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06th Jun 2024

Announcing Yooka-Replaylee!


Calling all 3D platformer fans! A lizard and a bat… we are so back!

Hello folks!

We are VERY pleased to finally show you one of the many exciting things we’ve been working on! Introducing Yooka-Replaylee! One of the ways we wanted to celebrate our approaching 10-year anniversary is by providing fans with the best way to play the game that started it all. “What a great new pun-derful title” we hear you say, but you want to know details. We’ve got you: There’s a revised control and camera system, tweaks to abilities, remixed and new challenges, new collectibles, a fancy new coat of visual paint, of course and more we’ll be digging in to in the coming months!

Yooka-Replaylee is the culmination of almost 10 years of experience since founding Playtonic (Seriously, how has it been nearly 10 years since 2015?!) and we’ve channelled much of what we’ve learned while tinkering on other projects, as well as taking on board community feedback from the original release, in to making this the best way to play Yooka-Laylee.

Very soon, we’ll be releasing a Q&A video with some developers you may recognise to talk more about what Yooka-Replaylee is and what it means for us as studio. Until then, stay tuned to our socials for more news and Wishlist Yooka-Replaylee on Steam!

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