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09th May 2024

CorpoNation Out Now on Xbox & Switch!


Greetings valued console employees!

The Game Development Sector is pleased to announce that CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is OUT NOW on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles!

You’ve been given the prestigious role of genetic sample sorting! Sort your allotted samples during your shift and once it’s ended, retire to your Living Pod where you can spend time playing state-approved games such as “Ultimate Ringo Fighters”, don’t forget to spend your hard-earned credits in-game to ensure success!

You can also spend those credits on boosting the economy in other ways, like purchasing some motivational posters for your Living Pod walls, or if you’re feeling extra supportive of the Ringo CorpoNation, why not fill out an employee survey?

Be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox and report any illicit WAKE UP looking emails to your manager to avoid any disciplinary action.

To help increase worker efficiency, please find handy store links below:

Switch: bit.ly/3WtZBtD

Xbox: bit.ly/3UQCcRT

Work hard!

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