A rested mind empowers the grind, and your corporate overlords want you to WORK HARD.

Be sure to check out CorpoNation: The Prologue and see where your loyalties lie.

Until then, WORK HARD.

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