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27th Jun 2024

A new frontier awaits in Cattle Country!


Howdy, folks!

Yesterday we announced through IGN that our next Playtonic Friends title is Cattle Country! A Wild West-inspired farming life-sim from our good friends at Castle Pixel, the very talented folks behind the Blossom Tales series!

Check out the announcement trailer below for an early look at the game!

Set up camp on the outskirts of town and from there, build out and expand your ranch. Will you tend to cattle, focus on growing crops or a little of both? The choice is yours. From sunup to sundown, you’ll be rollin’ up your sleeves and gettin’ your hands dirty workin’ the land.

Head in to town and get to know the folk who call this place home, life here will be much more fulfilling with some friends around you! Of course, you might have to help a few folk out to break the ice but it’ll be worth it in the long run. And with 18 romanceable characters, there’s plenty of opportunity to take those friendships further and find yourself a partner, partner. Just remember, there are folk who still don’t subscribe to the settled life, so keep your wits about you and protect your homestead.

And it ain’t all just green fields and wooded forests, there’s gold in these hills. Grab your pick and head out to the mines on a hunt for precious metals and minerals, or happen upon a Bandit stash if you’re lucky/brave enough. There’s plenty of wildlife out there in the fields too, whether you’re huntin’ for food or just looking to take in the sights of nature.

This is just a taste of what’s to come when you throw down roots, so saddle up for plenty of adventure! Welcome to Cattle Country!

If you like what you see, please consider Wishlisting the game on Steam, it really helps us getting the game out there! And jump into the Playtonic & Friends Discord if you want more direct updates on Cattle Country!

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