Yooka-Laylee rattles towards release!

PlankerThe season for over-consuming and brawling with relatives is almost upon us, but we at Playtonic have prepared some early festive gifts for you – and none of them involve us coming round your house for a scrap.

With work on Yooka-Laylee almost complete, the details of our release plans can finally be etched in stone. There’s a lot to get through, but before we do: the Playtonic team would like to thank every backer and fan for your stellar support in 2016. Soon we’ll reward your noble dedication with a game that – hopefully – tickles you very, very much.

Onwards to the news…




Mark your Calendars

Today we can finally confirm that Yooka-Laylee will launch on April 11, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux, with pre-orders now available at £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 for non-Kickstarter backers in both digital and physical formats from all participating stores worldwide!

Coming to a shelf near you.
Coming to a shelf near you.

As an extra special bonus, everyone who pre-orders Yooka-Laylee on PC, Xbox One or PS4 will receive an instant unlock of the Yooka-Laylee Toybox, which offers a taste of the platforming mechanics set to appear in the full game in a self-contained, spoiler free sandbox. We’re also currently looking in to ways we can make the console Toybox available to appropriate backers (we’ll update you on that soon).

On Steam and GOG.com, you’ll also find special Digital Deluxe versions of Yooka-Laylee which include a digital soundtrack and manual / art book.

Kickstarter backers will soon be able to upgrade their pledge to a physical version, but we need a little bit longer to finalise the method. Our priority is to make sure that physical backers receive their game as soon as possible and not weeks late, so we want to make sure we choose the right distribution method before taking your pledges.

Don’t worry: as soon as upgrades are ready we’ll email all backers via Kickstarter.

Even Tron couldn't deal with those grids.
Even Tron couldn’t deal with those grids.

Slots of Fun

Introducing our latest gameplay trailer, featuring the brand new world Capital Cashino!

This glamorous, marble-floored playground has our buddy-duo navigating the casino floor, discotheques and oversized roulette tables in search of delicious golden bounty. But there’s a twist; players must now compete to win casino tokens, and exchange them with the banker for the pivotal Pagies!

As with all the worlds in Yooka-Laylee, players can choose to expand Captial Cashino and make the environment even larger and more complex, with whole new areas to explore, characters to meet and challenges to complete. And if you find Dr. Puzz, she has a head-spinning transformation to unlock!

Capital Cashino is just a hint at what’s in store for the final game. There are still plenty of secrets left to uncover…

Making the Switch

After many challenging months, we’re finally able to update you on the Wii U version of Yooka-Laylee and announce a number of developments.

The Playtonic team is sad to confirm that despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue, we’ve encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.

Nintendo Switch
Soon to see 80% increase in nonsense puns.

We can however confirm the exciting news that we are now working very closely with Nintendo to look to bring Yooka-Laylee to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. We’re looking forward to exploring the opportunity and will have more details to share early next year.

We’d like to apologise to those affected by this development and offer all Wii U backers the opportunity to move their pledge free-of-charge to any of the versions launching on April 11th (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac or Linux) or upgrade to the Nintendo Switch version when we announce further details in 2017.

Information on how backers can change their formats will arrive in January, once we’ve finalised the smoothest possible solution. For more details on our platform change, we’ve prepared a Yooka-Laylee Wii U FAQ page.

The Playtonic team thank you for your continued support and understanding on this issue and hope you look forward to future developments on the Nintendo front. We hope, in the fullness of time, we can make Nintendo platforms a great place to experience Yooka-Laylee – and beyond.

Now Streaming

Soon you might notice some of your favourite streamers and video merchants begin producing Yooka-Laylee content, from the same demo that was recently present at the PlayStation Experience and EGX expos.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing how they get on. The feedback we received from attendees at consumer shows was brilliant and humbling – and that’s from a months-old demo with lots of content, features and polish missing!

As a special thanks for your support, we’ve put together a short video over on our Kickstarter page to give you a taste of what Tribalstack Tropics will be like in the final game, fully fleshed out. Hopefully you agree it’s a nice demonstration of the progress we’ve made in the past few months. Hit the link to watch it.

"Hello? Can I interessst you in PPI compensssation?"
“Hello? Can I interessst you in PPI compensssation?”

Thanks again for your support in another super year for Playtonic.

From everyone at the studio, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2017 for an even better one!

Your Comments

  • Ante

    I hope Wii U owners can “switch” to Switch and play on April 11th to. And no delay on Switch version.

    • Troy Sanders

      I’d accept even maybe a week or two after, though any more than that and people’s patience will be tested.

      • scully1888

        I don’t think it’s realistic (or fair) to expect that, that isn’t how game development works.

        If they can get the Switch version ready at the same time as the others that would be fantastic but bear in mind this is a completely new system, with its own little quirks etc when it comes to developing for it.

        I think “it’ll be ready when it’s ready” is a fairer stance to take: I’d rather have a Switch version that runs perfectly than one shipped out with bugs just because people wanted it near the other systems’ release date.

      • As with all the worlds in Yooka-Laylee, players can choose to expand Captial Cashino and make the environment even larger and more complex, with whole new areas to explore, characters to meet and challenges to complete. And if you find Dr. Puzz, she has a head-spinning transformation to unlock!

    • TheChosen

      i´M not switching. Sorry…

    • Carlos Silex
  • Ryan Summers

    I’m sorry to say that’s too bad, now I’ll have to pirate it on PC.

    • JorWat25

      Why, specifically? Because the Wii U version is unavailable?

      • TheChosen

        I would say he does it because of…
        principles. Something you are clearly missing xD
        Principles of understanding how Hardware works for example 😉
        I´m not saying it`s good. But i can understand him.

    • Ante

      Change it to PC version!

    • Filipe Santos

      I was going to buy this day one for the WiiU! But play this on the pc with my pro controller will help!

    • kidkaracho

      Retarded logic.

    • Albert Brandon Bruderer


      • Ryan Summers

        I know that’s a pretty good game.

      • TheChosen

        Just like Kickstarter itself is a whole big THIEF.

        hahahaha! That was funny to say it. But it`s the truth. See?

        You should NEVER give foreign people your MONEY if they are NOT APROVEN software-developres.

        What do you think this is?

        You really think RARE- could have a SURVIVING-chance today? You think today we`re still living in singlecore-60 Mhz processors?

        No sir. A lot of time has passed. Today we have multicore-development/and or heavy singlecore-usage with POWERFUL singlecores (WiiU).

        If you ONCE got to develop a game for Nintendo 64 (66Mhz), you cannot just come back and say “Hey, i`m back, i want to develop for WiiU now (which is like 1000 times faster).


        You CAN ONLY program for the SAME architecture. N64 isNt like WiiU.

        WiiU is PowerPC + Fixed/programmable shaders.

        Nintendo 64 is MIPS/RISC + No shaders.

        That means:
        If RARE made GOOD N64-games…

        They cannot suddently make GOOD working PowerPC-games for WiiU xD

        And THAT is most likely why they decided to make crappy ARM-port instead.

    • TheChosen


      Too bad developers are shooting themselves in their foot… 😉 Well i warned you guys months ago:

      GREEDY developers!

      Watch out for them!


      DON`T give them “Free money”!

      ONLY trust good developers, where you KNOW They have made WORKING, good games in the past!

      • Troy Kv

        There is a developer you actually trust?

        Because looks like you hate the whole industry nowadays.

  • Vitor Gomes

    When can we expect the Steam page to be up?

    • SonicLoverDS


  • windkirby

    I understand the business side of it, but I’m extremely pissed off. I paid big money to play this on the Wii U, and I’m sure hundreds of others did as well. I don’t have an XBox, PS4, or a gaming PC. This is really treating backers like garbage. “Technical issues” my putrid rear–we all know why this is really happening. If you needed the sales for the Switch so badly, you should have found a way to make it for both consoles.

    • JorWat25


      “Despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue over, we’ve
      unfortunately encountered unforeseen technical issues that mean it will
      be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.”

      It’s not a business issue.

      • Leinad McIntyre

        Exactly that, what Jor said.

      • Filipe Santos

        Do you really believes in this? And if the Nintendo Switch haven’t beem announced? Do you really think they aren’t running this game on wiiu?

        • JorWat25

          Yes, I “really believes in this”. The Wii U is simply not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One.

          • Filipe Santos

            Sorry buddy but in past generations this was never a issue, wii was way weak than ps360, but did get Call of Dutys, if they really wanted to make this game for the WiiU, they could! But they don’t want! That’s it!

          • Did you see those Call of Duty games?
            They were a shadow janky mess of the Xbox 360 versions. Not to mention they had a lot more budget behind them.

          • Filipe Santos

            But they were fun to play! That’s what matters!

          • TheChosen

            They had better controls on Wii dude.

            Don`t forget that. Why Xbxo 360/PS3-owners only had clunky old buttons and sticks, on Wii you would play it with nextgen-controls. Which are now standard today and even used in PS VR (which bombed btw).

          • Better controls how? By waving the wii-mote in front of the screen with it zipping around everywhere? That was an awful way to play the game.

          • TheChosen

            Better controls = Mouse/Keyboard like. Simply better because of Wiimote. That is a FACT dude.
            It`s simply more precise. No “Auto-Aiming” needed. No “Auto-Running”, “Auto-Healing” “Auto-bs” needed.
            And THIS is what makes a game more hardcore. No Auto-Aiming => not casual-friendly.
            No Auto-Aiming/Auto-Healing => less casuals are attracted etc.
            Oh and i have more “News” for you:
            You could Play with the Wii in a 30°C-hot summer as well- for 20 hours a day if you want. No “BSOD” because of overheating Xbox 360 or PS3. I also remember that. No Blue Screen of death. No “Blinking Light of Death” no Red Ring of Death or other such things.
            I never had to worry about any heat on Wii lol.
            And i will never Forget, how many Xbox 360s died because of too much heat.
            That was Wii`s biggest advantage last gen. And from 2020-2030 average temperature will rise.
            It will be funny what happens in a few years to consoles.
            What do you think will happen with Switch if you want to Play it in a 25°C summer?

            Sorry dude. “This is not possible. Please let the handheld cool down and then come back.”
            Something like that will be given to you as a message. Just like Smartphones today- which uses ARM Cortex A72 as well- get overheated by just recording an HD-Video for a few minutes. Nothing new…

            it might just take longer on Switch to overheat it. But ARM Cortex A72 get very hot (for a mobile chip).

          • goviyoshi

            LOL The Wii U can play games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Watch Dogs, Black Ops II, etc. It might not be as powerful as the PS4 and XBone but it sure as hell can run YL without any issues.

          • MJC

            I’m glad you’re one of the game developers and know the exact capabilities of the Wii U and that it can run whatever game you want it to run!

          • TheChosen

            EA said Crysis 3 ran on WiiU in 1080p with 60 fps.

            Fast Racing Neo beats PS4´s racers by far (lol, it even eats them for breakfast xD).
            ZombiU is more nextgen on WiiU (better physics & AI, added compression).

            PS4 is the Wii of this gen. PS4 is the slowest if you could say so.

            or in other words: PS4 has the WORST running games this gen (lol i saw some guy playing a simple 2D-game which can´T even manage STABLE 20 fps on PS4 xD).

            While Wiiu has the MOST 60 fps-games this gen. And has NOT a single game which crashes down to 3 fps like PS4 does.

            And Xbox One is in the middle dude. Xbox One has some 60 fps games- and some 30 fps games- and some are running as worse as PS4s.

          • goviyoshi

            Thanks, I appreciate the positive words!

          • TheChosen

            dude. None of this games is running on PowerPC.

            Those are mainly Ports. And tehy are all just using “Nintendo Web Framework”. Which means: Running on an ARM-processor of WiiU.

          • TheChosen

            Dude, the Wiiu is MORE powerful than PS4/Xbox One.

            Both PS4/Xbox One CANNOT run a game like Fast Racing Neo.

            See? PS4/Xbox One use crappy AMD-cpus. CPUs which weren`t even MENT to be put in a console. And this is what you get: 20-30 fps average.

            While most WiiU-games are 60 fps. Even many Nextgen-games showing nice AI and physics (Discovery/FRN) are 60 fps.

            WiiU beats PS4/Xbox One even in coming Kerbal Space program, Developers talked about it.

            And hackers right now say, WiiU runs LINUX 10x faster than PS4 can do.

          • JorWat25

            Xbox One: 1311.5 GFLOPS

            PS4: 1840 GFLOPS

            Wii U: 352 GFLOPS


            The Wii U is far less powerful.

            (1 GFLOP is 1 billion FLoating-point Operations Per Second, and is a measure of a computer performance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOPS)

          • TheChosen

            those numbers are also wrong. And they don´t fall in line with what developres said lately about WiiU xD

            You can have a 2 Tgflops-GPU. But you cannot MAX OUT that GPU`s Gflops if your CPU is a tiny AMD jaguar-cpu my friend. No matter how much “fairy dust” you have put into your console.

            ANd THAT is why PS4 Pro has been made. Too bad the creator made the same mistake again. And now it shows…

      • windkirby

        Riiiight. They believed they could make it for the Wii U all this time and suddenly, just as the Switch is about to come out, magical technical issues appear preventing them from releasing it for an out-of-production console many backers are nonetheless waiting to pay it on. Give me a break.

        • JorWat25

          To quote what I said elsewhere:

          When Super Meat Boy was being made, it was announced for WiiWare back in April 2009.

          “Meat Boy, one of his more recent game collaboration successes, is being super-sized for WiiWare, and he’s hopeful this bloody and gruelingly challenging vertical platformer about a boy made of drippy, raw meat will win over the hearts of Wii owners.” (http://www.escapistmagazine.co

          It wasn’t until December 2010 that that got cancelled due to technical issues. (http://kotaku.com/5717345/supe

          Sometime it can take a while for technical issues to show up.

          Oh, and to quote their FAQ:

          Why has it taken so long to make this decision?

          The Playtonic team wanted to explore every possible avenue before making the very difficult decision to transfer development from the Wii U. Our developers worked tirelessly over many months in attempt to solve our technical issues, but unfortunately it’s not been possible to bring Yooka-Laylee to Wii U as originally planned.

          It sounds like they’ve been aware of issues for a while, but thought they could get them fixed.

          • Filipe Santos

            They are talented, if they couldn’t make this for the WiiU they didn’t even had to make a goal for it!

          • Leinad McIntyre

            They didn’t even have as many people yet back then, they were just starting with the idea and could hardly be expected to know all the tech issues they would face in the future. Otherwise there would be a much shorter developing time because all they would be doing is writing perfect code and doing perfect visuals first try.

            It’d be like saying “if you knew your cake would explode why did you buy cake mix”

          • windkirby

            If I ask everyone to buy my ingredients and promise what kind of cake it will be, I damn well better know it’s not going to explode when the people who paid for it are hungry.

          • Leinad McIntyre

            And yet there still could be that one exploding cake. My point being, they had the ingredients, they tried to bake their cakes, and the WiiU cake just turned to shit and isn’t sellable, so they instead made a Switch cake. They didn’t know at the start they’d encounter the issues i am sure.

            Cause see the cakes are the games in this analogy, and the baker is playtonic not the backers 😛

          • windkirby

            Yeahhh no. If you’re a lifelong baker your cake doesn’t explode. And if it does, the people who paid for it have every right to be mad.

          • windkirby

            Yeah, I am not convinced about this just because a platformer about meat (that wasn’t crowdfunded, by the way) was cancelled six years ago. Pretty sure the only avenue they explored here was the lucrative one leading to developing for the Switch, forget the money Wii U owners already gave them.

          • MJC

            You’re really good at missing the point then!

            Also you keep whining about “forget the money Wii U owners already gave them” like they took your money and ran. They’re offering you a switch (haha puns) to any other platform you want.

          • windkirby

            Wait, I can just switch to a different platform? That’s fantastic! Why did nobody tell me sooner? Let me just go out and buy a PS4, XBox One, or Nintendo Switch so I can play this game I already paid for, since I don’t have a gaming PC either. I was probably going to get a Switch eventually but it’s nice to know I have to get it in order to play this game I already backed. What a great deal!

          • TheChosen

            I wouldn`t recommend you getting a Switch, nor a PS4/PS4 Pro nor an Xbox One dude….

            Just wait…how it starts off 2017. Wait ok? Waiting is the best thing now. Switch`s gonna have huge starting-problems with that kind of thinking (Same thinking which PS4/Xbox one-gen had in the start “PS4 is a supercomputer blabalbal, easy beats a PC” xD)…

          • TheChosen

            I allready said: on Wii there was a 40-Mbyte LIMIT for digital downloads such as “Super Meat Boy”.

            Which is why they didN´t made it. Since it meant you had to heavily COMPRESS your game. No compressioN => no chance to put it in 40 mbytes. And that meant on Wii => you needed a PUBLISHER to publish it via Disc-Retail-release.

            Which they also didN`t want. Boom. Case closed.

  • Filipe Santos

    Sad news! I was hoping to buy this for the wiiu! Oh well…..

    • JorWat25

      Oh, do you have proof that it’s not due to technical issues?

      • Filipe Santos

        Neither I have, neither you who knows? For me this is bussiness issue not technical this is the Project Cars case all over again!

        • Leinad McIntyre

          If you have so little trust in them as a company that you don’t believe them, why would you trust them with your money backing them in the first place?

          • Filipe Santos

            I had! I really had complete trust in them! But Switch is fu#%!!# everything up! It’s strange they didn’t said this earlier, that they were having technical issues with the WiiU version, now the Switch have beem announced! They come with this sad lie, why say that the WiiU isn’t running the game properly after the Switch’s revelation is way too easy for themselves only, and the fans who backed this up can go f#& thenselves!!!

          • Leinad McIntyre

            Maybe they didn’t say it before the switch was announced because they were still trying to fix the wiiu issues. Maybe the switch was able to run it when the wiiu was not, and if there jad been no switch then they would have given all the wiiU backers a free choice to switch consoles anyway.

          • Filipe Santos

            But what I’m saying here is that everybody who have backed this up for the WiiU wich I believe was the majority, will have to buy a Switch to play? This is desrespect with all of them!

          • Leinad McIntyre

            But how many would already have gotten a switch regardless of YL? How many were on the fence about getting one but will now for sure?

            Besides, they’ve given us no reason to disbelieve their word before, and the same is true here. It is pessimism that makes it seem so bad

          • Filipe Santos

            They could have made another goal for a Switch release! Rather than to spit in the face of all the WiiU owners!

          • Leinad McIntyre

            At the time of the kickstarter they may not have even known about the switch…. and by the time the switch was made known to them the kickstarter was long over. 😛

          • Michael

            lol as I said in another comment AFAIK the Wii U is offering the worst developing platform in the whole gaming industry. When they say they tried their best, then you can believe it. Why do you think there is nearly zero 3rd party support for the Wii U, because it’s a mess to port or to develop for the Wii U. The console is dead since two years.

            My advice sell it now! The Wii U prices are still around 299€/$ and will drop heavily when we are getting close to Switch’s release and then the Wii U will be pretty much worth around 100€. Buy then the Switch and stop crying.

          • Ante

            I was hoping for a Switch version (backed Wii U). Now I can Switch!

          • Julien

            Common… let’s be honest here. The “technical issues” are obviously a cheap excuse. They probably have real technical issues with the Wii U, that’s for sure. I mean, this is the least powerful system the game was planned on. So indeed developing the Wii U version must be challenging, but nothing is impossible. They could just delay the game on Wii U to solve those issues, but instead they choose to cancel the game. They probably assume most Wii U players will get the Switch or can play on another system, but that’s still quite disrespectful.

          • TheChosen

            No dude. The Wiiu is the MOST powerful console this gen. And it shows.

            ZombiU => better on WiiU (even better than PC-version btw!)
            Kerbal Space Program => they say it`s way better running than other versions too!

            What more proof do you need? Even Need for Speed runs better on WiiU!

            The problem more likely is => MONEY. Since that is what you need to make a GOOD Nextgen-game.

            Yooka Laylee isN`t a large AAA-game. It´s a niche-Indie-game. And it`S budget it most likely 5 MIo dollras per version or less! And THAT is the problem: Simply not enough money to make another version.

            “They probably assume most Wii U players will get the Switch ”

            Well, then they are stupid and nobody can save them xD They might do it like Project Cars.

            Where the developers said “We are aiming to make it for Switch”. And look what happened? No Switch-version has been made…! Liars!

            YOU ARE JUST FALLING FOR LIARS DUDE. The WiiU Ran Crysis 3 in 1080p (EA said that long ago).

            You really think the WiiU is slow? You have to learn alot if you think that is really true xD

    • TheChosen


      People are working on getting 100% LINUX running on WiiU. Currently it´s in beta.

      Since this game will also come to LINUX. If you buy the linux-version you will most likely be able to play the Linux-version on WiiU IF you hack it/use homebrew on it.

      And THAT is one of the biggest points right now for WiiU: HOMEBREW dude.

      You think PS3`s Homebrew was big? Or Wiis?

      The rule of math is: The faster your console is (and WiiU is about 30x faster than Wii), the more can be done!

      STEAM is allready in question for WiiU. LINUX is running 10x faster on Wiiu than it does on PS4.

      So if i were you: I wouldn`t consider buying WiiU just for RETAIL-games.

      WiiU will be biggest emulator & Homebrew-machine since PS3!

      And: Since WiiU supports ARM as well, even SMARTPHONE-Games (and ANDROID!) is possible!

    • Carlos Silex
  • Leinad McIntyre

    When can one actually preorder it? It feels silly to read or hear that one should preorder the game to get the toybox, yet it isn’t even available to preorder yet xD

  • gizmo2501

    This is pretty poor show, Playtonic. It’s well-known that a large number of backers wanted the Wii U version. You have been saying that that is the one you have been developing internally for a LONG time, and people put money down for the Wii U version to get the version you guys are working on.

    No-one buys the “technical issue”. You’ve been working on the Wii U version long enough to have known about any real technical issues.

    Just be honest and state it’s because you would rather release on a new console rather than on one that is no longer being produced. At least you’d keep some level of integrity and respect from fans. As it is, you’ve just made people bitter and have less trust in you.

    Very poor show.

    • Leinad McIntyre

      K so, i don’t know anything about this kind of stuff but, what i imagine happened is they went and started wiiU with the other consoles, and then they were told about the switch. They probably tried to adjust it to work with both, and it just wasn’t working.

      Now, a major trend these days is to trade in or sell your older consoles to get a newer one. WiiU is a pretty under-appreciated console, and the switch is probably pretty hyped. I think it would be reasonable if they ended up going for switch over the wiiU so that most of the people who had wiiU who planned to upgrade to a Switch can get the game still. I would bet at least half the WiiU people who backed will end up getting a switch even.

      If you don’t feel that Playtonic is trustworthy enough to believe their word on something that you don’t like to hear, then why would you trust them enough to back their kickstarter? (Especially if you backed after they hit the goal for the game, tho i don’t know if you did let alone when, I’m just saying.)

      • gizmo2501

        If they can say what the technical issues are, then fine. But they’ve been developing this in house for, what, a year and a half, and only just found these technical issues? No. They could have brought it up earlier. But they’ve been making out like everything is fine with the Wii U version. That’s the problem.

        I know Kickstarter is not necessarily reliable. But if they wanted to cancel it, they should have done a better job at explaining why rather than a simple “technical issues”.

        It’s also unclear if the Switch version will be free to swap to as it says “upgrade” rather than free like with the XB, PC, or PS4.

        The lack of trust comes from a lack of transparency and clarity on their part. And it’s also not something that has to always be there just because you used to trust them. If I trusted them back when I backed (the day the KS was launched), that doesn’t mean my trust for them can’t fall now.

        • Leinad McIntyre

          It is certainly a fair point that they could explain it a little better and be more clear. I will also admit that regardless of how true technical issues may have been, the switch may have had some business appeal which could have slightly swayed opinions. Plus it is like four in the morning and i can’t think straight xD I could see them having had issues the entire time and delaying the announcement of wiiu cancelling til after the switch would be out or just them trying everything they could and it just took this long to exhaust all other options alongside doing stuff fpr all the other consoles.

        • JorWat25

          While I would like them to go into more detail, according to their Twitter, they can’t say what the technical problems are:


        • MJC

          It’s not unclear at all. It blatantly says you can move to the Switch version if you want it. I can understand being disappointed that you can’t play on Wii U, but you guys are purposely ignoring things it says in the blog post just to complain about things that aren’t happening.

          • gizmo2501

            You actually ignored what I said.

            It is unclear if it will be a free or paid upgrade to the Switch version, not whether you can move to it.

            Before bashing people about not reading things correctly, how about you read things correctly.

          • lupos

            I’m fairly certain the word upgrade is used because it is the newer/better console and not because it will cost extra. There is no other indication the price would be different.

          • Gordon

            They could have easily said “upgrade free-of-charge” to avoid any uncertainty, but they didn’t. When I hear the word “upgrade”, “free” is not the first word that comes to mind.

          • Joseph Chagan

            i understand why you think that but if you look at it less pessimistically they were probably using that language to try and make it sound like a good thing. The word “free” would have made it even better but I imagine someone was just trying to shine this turd a bit.

        • Øyvind Heddeland Instefjord

          They probably saw these technical issues a good while back, and have spent months trying to workaround them. They probably had some progress, but in the end, had to admit defeat.

      • Carlos Silex
    • Filipe Santos


    • JorWat25

      I buy the technical issues.

      When Super Meat Boy was being made, it was announced for WiiWare back in April 2009.

      “Meat Boy, one of his more recent game collaboration successes, is being super-sized for WiiWare, and he’s hopeful this bloody and gruelingly challenging vertical platformer about a boy made of drippy, raw meat will win over the hearts of Wii owners.” (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/columns/indie-queue/5931-Indie-Queue-Meat-Boy-Gets-Supersized)

      It wasn’t until December 2010 that that got cancelled due to technical issues. (http://kotaku.com/5717345/super-meat-boys-wiiware-release-canceled-disc-release-looking-grim)

      Sometime it can take a while for technical issues to show up.

      • Ryan Summers

        We all know the Wii U is not a strong console, but it’s still capable of running games like Xenoblade X, Assassin’s creed, Deus ex, Lego City, Watch Dogs. These games are open world and render way more stuff on screen than yooka-laylee.

        Yooka-laylee uses simple textures and doesn’t render that much on screen about the same as SM3DW, so no way in hell is it about “technical issues” . SM3DW runs at 720p, 60fps, so a game like Yooka-laylee should at its worst be capable of running at 720p, 30fps on the Wii U.

        • SunMoonStars

          The game is built on the Unity game engine. It doesn’t have a reputation for running well on the Wii U.

          Also games like Xenoblade and Assassin’s Creed have dev team numbers in the 100s. How many people are at Playtonic?

          • TheChosen

            Why is UCraft running (the developer said that) with Unity 5.5 on WiiU then? With up to 60 fps as the developer right now said?

            Can you explain that? And that game is still coming for WiiU and they even say “It has better physics and ai then Zelda BOTW”. And it`s not cancelled.

            And what´S even more important: The developres said “That game will be similar as coming Definition-Edition of “Kerbal Space Program” (Which is running pretty poor on PS4/Xbox One xD)- and they said it`s more similar than “Star Citizen” in terms of hardware needed to run it.

            And we all know: StarCitizen is NOT coming to PS4/Xbox One. Since an AMD Jaguar is too slow too handle it.

            And WiiUs PowerPC eats the AMD Jaguar for breakfast. That´S why KSP is the definitive edition on WiiU they say.

            What i get from this is simply: We don`t want to develop for POWERPC. We want to push a button to translate the bloatware (today`s x86-games are called “Bloatware” in developer`s words) x86 into handy ARM-code. That can be feeded the WiiUs ARM-processor.

            And it might very well be, the WiiUs ARM-processor cannot handle it, and they simply wanted more. And that´s why it skips WiiU.

            In this case it has to do because of LAZYNESS.

            Since you can MEASURE if a code is running on lazy ARM-architecture or on highend PowerPC-architecture. And you can see it.

            You can tell by the game`s size alone if it`s running on ARM (i would guess it would be 5 Gbytes big in this case) or if it will be PowerPC (WiiUs most PowerPC-games are TINY TINY TINY! 100-1000 Mbytes sir!).

            See? Fast Racing Neo Is 800 Mbytes! Not 8 Gbytes xD

            FRN isn`t “bloatware”. It´s a nice programmed actually PowerPC-program. Not some bloatware, filled with unneeded stuff, 5 patches etc…xD

            See? Just like ZombiU (With Multiplayer & Zombi-Mode) is just tiny 5 Gbytes on WiiU.
            But on X86-platforms it´s hefty 21 Gbytes big.

        • Those games also have huge budgets.

          • Ryan Summers

            budgets or not it’s undeniable proof that the Wii U is capable of running more complex games than Yooka-Laylee. Whatever their reasons is, whether it’s a business decision, budget decision or lack of man power it sure as hell ain’t a technical issue.

          • Bristow9091

            Yes, it’s undeniable proof that the game may run on the Wii U, but given their limited time and resources, if they were to work on it, who says it wouldn’t release for another year or two on the Wii U? Is it really worth releasing a game on a console that’s been dead and off the market for that long?

          • TheChosen

            Yeah. I would also think:
            – missing man-power (especially if they want to program it for PowerPC)
            – or not enough time to get it finished (other Versions have to do a lot of bug-Fixing until they are done)
            – missing Money
            some of these things are far more likely and they just lied again. CARS-developers also lied dude.
            Hackers found out there never was an existing PowerPC-Version of “C.A.R.S.” for WiiU. Slightly Mad Studios only considered an ARM-port.
            No wonder they ditched it early. It was simply a Money-decision. what they made was a gpgpu-engine.

            And WiiU-albeit being suited for gpgpu- is simply not made in the same regard as PS4/Xbox One.

            And they might have forgotten that they didn´t work for a PowerPC like it`s on WiiU for years. The PowerPC on xbox 360/Ps3 is nothing like that on WiiU is. Wiius is far more advanced. You have to program much different and it costs more to do it since it´s faster.
            In the end it`S all a Money-thing.

          • TheChosen


            You clearly don`t know what you takl about xD

            UBISOFT themselves said “our WiiU-Ports all had a budget of 1 Mio dollar per piece.”

            That goes for games like “Xenoblade X, Assassin’s creed, Deus ex, Lego City, Watch Dogs, and Batman”

            In this case, Assassin`s Creed 3/4, Deus Ex (you can see that in the game that the game is bloatware as well = running on ARM not PowerPC) and Watchdogs (at least in Watchdogs it seems they took a bit more time, but it`s still bloatware).

            Batman is a 1-Mio-Dollar Port as well. Bayonetta 1/2 as well.

            Look at real PowerPC-games on WiiU and you see the difference. See? Mario & Sonic, besides having Nextgen AI and physics has 60 fps. AND it looks nice graphics-wise.

            XCX had a budget of less than 5 Mio dollars, since it´s a lower-budget Xenoblade-game (PowerPC is way more expensive to program for, they didN`t program the game for PowerPC, but only for ARM dude!).

            Maybe it was becaues of too much piracy on the first game? We doN´t know it. But what we know: It´S a bloatware-game as well. 22 Gbytes.

            IF XenobladeChronicles X would be running on PowerPC, it would be something like 5 Gbytes big, not 22 Gbytes!

          • In what world does Mario or Sonic on Wii U have “Nextgen AI and physics”, I have a Wii U, I have Sonic: Lost World. Yeah sure it looks pretty enough, but that’s because of its art-style, the is actually running at 720p (as is pretty much every game on the console) and the AI just runs straight towards you, that’s no advanced. Nor is the physics in those games.

            Also all the games you talked about have huge budgets, which is my point.

          • TheChosen

            Next-gen AI in Terms of => better than you would think it would be. Look at old Wii-games and you see it´s way better dude. Way more aggressive. And no, it does not go “straight forward”. You might have never played that game? Wii-games had pretty bad ai in such games (since Wiis processor simply was not fast enough to handle good ai & physics and good graphics. No dude. The cpu was only able to handle good graphics & mediocre physics & ai or all at average => These were the reasons for me to NOT BUY any such Wii-Football/Sports-games- but whenever there is good AI i`m back in- and this game clearly has good AI, even better one than Fifa 2017, where Players have such ridiculous AI-bugs sometimes xD).

            Ever tried to put Ai (difficulty) to maximum?

            Dude i watched a casual-fan doing that…he just started with lowest difficulty and with more than luck won the match. But once he put it to medium he lost by far. And after putting it to max what happened? He played Football.and the AI bombed him back to stoneage. The match ended something like 8:1 for the ai.

            He then simply said “This game is not for me. The AI is unfair. I´ll no longer make LetsPlays of it”

            But the truth is: He was simply too bad for it. He didn`t want to say it, but you know the ai was just too good for him. The cpu has beaten him because he is not used at such highend-ai.

            The AI in “Mario & Sonic Rio 2016” or “Sotchi 2014” is very good dude. And that guy was simply used to an ai of “Lego City” (which isn`t really an ai you could say, only when you have some race and have fo follow a bad guy,t he ai is good, that game`s AI is comparable to GTA V where bad guys shoot at walls instead at you) and wondered why this game is not for him xD

            but yeah. AI is not everything. It also has good, nice physics if you ask me (nice sand & water-physics, water Looks really good- you ever saw how water Looks like in e.g. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia compared to that? Lol the water in M&S Looks like nextgen compared to that). And M&S Rio 2016 has nice graphics. And most importantly 60 fps, for a nice smoooth gameplay. See? this is what i spoke about. All combined.

            “Also all the games you talked about have huge budgets, which is my Point.”

            No they haven`t dude. Clearly not.

            No Ubisoft-game for WiiU (except ZombiU) had a budget of more than 1-2 Million Dollars. Wii-games costed in average 5 Million Dollars. Wii! not WiiU!

            WiiU costs way more since you have way more ressources. More ram, way faster cpu. Way better sound-dsp which can handle better Sound. You have the possibility of real online-Player and a way better gpu as well. That all costs Money to develop.

            Here is a link to read what Ubisoft said many years ago about WiiU-Port-costs:


            There are many more links, however many do not work here since they are blocked (?).
            Ubisoft mainly made Low-Budget ports for WiiU. No wonder. But then Ubisoft wondered why they did flop all so hard…Well Ubisoft just thought people would be stupid. But they weren`t. People see the difference between a 1-Million-dollar port and a game which has at least 10 mio Dollars spend to make it.

        • Jonathon West

          Are you a developer? Do you understand the ins and outs of hardware running an engine?

          • Ryan Summers

            Yes I’m a software engineer.

          • Jonathon West

            Have you developed for the Wii U using Unity personally? I mean it’s not like they’re not doing it just to piss people off, there’s obviously a reason. Blame Nintendo for making a console that so underpowered and that they’re cutting the cord on so early before blaming the indie studio that is literally offering the switch to any other platform of choice or a refund. There’s a reason why I never ordered the Wii U version, because even if it came out I expected it to be the weakest version of the game due to its technical limitations.

          • Ryan Summers

            Yes I have used unity for PC and Xbox 360 during projects when I was still in college. I know enough about hard- and software.
            But you don’t have to be a developer to see what the Wii U can and can’t do, see my previous examples.
            And how is it Nintendo’s fault, playtonic is the one that promised a Wii U version and only now 4 months before release they come up with this awful excuse.
            If they really couldn’t get it to work they would have known months ago, since they themselves said they are making the Wii U version directly unlike the PS4/Xbox version which are being outsourced.
            But whatever I’m done here.

          • Jonathon West

            Get over it man. They’re offering your money back, the Wii U is a sunk ship. If you have a PC play it there.

          • TheChosen

            You can develop for TWO Unity-versions on WiiU dude: PowerPC or ARM.

            PowerPC costs much money, but guarantees bugless games. ARM costs way less money, but you`ll have to patch your games later on with lots of updates…Neither version is optimal.

            But PowerPC is way faster than ARM. ARM is just…well. A smartphone-architecture. And smartphones are SLOW, not fast.

            Whenever something on your ARM-smartphones struggles to get done or takes 120 seconds to load (e.g. Miitomo) you know why: SLOW arm-architecture. That´s why. ARM is crap.

            And what we think is that Playtonic simply cannot develop for PowerPC.

            Since Playtonic CLEARLY has no SMART developres like Shinen has.

            See? SHINEn has PROOF of making GOOD WiiU-games.

            Playtonic has nothing. They never made ANY WiiU-game before xD You cannot just start with Zero for a true PowerPC-game.

            You start with Java & Flash-games (ARM).

            And the point for WiiU is: WiIu wasn`t meant to run AAA-games on ARM sir. You run AAA-games on PowerPC!

            Running AAA-games on an ARM-smartphone-processor is like shooting a duck with a bar of dynamite or a rocket-launcher 😉

      • BCP

        This is a very bad excuse. The studio wants to sell more on the switch. That’s all, the game itself isn’t such demanding. Remember xenoblade, zelda, etc.
        This studio are a bunch of scammers.

        • TheChosen

          I said since the beginning THIS is No Man`s Sky No. 2.

          • Peckerhead

            Since the beginning of what? 3 months ago?

          • TheChosen

            since the beginning of 2015 😉 Since “Yooka Laylee” was announced… 😉

      • TheChosen

        in this case, the “technical issues” were due to “40 Mbyte LIMIT for Digital-games-releases” dude 😉

        The WiiU has no 40-Mbyte Limit for digital games. The Wii had it. You had a maximum of 3200 blocks. One block = 128 Kbyte. On WiiU there are no “blocks”. The 3Ds uses the blocks-system though but you are not limited to 3200 there.

      • rergerger

        Wii U runs Xenoblade Chronicles X and you want me to believe it can’t run a Super Mario 3D World-tier game?

      • I’m confused

        Well it was cancelled on the Wii due to Nintendo’s limits on what a wiiware game could be. It eventually came out on Wii U.

      • Carlos Silex
    • Diortem

      I have no problem with it – I just hate the idea that the Nintendo version, the one with the most excitement behind it, will launch later than the other versions.

      It would sell like crazy on Switch, especially if it’s available on day one the same as other consoles. Don’t expect it to sell too well on PS or Xbox unless you dull the colors and sneak the word(s) “FIFA” or “Call of Duty” on the cover.

      • Viktor Hällerståhl

        Honestly, it may be the case with a later reveal. But nowhere does it say that it releases later than the others and It isnt out the realm of possibility that it will launch earlier than the others in march with the Switch release. As some sort of token to the Nintendo fans. It’s a game total in Nintendos veins in will sell a ton on the Switch.

        Pretty much every developer is cryptic when it comes to Switch releases so I wouldnt rule out Playtonic doing the same.

      • Chris Hecox

        Found the armchair dev.

        • Diortem

          Found the neckbeard.

      • Bristow9091

        Why are you assuming Playstation and XBOX fans only buy games like FIFA and Call of Duty? And you have no proof that it would sell like crazy on Switch and not too well on PS4/XBO… I’ll bet any amount of money that the best selling console version will be on PS4. The reason being it has the biggest userbase with the widest variety of games…

        • Diortem

          The biggest userbase doesn’t mean anything. Uncharted 4 couldn’t crack 5 million. And assuming? Look at the software sales. The Top 10 is full of sports games and CoD. That’s what the kids buy PS for. They don’t appreciate platformers like Nintendo fans.

          • Bristow9091

            And The Wind Waker still hasn’t broken 2m after three years, what’s your point?

            I bought, and still buy, Playstation consoles for things other than Call of Duty and FIFA, I played my first Final Fantasy game on a Playstation console (Final Fantasy IV… along with Chrono Trigger, bought the Final Fantasy Chronicles disc, lol), along with many other JRPGs and platformers, I played Crash Bandicoot, one of the most iconic videogame characters ever, on my PS1… the first games I ever played were the Sonic games on the Sega Megadrive too lol, but fastforward to any other Playstation console, or any console in general (I have a PS4 and WiiU at the moment), and my favourite games, and games I’ve anticipated have been very far away from Call of Duty and FIFA.

            As for us not appreciating platformers like Nintendo fans… sales speak for themselves there too, the only Nintendo platformers that sell any well are Mario games, look at the sales of, say… the recent Rayman games (Origins and Legends), and you’ll see they sell better on Playstation than Wii/WiiU… without Mario, Nintendo wouldn’t have a platform to stand on (… Had to use a pun, sorry lol) when it comes to the genre.

            Anyway, I’m not here spewing hate or anything, I’m just saying that it’s unfair to assume people only buy Playstation or XBOX consoles for FPS and football games… so at least show a little respect to those of us who, sure, may be on the “opposing side” of these so called “console wars” (Despite me being on both…), but still value, and look forward to, platformer games of past, present, and future… (My favourite announcement from PSX the other weekend was Knack 2, lol)

            I’ll leave you to it anyway, but if you’re going to reply, at least keep it civil.

          • Diortem

            You’re comparing a remake to Uncharted? Stopped reading there. No sign of intelligence.

          • Bristow9091

            Tell me this; Why do you feel the need to insult me? If it would help, I could use the sales figures of The Last of Us Remastered or even the Nathan Drake Collection… remaster vs. remaster and Zelda would lose both times. I used Zelda for a reason; Uncharted is now a staple Playstation franchise, and Zelda is a staple Nintendo franchise… oh, and by insulting someone due to difference of opinion actually shows that YOU have no sign of intelligence. At least read the rest of my post before making a poor attempt to criticise me…

          • Diortem

            Claiming Mario is Nintendo’s only major platformer is not intelligent. Period.

          • Bristow9091

            In terms of sales, yes, Mario IS Nintendo’s only major platformer… sure you could say Donkey Kong Country… but Tropical Freeze didn’t sell too well in comparison to earlier entries… the only platformer franchise they have which maintains consistently high sales numbers is Mario…

          • Diortem

            Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, and DK all sell consistently with great games. Period.

          • Bristow9091

            Have you not seen the sales numbers of the WiiU games? Sales wise, they’re by far the weakest in each franchise you’ve mentioned… I’m not saying they’re bad games, I never mentioned the quality of the games, since I love the Yoshi games, the only thing I’ve brought up is sales, and the reason I did so is because you said “The biggest userbase doesn’t mean anything”, but if the WiiU sold as well as the Wii, I’m confident that these games would have sold a whole lot more than they currently did.

            Remember, I’m only talking about sales, not how good or bad games are, since I actually love the majority of Nintendo IP’s… I wonder if they’ll give F-Zero another chance on the Switch.

          • Diortem

            The biggest userbase doesn’t mean anything when the gamers are only interested in sports and shooting games, yes. Don’t take my comment out of context. I was talking about Bloodborne’s terrible sales and Uncharted’s inability to crack 5 million among 50 million. Meanwhile, 3D World and MK sell 5 and 8 million respectively, if I recall correctly. My whole point is that Wii U has quality software that sells extremely well despite the low userbase.. and PS has garbage content that sells well and quality content that does not because of its casual userbase.

          • Bristow9091

            Yes, but again you’re only mentioning Mario games there, I know where you’re coming from, but with a bigger userbase comes more variety in games, if people have more games to pick from, the sales will be spread out more… also Uncharted 4 hasn’t even been out a year yet, whereas 3D World has been out three years, and Mario Kart 8 two years (Also according to VGChartz numbers, it’s 7m not 8m)… a game doesn’t sell its entire amount right away, give it another year or two before comparing sales, so they’ve had the same timeframe, and Bloodeborne is sitting at 2.5m, I’d say for the niché genre that it falls into, that’s not too bad.

            And this is just a random thought after what we’ve been talking about, but if we’re talking about garbage content that sells well due to a casual userbase, specifically sports games (Looking at you, FIFA)… where would you put Wii Sports? How much would you estimate it to sell if it weren’t bundled for so long? Again, just a random thought…

          • TheChosen

            Sorry, but it doesn´t work like that.

            The Wii, which had the biggest userbase also had the LEAST amount of games-sales dude.
            The xbox 360 & PS3, had way less userbase (around 70 Mio in the end)- but also had the most sold games dude because lesser casual-Gamers were there on PS3/Xbox 360.
            So no, having more games does not automatically mean worse or better sales. The user buys a game. And normally if it`s crap, he never buys it again. Or if it`s good he buys the next.

            Sure, the more variety you have in franchises to choose from, you might have lower sales for each.

            But that is not guaranteed dude. It might also just be, the worst games of those to choose from will be sold the worst numbers, while the GOOD ones will just sell better.
            See? It has been going like that on WiiU for many years now. Good 2D-Jump n´Runs SELL good (Yoshi, Mario, Kirby etc), but Thirdparty-2D Jump n´Runs in Eshop sell really bad (because obviously Nintendofans don`t Need them) or poor.
            See? The more franchises you have does not automatically mean much worse sales to each franchise. Simply no dude.
            For me- the fact if i LIKE a console or not, does not have to do, with how much franchises from a genre i can choose from. Since i don`t Play shooters or RPGs or racing-games 24/7. I want variety in genres. So for me the succes of a platform has to do with HOW MANY suitable Genres i can choose from a console.
            Is there a nice Realtime-strategy-game i can choose from (nice = does the controls work well => not true for many SNES-games in 1990s)? Are there good racing-games? Are there good puzzle-games? Are there nice horror-games?
            Are there Genres i never have seen before (like Starfox Guard/Captain Toad = New genre, or Splatoon)?
            And the biggest decision allways will be (For People) at how much do These games cost?

            See “Shantae Half Genie Hero”? Why should you pay 17 bucks for this, when you can have Rayman for 9.99 Dollars right now? Or when you can do your own Shantae-game with “game-creators” on WiiU?
            So what you said is only partly correct. Yes: You lose a few consumres to other franchises if you have more franchises to choose from. But it depends on how good the other franchises are! If you have only ONE or two good franchises to choose from, those will get the biggest selling-numbers and nearly nobody else is going to fall for the much worse games.
            So the CORRECT answer to you would be: ONLY IF THERE ARE MORE THAN 1-2 SAME Quality-games THEn the sales-numbers are being split up equally.

            Since this is not the case for any console this gen (except maybe Wiiu for 2D Jump n´Runs) no buyers are waiting to buy other games.
            No matter if you buy Mario, or Rayman or Yoshi/Kirby or any other Nitnendo 2D-Jump n´Run.

            Those games weren`on Gamecube and thus Gamecube lacked in genre-variety. Thus more People had to buy the worse 2D-Jump n´Runs on gamecube. Since there was no choice.
            See? on WiiU you can now even make your OWN 2D-Jump n´Runs. No Point to waste Money on such things as “Shantae” or such standard-things which are sold on other platforms like it´s 2nd coming of Jesus…
            On WiiU such games are just being laughed on and most wouldn´t even spend 10 bucks for it. I made the mistake to spend 5 Dollars once on it (last part). I must say it clearly wasn`t worth it.
            In the past, you had many concurrizing franchises.

            On Sonys Playstations you had fun-racers. And on Nintendo-platforms you had fun-racers. And they were all made with pretty equal Quality. You see?

            THIS is what i mean. In those days the userbase was split up. Some bought Mario Kart. Others went for Sega Racing. And others wanted Donkey Kong Racing or Crash Team Racing. See?

            Today this is no longer true. On PS4 there is pretty much no fun-racer this gen. While all Fun-racers left are on Nintendo-platforms. Except some Indies, though These are also on Nintendo-platforms and nearly nobody Looks at them.
            What is true though, that the PS4 has many shooters. And many are of similar Quality. And thus many Shooterfans are split up on several franchises.
            However it´s never so easy. Many shooters this gen bombed as well. Because games got worse and worse. for example Assassins Creed.
            or: Many People buy hyped-up games instead of Hearing what their heart says them to buy. Many People have fallen for many broken games this gen.
            So you see? Having the biggest userbase does not automatically mean more games sold or less People are buying famous franchises because there is more to choose from.

          • TwitchyWitchX

            LOL did you just compare a HD remake to a new game???
            Original Wind waker sold 4m. ALL Zelda games sell 3-4million. Oot only sold 7m because 3D Hype in the 90s and TP only sold 7m because Wii Launch title. stop.

          • Bristow9091

            Like I said in my other reply, you can compare it to either of the remasters I mentioned, and they’ve sold considerably more in a much shorter span of time… you’re literally taking one sentence out of context, it’s rather embarrassing actually.

      • Gonalex

        i call full bs
        a big percentage of people who own a wii u at some point bought an actual next gen console and went for a ps4 or an xbox

        • Diortem

          “actual next gen”

          Spoken like a true teenager.

        • TheChosen

          Actual Nextgen?

          neither Ps4/Xbox One are nextgen buddy xD The games clearly show it. even Bioshock, some LASTGEN-game runs tremendously WORSE on them…Well of course it does if you use slow components…

      • Ty Brown

        It’s probably too soon to call to promise an April release date. I’m not going to get my hopes up for a surprise April 11th release for the Switch version, but this was probably a later than expected decision. It says right in the article that they’re working with Nintendo for the Switch version, so it probably won’t be several months later to justify not buying it or switching to another console. I’m guessing between 2 weeks to a month. Playtonic will probably port the PC version to Switch themselves by Nintendo’s hand. We’ll probably get a Switch version release date in January.

    • Michael

      AFAIK the Wii U is offering the worst development platform of all gaming devices yet, that’s why no of the big game developers are bringing their triple A titles for the Wii U.

      Believe me every developer want to spread their work an as many platform as they can but if it is technically not possible to port it to the Wii U then you have to buy it. Why they should rewrite the whole game from scratch for a console which died already 2 years ago. It doesn’t make sense especially when you think in an economic way and especially when the Nintendo Switch is just around the corner…

      so f**k the Wii U version, will be a nice post-launch title for the Switch, clever move!

      • Filipe Santos

        Here is one guy who didn’t spend a cent to back this game!

        • Michael

          lol of course I did but. backed for the PS4 version. I don’t buy shitty consoles.

          • Filipe Santos


          • Michael
          • Filipe Santos

            Good for you! Terrible to me!

          • TheChosen

            Sorry to break it to you, but the PS4 is a rip-off console which is allready outdated…just like the Wii was 10 years ago. PS4 was just made to get as many customres to buy PS4 Pro.

            So you are disagreeing with yourself?

            See? When was the last 60fps-game the PS4 had? Oh that´S right…It was some non-demanding toaster game.

            PS4 fails to even get stable 30 fps in some 2D-games…That tells you everything.

            The PS4 is just the Wii of this gen. Most-hyped. Sold the most, because you can get one for 190 dollars here xD

            See? It has been like this allways in the past: The ONE which is the CHEAPEST (Playstation 2 was cheaper than Gamecube and PS1 was CHEAPER than Nintendo 64) sold the most.

            PS4 is cheaper, but also way slower, yet sells the most. The cheapest console allways gets the most games/support after it.

            PS4 has not a SINGLE game which can do,what Discovery right now does: Where you can just go around and throw 100 balls to the ground in 1 second and look what happens with them. And in 20 days it will be upgraded again. You`ll be able to make your own Mario Kart/Kart-Racing-games with it. And they are also talking about upgrading it with “Rollercoaster”-creation-engine.

            Since that´s what it`s about now: The Wiiu is a supercomputer. You can do MORE things than on a general PC.

            a PC cannot run Fast Racing Neo. As the PC does not come with eDRAM which is fast enough to handle it. No PC has a 4-Stage RISC-cpu, which could handle it. And no PC has FIXED shaders which are fast enough to handle such graphics at that blazing-fast speed.

            See? That´S why it cannot be emulated on a simple PC.

          • Michael

            Got a TL;DR?

          • TheChosen

            TLDR? PS4 is outdated. End of story. Same as Wii was after 3 years…AMD-tech is the worst you can get.

            Does that add it up to make you understand what´S necessary?

          • TheChosen

            Eh are you retarded?

            The WiiU runs LINUX right now 10x faster than PS4-version does! If you think AMD is faster than IBM, than you are a fool.

            The PS4 is the “Wii” of this gen. You are just being stupid. Deal with it.

            And THIS is just with an UNOPTIMIZED unofficially supported LINUX (Since Linux has been discontinued for PowerPC normally years ago).

            With Hardware of WiiU you can EASILY EMULATE Bioshock 1-3 via Linux. And it should get ~120 fps depending on IF you use WiiUs 32 TEVs (Fixed Shaders, similar to PS3/Xbox 360) or if you use the 160 AMD-shaders which are more programmable shaders.

            And no, this is NOT a joke.

            Enough people are working on it right now…

            You can read about it on the GBA-temp-forum dude. If you want sources. And yes THIS is what the WiiU is. An exotic little machine, that is too fast for good ports if you want an opinion.

            Exactly like PS3. BUt in WiiUs case there is no errata, which makes it too hard to optimize for it (IBM cell had the errata, that the cpu could only READ data with 4 Mbytes/s, but it would WRITE them with lot of Gbytes/s).

            See? On Ps3 the developers had to make a workaround for that. On WiiU there is 60 Gbytes/s – and that is just in the inner cpu-core. We aren`t talking about cache-speeds.

          • Michael

            You’re high or something dude?

            Get me those “sources” would be very interesting how to conclude “The PS4 is the “Wii” of this gen” hahahaha

          • TheChosen

            I`m just repeating what stands in GBA-temp forums.

            They are allready working on a fully Linux-version for WiiU and discussing it. See? Currently only an old, unoptimized version exists.

            The PS4 is the “Wii” of this gen, because that´s the reason it`s so cheap. WiiU runs Linux average 10x faster they say, compared to the Linux-version of the PS4.

            You can get a PS4 for 150 bucks here. It´s a Wii. It´s components are very cheap since they are slow.

            Just like in Wii-days. No eDRAM (which is there to make things faster). No good processor (PS4 uses a tablet/Smartphone-processor). No good architecture.

            Developres just hoped that GPGPU would be enough to handle cpu-problems this gen. But see? even GTA V was worse than GTA IV this gen, which shows…your most powerful GPU cannot do same things as you can do with a good CPU.

            See? You can´T even run Kerbal Space Program on Ps4 with more than 300 parts at once xD Since it stutters constantly on there…

            Since that game is not making use of outdated GPGPU-functions. The game wants a POWERFUL processor.

            Just like you have it on todays average PCs. And that game is a simple Indie-game.

            What GPGPU is good for is so called “Bs-physics”. That means physics that don´t add to the exploration gameplay of a game. E.g. fluid-physics, that`s what you can use it for.

            But once you want REAL physics, like e.g. throwing 100 balls at once or something like that, and each ball goes in a different direction and is not dependent on each other, GPGPU is unsuitable for it.

            You cannot make a tornado-physics with simple GPGPU-logic. Doesn´t work.

            But on PC you can do it, since it has a powerful processor. Via MODS you can edit a file and it`s edited in there so that instead of Minecraft you now have “Roblox”. See?

            And like i said: They are even discussing of getting STEAM to work on that linux-version then.

            That means you`ll get to play all Steam-games as well, once everything runs like it should.

            KSP is said by developers to run in a Nextgen-version on WiiU i heard…Well soon enough we ll see how it looks like.

      • Julien

        The fact that developing on Wii U is either hard or shitty is not relevant. Playtonic initial said they would release the game on Wii U. A lot of people backed the game and choose the Wii U version. Those people won’t get what the order… that’s the issue!

    • MJC

      I buy the technical issues. The Wii U is an incredibly weak console compared to PS4, Xbox One, and modern gaming PCs. And there are only so many sacrifices you can make, so many corners you can cut off, before you have to throw up your hands and say “this isn’t ever going to work without compromising so much that it’s not the game we want it to be anymore” and give up.

      If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Nintendo and their continued insistence that they’re not competing with PlayStation and Xbox even though they clearly are competing and should start acting like it so they stop losing generation after generation after generation.

      • Justice Twombly-Iqbal

        You are assuming that a game like this is going to max out the capabilities of the PS4, XboxOne or a “modern gaming PC.” I think anyone who has looked at the footage of gameplay would agree that the game is not pushing any envelopes.

      • TheChosen

        The first sentence is wrong dude. Wiiu is stronger than both others.

        Developers long ago said that. And there is not denying.

        ZombiU => Even beats PC-version! Better physics & AI on Wiiu! PS4/Xbox One => lowend.

        The same goes for KSP => Nextgen-Version on WiiU they said. It`s not cancelled. And no wonder it`s faster/better on WiIU. The WiiU HAS a real console-processor. Capable to max out the GPU.

        Neither PS4/Xbox One can max out their GPU with that AMD-part they call “cpu” 😉

        If you want to call it correct: The PS4/Xbox One have a stronger Graphics-chip. That would be correct.

        All other parts though (cpu, bandwidth-limits, cache-sizes, cache-speed, memory-throughput, compression/decompression speed etc) is better on WiiU.

        The Switch is said to get the same problems as PS4/Xbox one though: No more eDRAM means => bandwidth starved architecture.

        No more good cpu means lacking genres (mostly racing-games and creation-games will suffer of this).
        ARM-cpu also means => cache-speed is very slow instead of using fast server-eDRAM.

        Compression/decompression speed is also very slow on ARM and multicore-usage as well. That means => games will have longer loading-screens on Switch and about the same 40-60 seconds average on games like it has been on PS4/Xbox One this gen.

        • Gonalex

          plz kys
          thats jus bad porting

          • TheChosen

            What do you mean? Zombi? Clearly not. Since even on Highend-PCs you doN´t have the effects and Physics the WiiU-version has.

            PC-Version is 22 Gbytes and downgraded. That means uncompressed (no further calculating to be done on the fly).

            WiiU-version has everything (except the better textures/newer weapons), but Multiplayer + Zombification-feature (ARM) & better physics.

            No wonder it was downgraded on PC: They made it for tablet-PCs that´S why.

            Just like it happened on Sims 4: Created for TABLET-PCs not highend-PCs which is why EA decided to scratch the “openworld”-feature.

            Well, like i said, the WiiU-version runs with 5.5 Gbyte and it decompresses everything needed in the background.

            5.5 Gbytes (PowerPC) vs. 22 Gbytes (x86). THAT says a lot.

            The same is going to happen with KSP i think. Same compression-ratio for WiiU-version. KSP might even be just 500 Mbytes big on WiiU if we think about it a bit.

            And THAT is why they are mexican developers. I looked it up and now i know why they were so eager to call it the “Definitive Version”. It is publicly known that mexicans love PowerPC-architecture.

            And that truly makes it possible that WiiU-version of KSP might even beat the “average joe`s” PC-version. It depends on how long they will need to finish the game from now on.

            See? Those are the facts so far i talked about.

            And you have to know:

            WHEN it comes to games, there is not just SIMD and boom that´s it. SIMD is just a theoretical number.

            No dude. A game has to LOAD first (which is stressing not only memory-bandwidth but also cache-speed, processor memory-speed, it tests how fast all your components can talk with each other etc). And then it can execute those files.

            but whenever it comes to a certain instruction, which isn`t SIMD, a processor which has e.g. lacking or bad branching-execution will fall short off.

            And that´s what happens with AMD jaguar. It´s clearly not designed for consoles at all.

            And isn`t it funny, while i write this, Russians are working on getting similar CPU in their new supercomputer for 2017?

            They say, they will eat a Core i7 with 5 Ghz for breakfast…with a 2000-dollar 1.3 Ghz Quadcore/Octocore “Elbrus”cpu.

            A monster. It´s very similiar to WiiUs architecture. Same type of CPU (risc, not cisc), rumoured to have SAME type of cache-layout (eDRAM from IBM/or any other developer). But Elbrus is – so they say- able to handle Windows-OS since it`s not only MIPS but also supports x86 via hardware-translator. WiiU cannot do that.

            And remember my words for ARM-processor in Switch:

            Switch will have very long loading-screens with it.

            And THAT´s why Nintendo decided to use cartridges again – because they HOPE they can get faster loading-screens with it.

            But Nintendo clearly didN´t make their homework.

            Since nowaday´s games are ALL LIMITED BY CPU-performance, when it comes to loading-speed of a game.

            The FIRST component to limit your loading-speed is your cpu, not your OS, and not your HDD.

            You can have the most powerful SSD put into your PC.

            If you still use the same outdated Intel-CPU (or AMD-cpu) your loading-speed is allready maxed/limited by your cpu).

            See? A cpu can only handle that many things in a second.

            It´s not your HDD/SSD which is talking with your game. It´s your CPU which is talking to it.

            Your CPU tells your HDD/SSD “bring me that data”.
            Then your cpu handles that data (it looks where that data is stored in) and sends it to your ram. Once all data-loading has finished your game has everything it needs in the ram and it can start…

            See? If your cpu cannot cope with that data-amount it`s going to take a loooooong loading-screen.

    • yourma2000

      Was talking to a girl about this game, she alluded to the fact she could only get the Wii U version as she didn’t have any of the other consoles so she’ll be disappointed by this update.

      • I’m confused

        So let her play it at your house, snuggled up next to you on the couch. Sounds like they may have done you a favor.

    • Christian Kurti

      The technical issue was Nintendo’s terms of agreement… Don’t blame Playtonic.

    • Jonathon West

      And what’re they to do? They offer the refund or swapping to another console or PC. The Wii U is a sunk ship, even if they were able to get it running it would likely cost more to get it ported then they would even make back.

    • Carlos Silex
  • PietS.

    So why did I even pledge for this??? WTF…
    I chose the Wii U version because I don’t own a X1, an PS4 or a high-end PC (and I love Nintendo).
    + I also pledged thinking that I could play the game day 1.

    The advantages of backing this project are COMPLETELY gone now:
    – Non-backers get the chance to play this on console (Toybox/full game) before the people who did choose the Wii U version…
    – We (Nintendo gamers) probably WON’T play it day 1.
    – Non-backers can get all important stuff at the same time or even BEFORE Wii U backers!

    –> Also ANOTHER delay… (Just like any other game studio nowadays. You’re no different at all…)

    I will get a Switch at launch, but as far as I can read it won’t be available at the same time as on other consoles/PC.
    + You almost FORCE people to buy a Switch, because for some of them/us there is no other way to play this game.

    Also why communicate this SO FRIGGIN’ LATE into the developing proces???

    Sorry guys, I love YL, but now you’re just pulling a ‘Mighty No.9’ on us.
    This is REALLY shitty and I’m mad as hell.

    I will NEVER back a Kickstarter project again.

    • Ante

      You can choose to get your money back too.

      • PietS.

        Can’t find the contact link in Kickstarter…

        • Kataro7

          “The advantages of backing this project are COMPLETELY gone now”
          Without backers, it would be no Yooka-laylee. That should be the main goal in backing the project tbh.
          If wii U version was the only reason why you backed it,
          just ask for ur money back and you can live “happily” without it sure.

    • TheChosen


      That includees:

      EA, Playtonic, many other Indies (more and more are getting greedy!), Ubisoft etc etc…

      See? I NEVER pledge any money. So i cannot lose anything. And i knew this would happen. It was so clear.

      Since 2016 is the year of “greed” my friend.

  • Terry

    I was looking forward to play this game on my Wii U since I do not plan on buying a Switch… well, thanks for the false hope.
    You could have released it on both consoles, just saying.

    • PietS.

      They are making up lame excuses.
      I thought we had our good old Rare back… How was I wrong!

      • Terry

        Of course they are.
        Don’t try to make me believe that what we see cannot run on a Wii U, especially when the game was developped since the start for it alongside other supports and few weeks after the Switch is announced, it magically isn’t working anymore on Wii U…

        • PietS.


      • TheChosen

        I told you 2 years ago:

        DO NOT FALL FOR “RARE”. There is no more RARE dude. They are money-hungry “No Man`s Sky”-Developers!

        Just like they are TYPICALLY the case on PS4 right now!

        Which was the WORST game of 2016?

        “Ghostbusters the game”!

        Where did it come out? On PS4 sir! That tells you everything.

        Just like Wii- 10 years ago- had LOTS and lots and lots of crapware/Shovelware. Lots and lots of garbage.

        • kylio27

          The Ghostbusters game also came out on Xbox One and PC.

          And every console is full of crap shovelware. The difference is how many good games it has, and the PS4 has more good games and support than the Wii or WiiU.

  • Julien

    Nintendo players are clearly the more excited ones about the return of a Banjo-Kazooie like game. They are the ones who made Yooka-Laylee happen, and you just back stabbed them. I’m one of them and I was indeed hoping for a Switch version… but a Switch version on top of the Wii U version, not instead. I was even ready to buy the game a second time if a “switch” to the Switch version was not possible with the Kickstarter pledge. I’m sure some Wii U players don’t know yet if they will buy the Switch (or when they will buy it), and some of them might not have another plateform to play the game on. What will you do for those players? They can just stare at their dead Wii U and cry? This is a major disappointment coming from Playtonic. This game was supposed to be a living reminder of all the good memories people have with the “golden age” of Rareware, now you kinda ruined it. I hope that at least the Switch version will come out on April 11th too and will be polished… still really excited by Yooka-Laylee, but this is really not cool for Wii U players.

    • Bryce Keller

      Im sure they tried what they could and its unfair to blame them. Nintendo is really picky with 3rd party support and didnt exactly make it easy for developers to work on Wii U. Hence a lack thereof on the console.

      • Julien

        The Wii U version of Yooka-Layle was developed by Playtonic from the start and is the only version they were working on (the others ones are being ported by Team17). So no, their is no excuse. If they’re technical issues, just take your time to solve them, but don’t cancel the game.

        This is a pure marketing decision… and a totally reasonable one! The Wii U is dead, of course the game wouldn’t sell as well on this system then on the others ones. But still. This is a matter of respect and principle. Respect for the backers who pay for the Wii U version, for all all the people that support the game and Playtonic so far.

        Releasing the game on Switch is not enough, they should either give something more to the Wii U backers or refund them… but they won’t, because they would loose a fair amount of the money they got from Kickstarter. They know they’ve to thanks Nintendo fans for their incredible success, but instead they choose to spit in their faces.

        I’m sure the game will be awesome, but Playtonic lost all the credibility they had. People were looking at them as the revival of the best time in Rare’s history. What was something so positive and good just turned out into a joke and another Kickstarter failure.

      • amak11

        Not true, knowing devs they have said the Wii U is one of the easiest consoles now to develop for now than it was in the first year given the initial problems. Its not a programming problem, its a technical problem. 100% different

      • Julien

        My original answer was deleted (why?) but to summarise : there is no excuse. Even if they had difficulties and technical issues with the Wii U version, they could have delay the release and fix those issues in the upcoming months. Nothing is impossible.

        The choice to cancel the Wii U version is purely marketing and it does make sense. The game wouldn’t sell well on Wii U, the system is dead. But still, a lot of people backed Yooka-Laylee FOR a Wii U version they won’t ever get… The initial contract is broken.

        • I wish what you were saying was true but unfortunately it’s not. Playtonic is using Unity to develop Yooka-Laylee which gives them a lot of overhead. Games like Mario and Zelda are only doable when you’re working really close with the SDK. unfortunately using Unity is just not going to give you that same level of performance and you have seen what Yooka-Laylee looks like. That sort of game needs more resources in order to run smoothly under Unity. And I’m not just throwing out of gas, I have a Wii U dev kit and I am using Unity.

          • Julien

            You’re right, but they knew that from the very first day of development when they choose to use Unity. So that’s not news. I’m sure they tried to make the game run on Wii U, but if it is indeed not possible they probably know it for months too. Maybe they shouldn’t have announced the game on Wii U to begin with, knowing it would be difficult with Unity. But then the campaign wouldn’t be the huge success it is today.

          • I doubt they knew it from the get go. Even if they tested it in early development they would have noted that it needed optimization, but development wouldn’t full stop for it. They could have held out for newer versions of Unity with better optimizations. It’s also possible that most of the game ran acceptable, it really only takes one unplayable level to nix it.

            I don’t think they simply added Wii U for leverage, I mean I don’t know, but that mentality doesn’t go with their team’s culture. And let’s be honest, the campaign would have succeeded without Wii U still, I mean most serious gamers have at least one other current platform even if it’s just Steam.

        • “Nothing is impossible?” That’s not true at all. Especially when it comes to game development. Some things are impossible, especially on Wii U.

          • TheChosen

            no Dude. We even have “Mario 3D Maker” now. Inffocial, but it`s working… See? nintendo lieid about that 2 years ago as well.

            “Mario Maker” is just 2D. But WiiU is like a supercomputer. And that enables you to have Minecraft-MODS on Wiiu as well. Well, similar stuff.

            In this case, we have a working Mario 3D Maker-game, where you can create your OWN Mario 3D-Worlds. Sure, not like you would expect it. Since it´s partly different graphics. But it works. And it has way better physics & AI as well…

            And Wiius most demanding game right now- Fast Racing Neo- wouldN`t even run on a 5 Ghz clocked Core i7 Processor equipped PC.

            Why not? Because a PC does not have the special eDRAM-part which the Wiiu has. Which makes it partly so fast.

          • Sebastian Maj

            Yes Artsy is right, I’m sure there are many game developers here including me that can say the same. Wii U is definitely a pain to work with due to many factors including the technical aspect. Playtonic had spent months on fixing issues with no luck, they can’t be blamed for this action.

    • Diortem

      This needs to be on Switch either before other systems or the same day. Even with the newer Switch userbase, it will probably end up selling more due to the amount of mature gamers who aren’t insecure enough to be turned off by bright colors and a lack of guns. If the Switch version is delayed, the Nintendo backers who showed the most enthusiasm and made this game happen got completely screwed while the FIFA and CoD audiences enjoy access to a game they will ignore.

      • hi v3.0

        Fancy seeing you here!

      • Thiago Fernandes de Aguiar

        Is this wiiudaily? lol

      • Epyc Wyn

        I am willing to wait if it means I will receive a higher quality product.

    • Beard Nobles

      This is the only Kickstarter I’ve ever supported. I’m as excited as anyone and I’m not a Nintendo player.

    • Streig

      No. Take your “righteous indignation” and shove it. Playtonic made the right call. As a backer of Mighty No.9, I WISH Comcept would have had the testicular fortitude to do the right thing and tell their toxic backers that putting their game out for every damn system under the sun was a waste of time, an incredible burden on an already overworked team, and a detriment to the game as a whole. But they didn’t. Instead they tried to make everyone happy, released their unpolished work on every system their whiny backers demanded, and were STILL crucified by said backers.

      Playtonic is making the tough call. It isn’t going to make everybody happy, clearly, but it is the RIGHT call. Now, instead of beating their head against the wall, wasting time, effort, and resources trying to overcome the severe technical limitations of the wii u, they can focus on delivering the best experience they can for LITERALLY every other console, INCLUDING Nintendos’ newest system. And if you’re as big a fan boy as you sound, I’m sure you’ll be getting that one too. So shut up.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I agree. If they had just canned the 360 and PS3 versions maybe the final game wouldn’t have been so horrible. It’s not an easy choice but it was the right thing to do

      • Julien

        You know you can make your point without insulting people?

        I’m getting the game on Switch or PS4 depending on the release date of the Switch version. This is not the question and this has nothing to do with Mighty N°9 either. The problem is that a LOT of people backed the game for the Wii U version. And they won’t get it, ever. They should have delay the Wii U release, focus on the other versions to deliver a polished product.

        I know this is a tough call for Playtonic, but it’s the wrong one. Nintendo fans are the ones to thank for Yooka-Laylee’s existence, and now they are the ones who either won’t get the game or will need to get it on another system. That’s not fair to those backers.

      • Porochaz

        As someone who backed £100 I’m going to plonk my righteous indignation right here thanks. I paid that much despite being poor at the time for the joy of having a decent retro style Nintendo game. Now not only do I have to shell out for another console to get that. If I want it on the Switch, I won’t get it day 1? Yeah, I’m absolutely going to be pissy about that.

        • No one asked you to drop £100 on a Kickstarter project. That was your decision, and it, like any Kickstarter project, was a risk.

          • Zachary Schultheis

            I mean, technically Playtonic did… but I get your point. If your poor, you probably shouldn’t be dropping a hundred bucks on a kickstarter when you could use it towards food and shelter.

          • amak11

            You shouldnt be telling people how to spend their money on the internet lest you end up in a situation yourself where you need it and you’re spending it on booze.

        • Zulexo

          You can contact them to get a refund m8

      • Carlos Silex
    • Bristow9091

      Honestly, I was in the middle of writing a pretty lengthy reply going into statistics and such, but then I thought; “He’s probably not gonna’ listen anyway”

      Here’s a tl;dr without the “boring” shit;

      If you’re a so called “Nintendo player” and support them, chances are you’ll be buying the Switch anyway, and Playtonic are giving you the option to change your Wii U pledge over to the Switch for free… cut them some slack!

      • Porochaz

        Im a “Nintendo player” if you like, but there was very little chance I was getting a Switch, certainly not on release. Nintendo have poorly managed their consoles for years now and quite simply, I’m not going to waste £300 odd quid on a company I don’t trust anymore. Now I’m aware Playtonic are probably not the ones most at fault here, but it’s still a real kick in the crotch especially as the people with Wii U’s were the primary folk backing this. I spent £100 on this kickstarter, I don’t own a PS4 or XBox and I’m certainly not willing to shell out another couple of hundred for another console just to play this. So I am absolutely not going to cut Playtonic or Nintendo any slack, it’s an absolute middle finger from one of them.

        • TheChosen

          Ditch the “company i don´t trust anymore” and replace it with “a company which suddendly aims for casual/smartphone/ARM-games on a smartphone-like architecture” and you get my point of view 😀

          Please understand Nintendo. Come back when you support POWERPC again! No PowerPC? No money from me.

          That´s the hard lesson Nintendo will have to learn now.

          • Chaltab

            What the fuck does Power PC have to do with anything? Nobody supports that anymore.

          • TheChosen

            It has to do a LOT with how Nintendo handles games. See Splatoon.

            Most-buggy Nintendo-game nintendo EVER brought onto the market! You may not know it. But it´s the truth. Each week Miiverse finds new bugs in it xD

            And yeah see? I don´t like buggy games. I want BUGFREE games!

            And IF Splatoon were made for Wiius PowerPC (which it isn´t, very sadly that is)- it would run MUCH BETTER, would contain lesser bugs (or none) and would simply run better. See? THIS is what i want and expect.

            I doN´t support ANY LAZY-games developer/hardware-manufacturer starting january 1st 2017 anymore.

            What is it that you don´t understand? You are a loser, that´s why you don`t understand it.

            You are a sheep that buys anything, regardless if it`S crap or not 😉

            Well, i doN´t buy anything because it has “Nintendo” written on it. I want PowerPC. I want EFFICIENT Tech (ARM is the OPPOSITE of efficient! See? When i run Devils Third on my WiiU the WiiU is getting HOT!

            But see what happens if i run a way-more demanding old Wii-game like Resident Evil 4 on it with way better graphics and actual bots in the game and not just humans over the internet? The WiiU is keeping very COOL EVEN if you play for 10 hours continuasly! How can that be? Magic? Fairy dust?

            No sir.

            The Wii games runs on 100% efficient Hardware = PowerPC. PowerPC means 80% more calculations done in the same time as ARM/X86 per Mhz. And that means processor is done faster, and keeps cooler overall since it´s allready in “Sleep-mode” while others are still working. The same goes for Shadres => Fixed shaders are FASTER and are more efficient = cooler.

            Thus the Wiiu does not heat up, even when i play 10 hours of Resident Eveil 4 Wii on it. See?Fixed shaders are also having a WAY Longer lifetime-expectancy.
            Do you have seen anybody claiming that their Wii is dead from gaming? I mean the gpu is dead just from gaming? no? I surelyl never saw anybody. Or for the gamecube as well: no dead GPus since 15 years now!

            But once you put in Devils Third, the crappy programmable shaders are used. The non-efficient ARM is used, the game is chugging along…and the WiiU gets hot, hotter and can even DIE of heat (yes, a Wiiu can die of heat, if you didn`t know it yet)…And for the Wiiu to cool down again, it takes 5 hours to do so in a typical 25°C-average room.

            See? Boom. That´s what i want. A small 75 Watt-machine which can deliver what WiiU can do.

            Switch cannot do what WiiU can do. Fast Racing Neo isn´t even COMING for Switch and it wouldn`t even be ABLE to run on crappy ARM.

            ARM overheats. PowerPC does not.

            ARM has a lifetime-expectancy of 10 years- that means in 10 years that crappy ARM-cpu will die of electron-migration (getting too hot). If you take 50°C temperature on it.

            PowerPC has a lifetime-expetancy of ~100-500 years- and that is with 60-70°C average temperature…THAT is ONE reason why NASA- yes that Nasa from American Space Agency – is using POWERPC-cpus in space sir.

            PowerPC stands for:

            – Heat-resistant
            – Cold-resistant
            – RELIABLE
            – 100% efficient (good for your power-plug – PS4 users are being laughed at here since they have to pay a LOT for their energy-bill each year xD)
            – Simply better in every regard
            – Durable (10x longer lifetime even for a Gamecube-PowerPC from 2002 😉 See?

            You can EASILY use a Gamecube today, since its PowerPC was MADE to last….But good luck getting a PS4 or Xbox One or Switch to run after 5 years are over 😀

            It will be FUNNY to watch those guys in 5 years once they find out their console/Switch/whatever they bought is dead after 2-4 years.

            See? ARM is NOT what i want. I don´t support crappy, overheating ARM.

            You just have to look at New 3DS, and test what happens to it, in a hot sommer in vacancy in egypt. Guess what? It will burn and stop working since NOBODY tested it at Nintendo against that risk. Same thing happened to a PSP of a guy of mine a few years ago xD

            on 3DS you can play for 10 hours in egypt without the 3DS dying of heat.

            on New 3DS- if you do that, your New 3DS will melt because of heat!

            See? WiiU CANNOT overheat by just using PowerPC-apps on it.

            Wiiu ONLY overheats if you use it`s crappy ARM-cpu too much.

            See? IF a WiiU ever DIES of electron-migration the ARM-cpu will be dead first.

            The PowerPC will still work fine…since it just 30mm and not containing as much logic as the ARM-processor is containing.

            Thus ARM will die and the console will get useless since the PowerPC cpu can no longer talk with the ARM which switches on the console and runs the OS. See?

            And on Switch you only have crappy ARM.

            No, but NO THANKS 😉 I don´t buy ANY “planned Obsolescence”-hardware…I`ll gladly buy Nextgen PowerPC-hardware. But i won`t fall for garbage crappy ARM from Nvidia (which hardware is KNOWN to fail after 2-3 years – why do you think so many PC-fans have to buy a new graphics-card every 2 years? For joking? No sir! My last AMD-graphics-card got 3 years old. After 3 years the shaders died!

            See? I have ENOUGH evidence and experience from it. I bought ENOUGh AMD and Nvidia-parts in the past to be able to talk about it.

            And if this is Nintendos future (100% ARM) i will no longer support them.

            #Pleaseunderstand 😉

            That means they will finally lose me as a “fan” and i will no longer buy any games for their platforms.

            That means i`ll become a retrogamer, enough old consoles to choose from.

            No crappy DLC. No Online-play which limits your playtime etc etc…you see? THAT will be Nintendo then for me.

            A think of the past.

          • Chaltab

            …I think you need to lay of the drugs, Sir or Madame.

          • TheChosen

            And i think YOU should start facing the hard truth sir. Or do you have no single argument?

            Keep your attacking to you, thanks!

            Here again for you:

            Again, this is i what i want:

            – Heat-resistant
            – Cold-resistant
            – RELIABLE
            -100% efficient (good for your power-plug – PS4 users are being laughed
            at here since they have to pay a LOT for their energy-bill each year xD)
            – Simply better in every regard
            – Durable (10x longer lifetime even for a Gamecube-PowerPC from 2002 😉 See?

            You can EASILY use a Gamecube today, since its PowerPC was MADE to
            last….But good luck getting a PS4 or Xbox One or Switch-cpu to run after 5
            years are over 😀

            It will be FUNNY to watch those guys in 5 years
            once they find out their console/Switch/whatever they bought is dead
            after 2-4 years.

            And THIS is what Switch will be:

            ARM Stands for:

            – Lowend

            – Cheap

            – Made with cheapest materials in cheapest fabs

            -Neither heat NOR cold-resistant (Can you use a Smartphone in egypt? Or on
            northpole? No you cannot! It would die if you try doing it xD WEll,
            again you CAN use a 3DS on northpole OR in egypt! i even tried that in
            egypt. No problem- it gets hot. But not too hot for it to damage it!)

            -100% inefficient bloatware which is typical for ARM-architecture (that
            is ONE point why games today have to be 50 Gbytes big- it`s just Number 1
            Reason => No compression! 100% inefficiency! 10-Gbyte-Day-Patches!
            No thanks! I don´t need that crap!)

            – 100% not reliable (just like PS4/Xbox One…suddenly your console starts to constantly throw out the
            disc….what? This doesn´t happen on WiiU? Well, of course not.

            But PS4 doesn`T last you longer than 2-3 years average 😀

            What might happen to Switch (just some cases of what´S possible):

            – No overheat-protection and it simply dies when it gets too hot (typical
            for Nvidia-Tech, their shaders simply die and your gpu becomes

            – battery may explode from HEAT sir. You ever heard that Samsung Galaxy S7 Note exploded? Or Iphone 5/6? 😀


            NEXT year- 2017 i`ll strongly watch Nintendo`s hardware-behaviour! And we`ll see if it´s DURABLE as Gamecube/Wii or WiiU!

            And if not => Boom. Nintendo is dead to me. Finally to say that. That
            would be a shame…but it happens more often than you think that
            companies, as big as they might be, die.

            And IF that happens- like i assume it will- since its only logic since ARM is crap
            and the Number 1 reason so many smartphones today are having to be
            repaired (they just tell you “the logic board is broken”)- well Nintendo
            will face HUGE problems in 2017…

            Hahahaha- i will solaugh if people get problems running their games in just 30°C
            environmental- or a typical summer and the Switch will just explode…Or
            it will simply switch off saying to you “your device has to cool down.
            Please understand. We only want to protect you. If you want to play
            Zelda come back in 60 minutes until device has cooled down” xD

            Yeah. Like i said. Switch clearly hasn´t even tested on hardware itself. No Iwata was there for them. And it shows…

            And if all that happens Nintendo as we know them will DIE in the PR-shitstorm that is going to follow…

            if a) Switches can overheat

            b) batteries can explode/do explode like they do on today´s smartphones/tablets

            c) if other “problems” occur like e.g. “broken licences” or “cannot download game x” or “Hacker attack with DDOS” xD

            Yeah. Trust me. I WILL WATCH IT! I´ll be here day 1 if one of those things happens.

            of course i´ll be here too for those, which Switch breaks after just a
            few months. And Nintendo tells them just “You are free to buy a new one”
            just like Sony is doing it on PS4 right now 😀

            What will you do, if what i said here turns out to be true?

            Just a reminder:

            I WARNED 2 years go- when “Yooka Laylee” was announced for WiiU with “They will not be able to make a runnign PowerPC-game in just 1 year”.

            See? I Was right. I knew it since the beginning. You cannot just abandon PowerPC in N64-days…and 20 years later in 2016 you come back and suddenly want to program for PowerPC again xD

            We are not living in 1990s anymore sir. And if YOU want a device like PS4, well than have fun with it. But don´t go cry here, if your console breaks in 3 years like a typical PS4 today does (or Xbox One, choose one xD).


            Nasa uses PowerPC in Space.

            Lol. Nasa would be STUPID if they would use crappy ARM or x86 in space.

            of course not. Nasa isn`t that stupid. And so NASA uses HEAT & Cold-resistent PowerPC in space.

            And THIS is what i want from my hardware. No such hardware? No money.

            Nintendo allways made sure in the PAST (with Iwata & other good CEOs) that their hardware was FITTING those things.

            But i fear with ARM they will no longer get that done. And that means no buy for me. And not only no buy. But also no more support.

            Like i said: Please understand.

          • Chaltab

            Okay but who the hell is going to take their Nintendo Switch into space? Industrial grade durability is not generally a necessary feature in home electronics. Not to mention using pricey IBM parts when nVidia already has ARM integrated into their Tegra architecture would be asinine from a business and engineering perspective.

            Nintendo has been using ARM for decades in their handhelds without issue, so what suddenly makes it a death knell?

          • TheChosen

            Well the same will happen to Switch, what happens to users which bought an AMD-Jaguar powered console this gen 😉 After 2-3 years…console will suddenly stop working and you will have to buy a new one.

            One reason for many to switch to PS4 Pro. See? Since like they say “my old PS4 is starting to die…”

            And like i said: ARM-cpus won`t work for longer than 10 years. Typically. You have a number in hours. 10000 hours is about one year. Every part has a number in hours and a given MTBF. MTBF means “Mean time between failure”.

            Today Intel-processors don`t any longer get older than 10 years.

            “Nintendo has been using ARM for decades in their handhelds without issue, so what suddenly makes it a death knell?”

            I can answer you that: Dark Silicon. Look up what it means, how it kills processors with ease and what not.

            You have to know that ARM 11 was the last known processor to LAST. But even an ARM 11- does not- because of it`s tinyness (1mm²) get older than 15 years average. It means if you use it very often and for 15 years it will die of electron-migration. ARM 11 in 3DS was built in 65nm for a POINT. And that point is => the processor will last way longer, than one produced in tiny, breaky 32nm-structures (like New 3DS).

            Both processors- ARM 11- and all other ARM-processors today are tiny 1-4mm² big.

            You see?

            For comparison: The Gameboys Processor in 1989 had 60mm² diespace where it`s transistors were brought onto. You see the difference?

            The processors not only got 60x smaller until now. But also 60x easier to break. Connections break over time: Processor fails. It happened to my New 3DS a few months ago. Had to send it in. It suddenly just stopped working.

            I tell you why: It´S garbage i should have never bought it. But i knew it will happen some time. Nintendo just answered “It`s an RMA-case and we have to replace the processor and the motherboard of it.”

            You see? I have enough personal experience from such cases.

            So again back to the processor-aging: In 1989 processors were huge 60mm² big. Nothing could happen to it´S connections! THATs why- even today after so many years- you can still take out your gameboy from your cellar andn play with it! Because it was BUILT to last centuries!

            But when you buy a New 3DS/bought a new 3DS in 2012, it will fail after 10-15 years. Electronmigration simply will kill the processor 60x faster than it does on Gameboy.

            Just ask yourself the question: What do you think happens with connections tiny thin as a hair and have to survive 5 Volts? What happens to it, if you have thousands of them on 1 mm² after 10 years?

            You think they still work after being used so long?

            No dude. They`ll simply break. And that´s it.

            The same will happen to Switch, what happens to many customer`s PS4 right now:

            It will simply one day stop to work and maybe “act weird”. You also know blue light of Death?

            I laug about the fact, what they will call the phenomenom on Switch. Red Light of Death?

            Is there even a Light on Switch? We don´t know it yet xD

          • LixianPrime

            Can I just say this? You say that PS4/Xbone will just stop working after 3-4 years.. then why does my still work with absolutely no problems.. My Non-Power PC Desktop still works its been 3-4 years as well, it has hiccups but that’s just due to my ram.. and nothing to do with my computer itself, It also doesn’t use up that much power either.

          • TheChosen

            Not every PS4/Xbox One Fails within 3-4 years 😉 But many do on average (that means one might get 2 years old, the other gets 3, and another one gets 4 years old). My friends say “let`s get Ps4 Pro since my PS4 seems to die in a few days.”
            And we speak of heavy used PS4s dude. Not such, which are used once a week for bluray-watching or something like that. We speak from GAMERS which Play 50-100 hours a week with their console.

            See? It`s planned. PS4 Pro is cheap. People just replace their cheap PS4 through a cheap PS4 Pro. Most of my friends have exchanged their PS4 at least one time. Some have switched to PS4 Pro allready.
            Btw for PC: I said 10 years dude 😉 10 years is the typical lifetime-expectancy of a todays Intel/AMD-processor. After 4-5 years of heavy usage you`ll get first problems (voltage not enough, you have to make it higher or lower the clock-speed of your processor).
            You get freezes of your PC, if your processor is getting old typically as first signs.
            If you make the voltage higher, the processor dies after another 3-4 years. The smaller the processor is built (nm) the faster it dies. Simple rule. The hotter it gets by average, the lower your lifetime-expectancy is. The better your cooling is, the longer you can prolongue it´s life (but not by much).
            Each 10°C more temperature degrades the MTBF by -50%.
            For the 3 years i meant Intel does not guarantee you a longer lifetime than 3 years. After 3 years no more guarantee. If your processor breaks after this time. Bad luck. Buy a new one. If it`s still alive you are in luck.
            20 years ago, processors could be dying at an age of 50 yeras (that means if a processor is built in 1960, it will fail in 2010! If it`s built in 1980, it will fail in 2030 the earliest!). You could use a processor for 50 years, not just 10 until the voltage is no longer enough or clock has to be toned down to make it run stable. Or to be more precise:

            A single Transistor won`t fail before 50 years are over.
            See? Take an N64 from 1995. It still works today (processor is how old? 20 years?). And in another 20 years it might still work with a high likelyhood.
            For electronic devices the rule goes for Chips: The chip with the smallest production method (nm) dies at first.
            Example: New 3DS is built at 32nm (Arm11, 2 Mbyte Cache). It will die in about 10 years too.
            I allready had to send in my New 3Ds because of dead cpu (after 1 year). Motherboard was replaced. I got a new cpu. Nintendo said “sorry”…

            I can make another example: Once i owned a Q6600-processor from Intel. It ran at Standard 1.08 Volt or something like that. It ran fine…until one day, my PC began to make Problems. It has frozen every once and then in games as well as when browsing the web or doing heavy Tasks such as video-production.
            PC guys said it is the cpu which is getting old since my ram was fine. I rememberd i used this PC heavily each day, for many games etc. So yeah, it was 5 years old then. I had to put the voltage higher, so it was 1.2 Volts.
            It was stable again then. Another 3 years went over. The cpu was still OK, but the random freezes were back.
            See? the only solution i found was to lower the clock-frequency. cpu no longer was 2.4 Ghz but only 2 Ghz.
            It ran another 6 months and died then. cpu is dead. It lasted ~8 Years. It happened while i was doing some Benchmark to test some new graphics-Card. My cpu died. PC just went off and never on again. Mainboard was OK, graphics-Card was OK. Everything else was Ok. Cpu just died.
            I remember some Cousin of me. He had bought an AMD Athlon 900 Mhz cpu in 1999.
            He bought it then and used it 15 years dude! Until 2014 this cpu was alive! I could never understand why he did not replace it. He just told me “Why should i replace it, it runs fine? And for what i want to do with it it`s ok”.
            And you cannot imagine how heavy his pc was used. He used it for pretty much everything until the very last day- until it finally died. he even used that Athlon-machine in 30°C Environments in his room.
            So yeah. 15 years for a 1999-cpu. Not bad huh?
            And 8 years for a 2007-cpu.
            You see the difference now?

            And that´s what a today´s cpu would last too. maximum. 8 years average. If you have bad luck, you pay 100-300 Dollars and it fails within 5 years. Dead. It may happen.
            This isn`t just for Smartphones or PCs dude. This is also true for graphics-cards.
            My last graphic-card died after 3 years. Shaders were starting to spin around like crazy. This happened to many Notebooks, PCs and Laptops as well. You suddenly see “dead” Pixels in games, which are not there when back on Desktop.
            The typical lifetime of a graphics-card is not longer than 3 years a PC-fan says. And that´s true as well.
            And that´s another Thing. I bought my very first 3D-accellerator in 1997. It still works today.

            it´s an Ati Radeon. I don´t even know the exact model. I think it was similar to TNT 2 for Nvidia. Ist a graphics-card and the chip still works 20 years later (in a few days it turns 20 years old) 😀
            Good luck, having a graphics-card today which lasts you longer than 5 years with heavy usage (at least 1000 hours per year) and no defect shaders.
            Many today´S highend-graphics Card don´t even last you 3 years anymore until first shaders are dead dude. They die faster than you think…
            The longer you Play, the faster your graphic-card will die too. That´s the assumption.

          • I’m confused

            And what about all the Xbox 360s that burned up like crazy… power pc chips in there btw. Any cpu will burn up if it’s not properly cooled This guy is nuts. I had multiple PowerPC mac g3 and g4s overheat back in the day. And the Wii U has a powerpc derived processor, the ARM cpu in it runs background tasks for the most part. That guy is just trolling hard or ill informed, all his info is all over the place. He even claimed Ati radeon was 20 years old. I bought one when they were new, in 2000. Ati rage came before that and they were buggy piece of crap video cards up until the very last model which was quickly phased out by the Radeon. Guy thinks because his last CPUs and GPUs he had died in 3 years that they’ll all go that soon. People had CPUs and GPUs go bad back in the day too, the refurbished PC business has been mainstream since Packardbell’s crappy PCs from the late 80s/early 90s for a reason, and it’s not because the hardware was gauranteed to last 50 years.

          • TheChosen

            And about your question:

            “Okay but who the hell is going to take their Nintendo Switch into space?”

            You don´t have to use it in space. Just take it with your to your next travel to egypt/somewhere else where it`s hot (or you want to use it in one hotter summer => summers are getting hotter you know? Not colder – you have to accept it. Average temperature per summer is RISING not falling that means your devices will fail more often because of heat => more PCs will die of heat and consoles as well!).

            Or just travel to the northpole and look what happens. I had no problem using my 3DS in -10°C cold temperature when it was snowing a few years ago. Once you are finished just keep it slowly getting warmer and wait a few hours and you have no problem with condensation.

            Also one more thing i have allready mentioned:

            My energy-bill yearly is falling yearly (i pay lesser and lesser for my energy bill per year as i use more efficient tech each year, but not more breaky tech xD – for example i switched many lights to energy-efficient lights and switched energy-hungry PCs inefficient Intel/AMD-crap tech into more powerful, but more energy-friendly PowerPC-devices now- good bye energy-eaters xD).

            Other`s energy-bill is rising (a single inefficient PC with 200 Watts/hour can eat more than 100 bucks per year of electric power). Energy-costs are rising. You see the problem here? I want efficient tech that does NOT get hot.

            You can allways know IF a chip gets TOO HOT it will die very early. If an electronic device gets exhausting HOT air it will die early dude!

            Just that simple! PS4 exhausts a LOT of hot air => it dies after 2-3 years of usage.
            WiiU does NOT exhaust a lot of hot air => it will last for minimum 20 years. If you seldomly use the inefficient ARM-processor (that will break way earlier than the PowerPC) or don`t overload it… the WiiU might even last 50 years until it will show signs of aging.

            The average math is (which you can use to calculate how long an electronic device will last):

            plus 10°C more temperatur means 50% lesser lifetime! 😉 and that goes for everything. Not only ARM-chips, but PowerPC as well, as x86-chips, graphics-chips etc… And condensators too.


            THIS is what i want. Guarantee for it to work as long as i want it.

            I doN´t buy ANY devices any longer, which have to be replaced after 2-4 years just because “planned Obsolescence” or because a chip fails because it was manufactured in too tiny structures xD

            My devices last very long dude. I have a printer from 2012 (which failed to work early this year)- and i have one from 1999. The one from 1999 still works! You know why? For the very same reasons…xD

            1999-tech was using very reliable chips. These chips will easily survive you.

            But good luck wanting a 2012-printer to still work in the year 2022 😀

          • I’m confused

            Considering nasa has used x86 in space in the past, makes you even more irrelevant. n64 didn’t use power pc either. sounds like you’re confusing all risc based cpus with powerpc. powerpc processors are risc based, not all risc based processors are powerpc. In fact the arm processor you hate so much is risc based. Go ahead and take off the heatsinks from your powerpc based systems like the xbox360 and old apple computers from the 90s up to mid 2000s and see how resistant they are to heat.

          • SincerelyWTF

            “Please understand Nintendo. Come back when you support POWERPC again! No PowerPC? No money from me.

            That´s the hard lesson Nintendo will have to learn now.

            Yes, because they care so much about one persons archaic views on what kind of outdated tech should be used in a new video game system. No ones ever going to use PowerPC architecture in a video game system again, so get used to it.

      • Julien

        Again, this is not about me. It is about what Playtonic sold to their backers. I will get the game on Switch or PS4, so I’m “safe”… but some people won’t get the game! Read the comments here or on Twitter or Facebook. Some people only have the Wii U. Maybe most of them will get the Switch or another system at some point, but that doesn’t change the fact that they pledge because a Wii U version was planned… and they won’t get it, ever.

        Cancellation of the game on any platform would be really sad, but the Wii U version is clearly the most anticipated one. The game would obviously sell poorly on Wii U (the possible reason why it was canceled), but most backers are Nintendo fans. I mean we are talking about the revival of a game from the N64 era! We are talking of the successor for Banko-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, both Nintendo games. But now what? Nintendo players have to wait to know when and how they’all be able to get the game, and anyway not on Wii U. I’m truly a big fan of what Playtonic is doing with Yooka-Laylee, they seem to be great and passionate people. But still, this is an awful and sad news for players.

        • I’m confused

          When did “most of the backers” own a Wii U or how many payed for the Wii U version though? I’m still trying to figure that one out. I’d think if they were the majority and not the smallest group of backers, the devs would have put it as the top priority.

          • Julien

            They did put it as a priority. The Wii U version was the only one directly developed by Playtonic, while the other versions are in the hands of Team17. That’s again the weirdest / saddest part of this news… but well, anyway, let’s hope we’ll see the game running on Switch next month!

          • I’m confused

            I thought the main version was the PC version being developed by them, right? They said they were porting the Wii U version themselves to help save time while team 17 did the other 2 ports. I’d still like to see what percentage of backers actually paid for a Wii U version, because I’d imagine it’s not a huge percentage if they’re willing to drop it. I’ll agree it is weird and sad though because they kept reassuring people the Wii U version was coming.

    • TheAkarub

      I’m a Nintendo player, and because this game reminds me the great games Rare did for N64, like the Banjo ones, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, etc, I’ll definitely buy this game for PC or Nintendo Switch.

    • Kataro7

      hmmm, they could offer the money back to those players and everything would be solved tbh. Everyone that backed this project should mainly be glad Yooka-Laylee became alive rather than cry over this wii u version.
      And, Nintendo will still have it on the Switch.
      I am pretty sure most nintendo players would love to support nintendo by bying Switch anyway.

      • I’m confused

        Exactly, I’m buying the Switch right out of the gate.

        • John Smith

          Here’s the problem- money doesn’t grow on trees. A lot of backers may not have the money to buy a Switch or even own another console to play it on. I’m not a backer, but that’s my situation. I REALLY wanted to play this, but I can’t now. All of us are fucked.

          • I’m confused

            You can argue a refund from them. Kickstarter promises were made for a Wii U release, if they can’t meet them you can get a refund. I don’t know why they don’t offer that up front.

          • PurpleTrident

            It’s really not hard at all to save up a little bit of money until the game comes out on Switch. There is PLENTY of time. Just work. Not fun, but worth it.

    • Al

      I don’t understand why anyone supports Nintendo. They haven’t made a decent console since GameCube. They sue their own fans too. The Wii U sold poorly, they made the right call. Not to mention the Xbox and PS4 are almost 5 times more powerful than the Wii u.

    • Carlos Silex
  • Julian Shanick

    and i was like: Yay at least 1 more good game for Wii U and now its just another game for my pc i COULD play

  • txeriff

    i think the real reason not releasing for wiiU is more like nintendo wants it for switch, thats it.

  • SunMoonStars

    I think it’s quite unfair to blame playtonic as if they’ve done this to spite Wii U owners.

    The game is a large scale complex game built on the Unity engine. Which is notorious for having poor performance on the Wii U.

    The team must have spent months trying to get the game running but in the end it probably was a decision of either compromise on their vision by reducing the scale of the game or abandoning the Wii U.

    What you need to understand is that the Wii U is not powerful.
    It’s slightly more powerful than a X360 or PS3.
    A PS4 is equivalent to 6 Wii Us.
    Mobile phones are also pretty much more powerful as well.
    Even a cheap laptop in the last few years would be more powerful.

    There’s also the business side of it (boo!)
    The Wii U sold 13 million consoles.
    The PS4 50 million
    Xbox about 22 million.
    The PC similar number of active players.

    Nintendo have also stopped manufacturing the Wii U as of last month. Which shows where their priorities are.
    Its likely Nintendo aren’t going to provide much support for optimising a game for Wii U and the Unity game engine people are likewise working very hard on Switch support.

    All in all whilst it’s a shame that there won’t be a Wii U version it’s understandable.

    • TheChosen

      Your comment is the most-stupid comment of the day xD Your source is also wrong as most numbers on there are wrong as well (example? New 3DS GPU runs at 266 Mhz Dumbass! not at 200 Mhz. Hackers said that long ago. Just like 3DS uses the Pica 200, which runs at 266 Mhz!. The numbers in your source are plain wrong.)

      a) Hackers said in the GBA-temp forum that “WiiU version of LINUX runs 10x faster than PS4” and they are trying to get it optimized soon.

      b) Indie-developers allready stated that WiiUs PowerPC eats the AMD-smartphone/Tablet-cpu in PS4/Xbox One for Breakfast (which is why ZombiU runs much better on WiiU and the “Kerbal Space Program”-WiiU-Version is said to to be definitive (no stuttering at 300+ parts).

      and c) That WiiU-Linux version currently is UNOPTIMIZED. It runs on an old PowerPC-Linux-core, which is – long forgiven and now has been put out again. To show what you can do on WiiU.

      More questions to you:

      if WiiU is so slow (as you claim) why is there no such game as Fast Racing Neo on PS4?

      Why do many PS4-games don`t get 60 fps just like WiiU-games does? Why does Need for Speed look like garbage on the PS4..compared to the WiiU-version (Speed)?

      Why does Zombi (U) on Ps4 runs so bad just like PC-version? Why is it DOWNGRADED in AI & physics?

      Why is the WIIU-version the DEFINITIVE version of the game (Best lighting, best AI/Physics, best game-size (5 Gbyte = compressed => Decompressed on the fly while playing)? Why has the WiiU-version Multiplayer while no other version has it?

      I tell you why:

      Developers said: The WiiU is FASTER than an average PC you can buy today at ALDI. That´s why.

      And the WiiU is HARD to produce. Server-eDRAM is the fastest possible CACHE in the world. It`s used in supercomputers sir.

      And in WiiU. Not even INTEL uses/can use this server-edram-cache since only IBM has the licence and invented this tech for themselves.

      See? THIS is why WiiU runs Linux 10x faster than a PS4 can do. Simply more grumph.

      And THIS is why PS4 is currently sold at 150 bucks in my country. While WiiU is still at 300 dollars normal asking price.

      • kylio27

        Why the fuck are you lying?

        Firstly, the WiiU is cheaper to produce than both the Xbox One and PS4.

        Secondly, in most places the WiiU is cheaper than both the PS4 and Xbox One. But the reason its price hasn’t dropped dramatically is because it has sold like shit, and since Nintendo has limited its manufacturing, they’re trying to make the most out of it while they still can.

  • Nagato

    Will the physical version of the game be released only for consoles, or can we expect it to hit PC as well (in Europe at least)?

  • Freddy Rivero Ramirez

    Noooo!! Playtonic Games, you cant do this to us. You have no idea how many people were waiting for this to be played on their WII U. I was counting the days for this to be released. Now, the sad reality is that i, AND A LOT OF PEOPLE won’t be able to play it on their desired platform, a promised goal achieved with the support offered to you. You, PLAYTONIC GAMES, a new company promising an adventures revival, now giving us, a few months before the released, a bloody hell of a nightmare. Dissapointed and pissed from here TO FAKING TWYCROSS!!!

    • MJC

      Actually they have the information from the Kickstarter backers about what platforms they want the game on, so they know exactly how many people were waiting for this to be played on Wii U. 😉

      • Freddy Rivero Ramirez

        You, and everyone justifying this fraud, probably have another option where you can play this, But, there’s people, as myself, that doesn’t have another console or gaming pc, nor have plans on buying them in the near future. So what do you do with this people?. Isn’t this shit about fucking nostalgia, pretty little things from the past, or what? You now have to go as a corporate dickhead as you’re suppose to be. Now they, playtonic games, are joining the infamous kind of people they usually make fun of. IM REALLY, REALLY PISSED

        • John Smith

          Do you have proof it’s a fraud?

  • MJC

    No worries about the Wii U version. There’s a lot of butthurt going on in these comments from people who clearly didn’t read the entire blog post, and/or know nothing about game development and think “well if it can run this game it can clearly run some other totally unrelated game because I said so on the internet!” Don’t let these people get to you. Most of us understand that the Wii U has a crap CPU, a crap GPU, crap RAM and not a lot of it, and a weird development environment/architecture that’s not nearly as nice as x86 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Most of us understand that of course other game devs have been releasing for just PS4, Xbox One, and PC because of it. And most of us understand that there would have to be so many compromises made to the game, so many corners cut off, to make it run on Wii U at all that it wouldn’t even be worth it; that people would instead be complaining about how the Wii U version is the worst version and why didn’t they get the same thing as PS4, Xbox One, and PC players.

    It’s a tough choice, but ditching the Wii U is clearly the best option. The upgrade to a version for PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Switch is a great move as well. Lesser companies would just say “oh well” and give those backers nothing. Good on you guys for doing the best you can with a lousy situation.

    • Michael

      can’t agree more

    • TheChosen

      Your statement is the second-most-stupid thing i read today on “playtonicgames.com” xD Thanks!

      I had a nice laugh on my face.

      Btw: If the WiiU is so slow…how can hackers say that Linux runs 10x faster on WiiU than it does on PS4? How can that be? Shouldn`t it vice-versa then? 😀

  • Albert Brandon Bruderer

    It’s all good, Playtonic! I’ll be making the exact same switch to Switch anyhow. Looking forward to it!

  • Wilco Spruijt

    very sad that it will not come to wii u but then upgrade to switch then with hopefully a boxed version

  • Lightning0710

    Take for sure I’m pre-ordering it!! This is what I was waiting for a long time!! Thank you so much for your effort and dedication 😊😊

    • TheChosen

      Don´t cry if the game is running like NMS at launch ok?

      Since you PREORDERED it 😉 You should have learned your lesson months ago…xD

  • Roberto Perez

    I do not own a ps4 or a xbone… Well that’s ducked up. I have been patiently waiting for it for Wii u… Unbelievable.

    • Filipe Santos

      Me too my friend, me too…

      • Roberto Perez

        Smdh I guess I don’t know when the hell I’m going to be playing this! -.-

        sorry I’m just pissed off!

        • Filipe Santos

          I understand your feelings perfectly!

        • Smoke Weed Everyday

          What about steam? dont you own a computer?

        • I’m confused

          Change you order to a different platform and start saving up $20 to $50 a month for another system.

          • amak11

            They contribute the majority of the amount…

          • Patrick James Gilmour

            They did offer a refund!

          • I’m confused

            Not up front. They offered to change it to a different system, in the FAQs it says that you can email them to see about possibility of a refund. They should have put plain right out front, “Anyone who would like a refund who ordered the Wii U version is welcome to refund it.”

        • thombro911

          I believe you can switch the system. Maybe get an xbox one os ps4 on sale some time the prices are lowering or buy a refurbished one at even lower they tend to work as well. Or just save the money and upgrade your PC and get it on steam. It does suck somewhat that they are cutting the Wii U out but you should be blaming Nintendo on that cause they would be losing the money put forward for the game’s development for publishing it out on Wii U when it comes out after the Switch is released.

    • TheChosen

      For me it was clear since the beginning that this version will be canned dude.

      LAZY developers! They cancel more games/versions than you would think.

      Learn your lesson. DON`T SUPPORT LAZY DEVELOPERS! Support GOOD developers!

      • It’s not their fault the Wii U is a whole different beast to develop on. You have to take into account working with TWO screens; one being the peripheral that is likely to be causing problems on and having to splice the UI to utilize both. There’s a reason mostly Nintendo released games on it: because they know how it works. Plus, the Switch is bound to be easier to develop on as it’s closer to other consoles hardware-wise than the Wii U.

        • TheChosen

          In other words (your text written) => lazyness. That`s what it comes down to. no Risk, no fun, remember?

          Do you really know what the problem is? Their game is stupid und not portable on WiiU because it uses crappy GPGPU. That EXPLAINS why enemies act like being a stone instead like an enemy. It also explains why the game they created is so boring.

          This game could run easily on a smartphone.

          My question to you: Why should anybody buy this game for a CONSOLE, when you could play it easily on a smartphone?

          Since that is what the Switch will be: A smartphone. Well, similar in performance like device…

          I looked up numbers for Arm Cortex A72 Processor and look what i found:


          Here. One of the last on the list for Arm Cortex is Arm Cortex A72,

          Typical performance: 4.8 Dmips/Mhz.

          We know the Switch will clock its cpu at exaxctly 1.75 Ghz.

          This means you`ll get 4.8 x 1750 = 8400 Mflops of performance.

          Thats 8.4 Gflops. That´s about the same a smartphone gets…

          Sure you get 8.4 Gflops on one cpu-core and you you have 4 of them…but: No sound-processor means one cpu-core lost just for sound-calculation.
          And you might have text-chats in the background and Voice-Chat and Downloads. Another core lost.

          So 16.8 Gflops is what you get max for everything. That´s a joke for a good architecture.

          Since if you take away the cpu-core needed to handle sound-calculation you only have “good” (cpu-side) 8.4 Gflops left for physics, AI and game-logic.

          Don`t you see it? Why did you think last Assassins Creed-games were all complete garbage?

          It`S for the very same reason: UBIFAILSOFT thought you could get away with using GPUs for the AI and physics in-game.

          and look what happened xD You have physics that rival that of 2000-console-games and you have AI that is dumber than toast 😉

          • Hey, make a game then get back to us. Until then your opinion means literally nothing.

          • TheChosen

            Good Point. I am allready working on making my own games dude 😉 But as you know: It takes a lot of time.
            And unlike others i will 100% make sure my game does not Need any patches, DLCs, is not a rip-off, is fun and isn`t 50 Gbytes big.

            it will be done in 2020 i said a few days ago. So let`s see in 3 years.

          • amak11

            What are you talking about? Tegra is not an arm processor… You’re stupid

          • TheChosen

            Nvidia Tegra IS an ARM-processor xD Look it up….

          • Name loading….

            Isn’t the Switch using a Tegra X1 processor with a Maxwell architecture. Or am i getting all the gpu, cpu, architecture all mixed up?

          • Al

            They made it for every platform they aren’t lazy. Just play it on the pc or ps4/Xbox. Wii U is crap.

      • Ste Cooper

        Troll be trolling….

        • I’m confused

          Clearly, since the guy thinks the game looks boring. He has no interest in it, so why does he even try to justify anything he’s saying? Must be trolling.

          • TheChosen

            Boring = just like Mafia 3 compared to Mafia 1 & 2. e.g. bad guys shooting at walls instead at shooting at you. Or smoke looking like black mud, instead like smoke. No movable Trains…lots of missing objects in newest game. See? Missing fun sir.

            Or think about Sims 3 vs Sims 4 (Sims 4 = complete crapware, i remember many people saying this, a big reason many sims fans stopped playing that franchise, that franchise is 90% dead now).

            or what about the downgrades in latest Watchdogs 2? See? More and more games are being downgraded. This is what i talk about.
            You can clearly see a poor gpgpu-engine being used here. That explains why enemies are acting like stones. The game is simply no fun and i allready tested it btw.
            We just have another example of “Waverace is better from 1995 than Aqua Moto Racing Utopia from 2016- how is that even possible?”
            see? This is what we speak about. The same was Happening with Sims 3 and Sims 4. People stopped buying Sims-Franchise years ago. Since it`s simply no longer fun. Since you have no more Openworld.

            The OPENWORLD was what most People liked about it. Take it away, and you have hour-long loading-screens.
            It´s also going on with Call of Duty,w hich is getting worse each year, People tell me.
            See? It`S not me. People ask me why this is going on. I am answering why it is like it is.
            I just made a comparison of Black Ops 2 vs Black Ops 3, vs Ghosts, vs Advanced Warfare…and dude?

            I would have never thought that it´S possible for a newer Call of Duty to be so bad. I just got to the conclusion:

            Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 1 are the best Call of Duty-games. From thereon it got only worse each year. Ghosts is much worse. Black Ops 3 is much worse…and of course Advanced Warfare is even worse. And don`t get me started on the newest planned game…
            I explained some guy just days ago, that in 2017 horror-games will die out on consoles. The reason is there are no more fixed shaders and lighting plays a big role in horror-games if you really want to make a horror-game and not just a shooter. 3DS was the last platform to Support fixed shaders.
            See? And i just told him that, and another horror-game for 3DS was announced. 3DS has many horror-games as you might know.

        • TheChosen

          I´m a developer too, sir 😉 See above. My first games will be finished in 3 years the earliest though.

          Btw: “Issues” should never be an excuse dude. Issues is mostly the case when not enouogh Money is going to be made. It´s just like some other developer said it “You simply don´t deserve this game, that`s why it´s not being made.”
          Remember which developer said this a few years ago? I do.

          • Patrick James Gilmour

            Come on, as dev to dev, can you honestly see that game on that engine with that hardware architecture really being worth it? Wii U is dying, the Wii U’s Graphics memory issues and trying to code for that fucker is just pushing a boulder uphill with a dying console port.

        • Patrick James Gilmour

          Well said, that PowerPc hardware and that weird Graphics unit on the Wii U is like trying to push a boulder uphill.

    • hi v3.0

      This game would sell like crap on Wii U, fact

      • ben

        It will sell like crap on the ps4 and xbox one. Ask games like Titanfall 2! And every Japanese game that has released this gen!

        The wii u is still selling and I think the game wouldnt sell justification is the weakest by far! There is no Justification the devs are wrong on this and there is no justifying it!

        • “Wii U is still selling” No, it’s not.

          • ben

            so if it sells 20k world wide this month that is still selling!

          • I’m confused

            Do you think a majority of the people the Wii U is currently selling to even realize this game exists?

          • ben

            Do you think anyone outside the hardcore fan base of this developer knows this game exists?

          • I’m confused

            No I don’t that’s why the numbers on how many new systems the Wii U is selling don’t really matter, so why even make that your argument for why it needs to be on it? If the devs are “wrong” it’s due to the fact that people paid for it and it was promised as part of the kickstarter campaign.

          • ben

            My point was that an existing user base of around 14 million users who statistically spend the most money on cartoony based platformers is better than a new platform that only has 2 million units available for sale in its first 2 months! Add to that the fact that PC gamers dont see this as a game worth the $40 asking price and the fact it has gained zero momentum on Amazon.com for both the ps4 and xbox one then it seems like abandoning the Wii u port of the game to chase graphics that no one cares about was a stupid decision, especially given that the wii u has games that graphically are not far off what Yooka laylee has shown and that the current Switch technical stuff is also not looking super hot, this decision is mind blowing.

          • I’m confused

            “Statistically spend the most money on cartoony based platformers.” Where did you get your statistics? How many backers were there for each platform? I’d assume the Wii U backers on kickstarter didn’t make the majority up if they’re willing to let it go. Kickstarter campaigns sell a huge portion of what’s going to sell overall for indie game kickstarters. How many more copies do you project them to sell afterwards? You seem to be making assumptions based on nothing.

          • Al

            Nintendo’s Last decent console was the GameCube. I don’t know anyone who owns a Wii U.

          • ben

            It sells 5k a week in Japan alone. For Yooka layla to be a success it only needs to sell around 100k. The wii u market would have been a far more intelligent place for that game. The switch will be swamped with Nintendo`s own first party and the other platforms dont have the right audience for a casual platformer!

          • I’m confused

            Switch will be swamped? It’ll have more 3rd party support than the Wii U.

          • ben

            Your point is? My point is Yukaliar will not standout on the shelf during the switch launch.. The situation is worse than that of rayman legends.

          • I’m confused

            Many people skipped the Wii U period because they were expecting Nintendo to come back with a console that could rival PS4/XBoxOne which were still a year off. Chances are this game will also be an eshop title, not a boxed release on store shelves. So I don’t know why you’re comparing it to rayman legends.

          • TheChosen

            He means it´S not discontinued in america & europe dude 😉 Only Japan. And still you have a bunchload of produced (maybe 2-3 millions) for replacements or further selling. So he`s right. It might not sell much. But it´s still sold.

      • The Goat

        No, It wouldn’t. The Wii U’s market is far more suited for a platformer than the PS4 and the XB1.

      • Carlos Silex
    • Andrew Blankenship

      Me too.

    • Moon Sarito

      No version for Wii U, less a sale for you
      It’s sad because I really wanted this game… shit…

    • Flobbie Rotten

      Well the Wiiu is dead/dying, what do you expect? There is a limit to how much it can handle (just look at how much they had to limit Sonic Boom of everything that made it not shit in order for it to run on the Wiiu) and people have found that limit. The console is almost 5 years old, it’s time to move onto the next console, the Nintendo Switch. You could also buy a xbone or ps4, so many good games on those consoles.

      • I’m confused

        Sonic Boom was shit regardless, don’t blame it on the limitations of the Wii U. Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors were fine games that worked within the limitations of the original Wii. Sonic Boom sucked because Sega apparently needed to hit rock bottom again so that when they release another legit Sonic game that’s good, it’ll make it look amazing and sales will great.

        • Mike Harris

          Actually, Rise of Lyric was one of the only cases where the “blame the Wii U” argument is justified. It was a cry engine game that was stuck on a platform that wasn’t optimized for its engine; if it was released on PS4 and XBox One it probably wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much hate as it did.

          • amak11

            Actually no Cry Engine 3 was ported long before to the Wii U, Crytek even said it was good to go on the Wii U. The game was rushed to release and it’s painfully obvious when you look at the cutscenes. The game is trash because the the developers got rushed to deliver a product completely unfinished. In Rise of Lyrics case, it was Sega’s fault. Not the Wii U and certainly not the developer.

          • TheChosen

            For “Sonic Boom”. No dude. It was Sega`s fault mainly because the game was first planned as a PC-exclusive game. At least i heard that…
            However Sega did not have much Money for it and they are a friend of Nintendo and so they decided to give it to WiiU These days. So they made a cheap x86-to-ARM port (and they have chosen an Ex-Naughty-Dog developer to do this Job). ARM is performing poor on WiiU and is not suited for AAA-games on WiiU, it`s only made for Indies and some smaller games which are OK with older engines such as Unreal Engine 3 or. The end result was to be expected if you ask me…The game “sonic Boom” was running with 15 fps average 6 months before it came out. That says everything.
            It is similar for Sega, as “Switch”-exlusive game “Seasons of Heaven”, which is running on a PC, showed from a PC-platform…and the developer does not even own a developer-kit for Switch yet.
            What do you think this will end like? A PC does have much higher Performance than Switch will have. For sure.
            And “Seasons of Heaven” will have to be heavily downgraded for Switch. So the first downgrade for Switch is allready guaranteed before Switch is even out. Lol…Not a good start for a platform if you ask me.
            But like i said: Switch will share now 100% of the problems from the other ones…

    • Theodore KAKULAS (Usernaym)

      you don’t own a pc or mac to play it on? there’s always that option.

    • Carlos Silex
  • Pax

    Quit your bitchin’ and get to Switchin’!

  • Pax

    Could you really blame them though? The wii u is a horrible console. // Quit your bitchin’ and get to Switchin!

    • Underwood

      In before, I can see you saying this in a few years later about the Switch. This is the N-Cycle.

    • TheChosen

      Sorry, i would not even thinking about getting a Switch (i hate ARM-architecture since 2010) even if somebody would put a gun onto my face 😉 keep Bitchin´guy.

      You´ll what happens next year, if my whole familiiy doesn`t buy ANY console anymore and therefore nobody gets the money 😉

      You should listen to my gf (who is learning a LOT from me, i since i am telling her how it works):

      “Nintendo is dead to me”.

      See? That´s what she said a few days ago. And i think she´s right on saying that. I warned her, what can happen to a COMPANY, if the most-important person dies.

      Nintendo will suffer the same as Apple now. Nintendo might even end as Sega once did. We`ll see how it turns around…

  • Exaskryz

    How many Wii U pledges did you guys get? And just for those curious, let us know how many people switch to a different platform (and which) and how many cancel.

  • Pax

    Last joke then I will shut my gob. Maybe for all you DK Vine people Chud and Hale will make a Wii U copy if you add to the $5 and up tier, for the game to release in 2025. You can be a backer to yet another. // Playtonic I love you guys and I’m so excited!!

  • Arthur Jarret

    “Technical issues” seem like so little info to go on.

    After all, Banjo-Tooie ran like poo on N64 – with an average 20FPS often dipping to 15FPS, but it still was released.

    • Filipe Santos


  • PietS.

    How can I get a refund??

  • Th3ForgottenOne

    I believe that the Playtonic members are fans of Nintendo, just like us! The decision of cancel the WiiU version could not be easy, but let´s face it, the hardware isn´t powerfull enough to bring everything they want it to put on the screen. I backed the WiiU version as well and it´s a shame, but I know this guys are legit Nintendo fans and they will bring the game to Switch which isn´t bad at all. Come on guys, they made their best efforts! 😀

    • TheChosen

      Dude? The WiiU is more powerful than you think 😉 They simply don`t want to program it. Since it costs more MONEY.

      That is the reason. I am a developer now. And believe me: 90% of the market simply don`t want to program for PowerPC.

      What “Playtonic” wants is “Push the button and convert the x86-code to ARM”. Search for a publisher. And boom publish your game and get the Ka-ching! That´s it!” THAT ist what they want.

      They want zero-Risk-publishing.

      I said since 2015 they never INTENDED to make a POWERPC-version of this game.

      And yes- you can SEE that game is NOT running on PowerPC, but on crappy x86 instead.

      And right now, Linux runs 10x faster on WiiU. Because of the faster processor.

      The PS4´s strength clearly isn`t the processor. It`s the graphics.

  • Alexcri90

    The technical issues are understandable; the way you are treating your backers is not. The possibility to switch from WiiU to Switch is absolutely not enough: you should offer a REFUND for the WiiU backers. What a disappointment.

    • Exaskryz

      A refund is possible. It’s in their FAQ page right now. playtonicgames.com/faq

      • Alexcri90

        Good to know, thanks for sharing that. I personally plan to buy a Nintendo Switch so it will still be -almost- fine for me, but the lack of a refund would have been literally a fraud.

        Still, this news – that comes more than one and a half year after the project launched – remains a big disappointment.

        • TheChosen

          If i were you i wouldn`t buy a Switch dude.

          THAT is exatly what they want.

          You never learn anything, you console-guys huh? xD

          Well, once “Switch Plus” or “Ps4 Pro-Duo/Ultra/Deluxe” is out, you`ll understand what modern developing is about…

          • Alexcri90

            I thank you for your suggestion, but I personally don’t care: I choose to be an early adopter because I like it. I bought every Nintendo console on day one and I have never regretted that.

            Besides, there is nothing “us console owners” have to learn: a more powerful version of the WiiU never came out. As for the Wii. As for the GameCube. As for the N64. And so on. So your analysis is truly not based on anything.

          • TheChosen

            Eh dude? Your logic fails.

            THIS is the FIRST Console-gen to be only 3 years old and then boom – suddenly your console is outdated (PS4 = 20 fps stutter-gaming) and you have to buy a new one to get ongoing support!

            The last console-gen lasted 6 years not 3. The WiiU lasted 4 years, one year longer than PS4/Xbox One and games are still running at 60 fps on WiiU compared to Ps4s 20 fps right now, when you want real games on it. due for PS4 Pro getting the full 30 fps-mode. See?

            This is the FIRST case of console-times. Consoles are dead. The Wiiu will be the last real CONSOLE.

            Neither is PS4 any longer a console, nor Xbox one (it `s a PC, even Microsoft calls it like that! Since very soon it will have 100% Mouse & KB-support) and Switch also will share 99% of what makes PS4/Xbox One run.

            WINDOWS is now able to run on an ARM-processor sir. And that is because ARM is exactly the same crap like x86-architecture. It uses similar things to make calculations run. Microsoft built an x86-translator which makes x86-instructions work on ARM-cpus now.

            That means very soon you`ll get to run simple Windows-Applications from x86-systems on ARM-systems!

            Oh and btw:

            yes, you have to learn a lesson.

            And about that: “a more powerful version of the WiiU never came out.”

            It`s not possible to make a faster WiiU-version. That´s why. No faster PowerPC-chip exists yet (you cannot run PowerPCs faster than 1.2 or 1.5 Ghz otherwise you would burn a whole into your motherboard, as PowerPcs with 4-Stage pipelines get 100°C hot!). No faster eDRAM-chip exists. You cannot put more Ram into it, because PowerPC does not support more than 2 Gbytes. Remember? 32bit not 64 bit.

            And more ram wouldN`t solve the “problem” of developers either way xD

            The only you could do is make a faster GPU for it. But you CANNOT use a faster Graphics-processing unit (GPU) if your cpu is not much faster too to handle the more calculations/second…

            See? You simply cannot make a faster WiiU. And thus you get now a downgraded WiiU, which is the Switch.

            Which is having no more expensive, fast parts, only to get you the same problems as are on PS4/Xbox One now.

            Since they are no real consoles dude. The Wiiu is the last.

            Switch will be a handheld with combination of using it as a PC. But it will share 99% of PC-like components. Crap-pasta if you want to call it like that…;)

            And i guarantee you:

            in 2-3 years from 2017 on (2019/2020) there will be a new “Switch” coming out. Just like PS4 Pro was announced 2.5 years later after Ps4 came out. And just like Xbox One S/Scorpio has been announced 2.5 years later 😀

          • John Smith

            Ok, TheChosen. Will you seriously just FUCK OFF already??? You’re acting like a goddamn fanatic all over this comment section!

          • Wizardsofdra Games

            >The last console-gen lasted 6 years not 3.

            You know why? Because of the recession. Get of your high horse and stop thinking you’re all high and mighty, because devs know much better than you. Also, you said your game will take 3 years? For an indie game, it shouldn’t take that long. It should only take 6 months to 1 year at MAXIMUM.

  • jop

    Does the physical versions for non-Kickstarter backers will include an “old school” manual ?

  • Echoes

    lol so many tears in the comments. You guys must not play a lot of games if you only have a Wii U too game on.

    Just sayin’

    • Nickos Foivos

      F@ck off. Wii U has the best games this gen. Ops! Sorry! Your Fifa and COD is not there! BUT WOW! My PC can play both! And CAN pirate this game!

      • CoD is on the Wii U, in fact I remember so many Nintendo fans in denial over the Wii U struggle would proudly point to the CoD versions and say “see we got CoD too! We can even use split-screen in a cool way!”

      • Echoes

        You’re bragging about pirating a game? Stay scummy.

    • Freddy Rivero Ramirez

      Lol this kind of comment, at least for me, this is not the case, im not only gaming on Wii U, But, Do i need to spend 300 bucks or more in a console that doesnt have enough games yet for playing this?. Besides playing this in a ps4 or xone controller seems very unsatisfying to me.

      • Echoes

        Then play it on pc with a wii u pro controller. Problem solved.

  • Exaskryz

    You guys should release a Wii U “Beta” version as a backer-exclusive reward. Sure it may not run as well as the PS4 or ONE versions, but at least Wii U-exclusive owners get to play the game at all.

    • I don’t think Nintendo would allow that.

      • TheChosen

        There are betas on WiiU allready.

        DISCOVERY is a beta-game (not yet finished).

        The same went for “CubeLife Island Survival”. Once an unfinished mess (1000s of bugs xD), now polished and running nice and lots of content…

  • Nickos Foivos

    Investing on the WiiU and not getting it, is not cool. Am very disappointed. I did support you on kickstarter but now you just lost it.
    Am not buying the game.

    • John Smith

      You’re loss. I get it, you wanted it on Wii U. Hell, I wanted it too. I was hoping it would my last hurrah. But, really? It’s not the end of the world, for god’s sake.

      • Nickos Foivos

        Not the end of the world, but am annoyed as f@ck!

        • John Smith

          I won’t argue your right to be angry. You do have it, but don’t drag them through the mud over an issue they may have had NO way of predicting! They are but humans, what do you expect?

  • I am not totally surprised, the Wii U has been a struggle from the start. Project Cars also bailed as well.

    • TheChosen

      You really think that? Dude? Hackers found out no POWERPC-version of “C.a.R.S.” ever existed!
      They simply never intended to make a 50-Mio dollar PowerPC-version just for WiiU. No dude. They just wanted to port over their existing code.

      And that means running on WiiUs ARM-processor. Bloatware. Running just like PS4/Xbox One-version is running (And don`T get me started on how it runs xD).

  • DarkVader

    I understand the need to “Switch” and will upgrade my Wii U pledge to the Switch version as soon as it is officially announced, Jan 12th 😉

  • Underwood

    It’s kind of unfair, but still understandable. I did not back up this project, because in a personal matter, all of my experiences with crowd funding before wasn’t satisfying. I only hope people who backed it up can have the option to have their money back because having a game to a console you don’t own (and you don’t plan to get in the future) is no good.

  • Scott

    As a Wii U owner myself, this is a slap in the face. I am deeply disappointed that they couldn’t figure out a way to fix the “unforeseen technical issues”. I grew up on collectable platform games (i.e. Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Donkey Kong 64), and I was so hyped up for this game to come out on the Wii U, let alone a Nintendo console, because it was going to take me back to the nostalgic days of the N64. But now everything’s crashing back down to earth, and it sickens me. I understand the Wii U’s lifecycle is over, but how convenient they had to announce just a few days before Christmas that the Wii U version is no more.

    Playtonic, I respect you all and your decision, but this is completely heartbreaking.

  • ken

    to be cracked on PC in the east

  • Rasmus Bek Kordic

    I support your decisions Playtonic. I hope it won’t get too much backlash, since some people don’t seem to get it. Exited for April 11th!

  • Jonathan Steele

    Thanks for the update guys! I have no doubt that you’ve done everything you can for the Wii U version. I’m just very relieved and excited it’s coming to Switch, even if it will be late. That will almost definitely be my platform of choice. You guys are the best! Keep up the good work!

  • BCP

    The only ” technical issues” you have found are the chance to sell more on the switch.

  • zeldagaymer93

    Refuse to back you again. Wii U owners helped fund this whole game with the promise of a Wii U game. You are just like the big corporations who screw over the fans. At least Nintendo has the decency to still release Breath of the Wild on Wii U after their promise. And we didn’t even fund that game! Major disappointment.

    • BCP

      I couldn’t agree more.

      • John Smith

        Oh for god’s sake, you all act like they did this just to SPITE you! Do you think it pleasures them to announce one version was canned? About the whole corporation fucking over fans- you do realize they are a BUSINESS, right? They NEED this to sell! If canning the Wii U version means more sales on a possible Switch version, SO BE IT! Yes, I’m sad about it too, but how do you know they ENJOY doing this?

        • zeldagaymer93

          The difference is we funded it for them. And without wii u owners it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. If this wasn’t a funded game then I would not be mad at all. I get WHY they did it. It’s just low to the fans who funded them.

        • TheChosen

          They same was said/done for Project CARS (but the truth is => They simply didn`t have a POWERPC-version running, they only made a bloaty-ARM-code for WiiU).

          The same was said/done for other WiiU-Ports. PS4/Xbox One ports which are giong to WiiU are NEVER going to end good.

          Just like ZombiU ran like A$$ on both Ps4/xbox One xD Just like Fast Racing Neo does run on Ps4…oh wait. It cannot. Since there is no eDRam AND NO GOOD cpu to run it on PS4 😉

          That´s the problem: Developer lied. And you should not take what they said into your mouth and take it for good.

  • BCP

    I thought you were a honest studio. You aren’t.
    You have played with lots of people’s feelings. You have lied to all of us, I’m extremeley disapointed right now.

    • John Smith

      They are HUMAN, not GODS! They can’t predict the future. Sometimes something goes wrong very late in the game.

      • BCP

        When they anounced the wii u verison everybody knew that wii u was a failure. Business is not an excuse.
        They played with us and our hype.

        • John Smith

          Maybe it was done with the best of intentions. Maybe they REALLY thought they could get it to work on it, but it just COULDN’T. How can I be mad at them for not knowing the future?

          • BCP

            Maybe, but even if this is true it also is true that many people (me included) are very frustrated thanks to the “good predictions” of this studio.

  • Whelt

    So hey, is it possible that I’ll be able to change my Steam pledge to Switch later on?

  • Ciel

    Honestly, this has been such a disappointing Kickstarter campaign. The removal of Wii U is probably going to be the nail in the coffin for me. And then there’s also the whole case of stretch goals that have yet to be completed. You’re running out of time, Playtonic.

    At this rate, come April, I will be reporting the campaign to Kickstarter (for failing to meet goals) and requesting a refund.

    From the Kickstarter page: “If funded, Yooka-Laylee will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U.”

    • John Smith

      Jesus christ, REPORTING IT WON’T DO JACK SHIT! If it did work, HOW FUCKING PETTY ARE YOU? You only supported this because you wanted it on ONE system, not because you like this kind of game? Do you honest to god THINK this was done JUST TO SPITE YOU?!?! You know, other kickstarters couldn’t meet their goals. Should Yacht Club have been reported because they ran out of money and had to release ONE port of Shovel Knight before the others? SHIT HAPPENS! GET YOUR GODDAMN HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND ACCEPT THE REALITY OF IT! You can either act like a baby and cry and moan about it, or MAN UP and decide what’s the best thing to do- upgrade (for free, I might add) to Switch, or get a refund?

  • Ovi

    I’m sorry but I’m definitely not happy.. Of course I’m going to get the Switch but this isn’t just like the other kickstarters that weren’t so Nintendo focused.. The Wii U version was supposed to be integral to the development rather than a port and you guys were working on this yourselves. On top of that many of the people who backed this project were Wii U owners. You can’t just assume those people are able to afford other consoles or a gaming PC setup. I don’t understand why you didn’t tell us about the difficulties you had with this sooner. That would have definitely make this easier to swallow.

    And of course you can’t tell us anything about the Switch version, let alone a release date, since that is likely limited under NDA. You probably can’t even tell us if it’s at all possible to move most of the assets and code over to the Switch. So we now have no idea what to expect. I have no problem with delays but this is seriously annoying and no doubt quite aggravating for many..

    Look, a lot of people are obviously planning on getting the Switch but there are plenty of people who can’t afford to get it immediately (or at all) because of their budget, and many people just have the Wii U as their only capable current gen gaming device. For those people this is an absolute blow and very unexpected especially since the previous message about the Wii U version was a reconfirmation and the announcement that they were working on this themselves. You even said there were no plans for an NX version in September..

    It’s very simple for many of us: We did own a system that could play your game when we backed, and now, suddenly, we don’t own a system to play your game on anymore. Without warning. That’s bad form.

    This really sucks and the way you handled this was not cool and even somewhat reminiscent of other kickstarter projects which is something I definitely wouldn’t have expected from you industry veterans. I’m disappointed in you and I lost quite a bit of confidence in your team which I held in very high esteem until this point…

    If this was communicated better I wouldn’t be nearly as disappointed. But now the cancellation just came very suddenly. And it’s completely unclear what the “technical issues” you encountered mean. And on top of that, you didn’t even gave this very unfortunate announcement it’s own space but put it near the end of an otherwise cheery update. Again, quite inconsiderate about the fact that this is definitely a blow for a lot of people.

    All in all very clumsy pr.. Undoubtedly you guys thought deeply about how to best bring this news to us but unfortunately this wasn’t the best way to do it..

    I definitely think you should follow this up with an update specifically addressing this because having this sudden and unfortunate but very pivotal news, vague as it is, tucked away in a regular update like this simply will not do.

  • TheChosen


    “We no longer see enough buyers on Wiiu to make our game financially possible”.

    That is what the truth is. Or you just don`t have enough time to make a WORKING version until march 2017. STOP LYING! Or i`ll sue you day 1 😉 Nintendo might be sued as well.

    In america you can sue everybody together with others.

    • hi v3.0


    • SincerelyWTF

      “Or i`ll sue you day 1 😉 Nintendo might be sued as well.”

      Bwahahahahaha!!! XD Do you even realize how ridiculous you are???

  • JasonBall

    Great news for me, as someone skipping the U and getting the Switch. It’s sad, but expected. You guys still have my support.

  • Filipe Santos

    Thanks again for your support in another super year for Playtonic.

    From everyone at the studio, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2017 for an even better one!


  • Alonso

    PC NOT IS WINDOWS, PC = Personal Computer.

  • Shadowstrike

    Ignore the Nintendo gamers come over to the real players on PlayStation #4theplayers #Wiikeepoursystemsalive

    • Diortem

      PS4 is a wannabe-PC for all those too dumb to build a real one. Check the software sales, it’s an annualized sports games and CoD machine for teens and 20-something trend-following dudebros.

      • Shadowstrike

        Right so we are going to ignore how it has every genre under the sun? You have choices unlike the wiiu hell what other rpg is on the U besides Xenoblade and Tokyo? And you can flip that back to Nintendo only wanting a Mario and Zelda Machine.

        • Diortem

          Splatoon, a brand new IP from Nintendo in a genre they usually ignore because it’s so awful, outsold Uncharted 4.

          • Shadowstrike

            Ok? Overwatch outsold both of them and what system did that game skip? You also only have 1 choice with Nintendo when UN4 came out doom and SFV were right behind it.

          • Diortem

            LOL – I compared exclusive to exclusive. Go play with your plastic, bud. You seem a bit too attached and come off as a teenager. When you grow up, build a PC.

          • Shadowstrike

            I own a PC and all the consoles. It’s not my fault or your fault or anyone’s fault but Nintendos the wiiu failed. Don’t defend them tell them they screwed up maybe the switch will be decent.

          • Diortem

            Wii U failed in terms of sales. Do you get off on that? Really sad. It had superior exclusives that routinely outsold the garbage on the weak PCs with higher userbases. If that fact bothers you, you’re a teenager like I said. Go hug your plastic for comfort.

          • Shadowstrike

            So first you tell me buy a PC then you tell me it’s shit which one is it? Atleast in April when I hug my plastic it will have yooka-laylee in it.

          • Diortem

            Weak PC = Xbox/PS. Keep up, buddy.

          • Beard Nobles

            I don’t know, man. I’ve been playing quite a bit of the Xbone S and PS4 Pro with HDR enabled and they look pretty freakin’ great. Even without HDR/4K both consoles have some great looking and playing games. Obviously not top-tier PC quality, but pretty amazing. Maybe I can just appreciate it more since I’ve been gaming since the ’80s, but it seems pretty stupid to label those consoles as weak.

          • Diortem

            I’m not just suggesting they’re weak, I’m saying they offer nothing unique; they really are trying to be PCs. The fact that they can’t match what PCs have to offer leaves me with the label of “weak PC.”

          • Beard Nobles

            Well, my favorite game this gen has been Bloodborne, and I also have enjoyed Destiny, Until Dawn, and Housemarque’s digital titles, so the PS4 offered me that. The Xbone is a different story, since it really offers me nothing gaming-wise that I can’t get on PC. Then again, I really like the Xbone as my main media console, especially since the S model can play UHD movies. So yeah, I guess both console actually offer me quite a lot.

          • Diortem

            You mentioned one good exclusive and some PC games. I enjoyed Bloodborne, too, but it should have been on PC.

          • Beard Nobles

            I didn’t mention any PC games.

          • Diortem

            You’re not keeping up, are you?

          • Beard Nobles

            I’m not exactly chasing you since you’re running in circles, but again, I didn’t mention any PC games.

          • Diortem

            Circles? That would be you. Not sure why you replied to me – you tried to differentiate this uninspired generation of consoles from PCs and failed to do so. Then you mention one good exclusive, Bloodborne, and two weak wannabe-PC games (PC games, get it? Keeping up?) to prove… I don’t know. Maybe you thought I cared about what games you enjoy.

          • Beard Nobles

            Haha, okay man. Everything is a PC game in your world. Got it. Keep being the most active poster in the thread because you care so little what other people think.

          • TheChosen

            He has a point dude:

            GAMEs are 99% made on PC! Even Splatoon was created ON PC!

            Yeah…you see? That´s why is right and you are simply wrong. Deal with it. The games you mentioned aren´t exclusive. Overwatch can be played on a tablet as well.

          • Beard Nobles

            Every game I mentioned is exclusive to PS4.

            Anyway, I like your idea that all games are PC games because they are made using computers. No need to buy a Switch since I already have a PC and all Nintendo games are just PC games. That’s great.

            But what if the game is made on a Mac…?

          • TheChosen

            The fact still stands that about 99% games from PS4 are also on PC. Deal with it. And that´s what he talks about. Nobody bought a PS4 this gen to play “Uncharted 4”. Well pretty much nobody. They all bought it to play CoD, Nfs or battlefront (the famous Starwars-game, as crappy as it is xD).

            The Ps4 is a kids-console sir. If you didn`t get it until now.

            And what i meant was:

            Yes; nintendo is AIMING to do all development on PC as well. Which will – in a few years kill them. No matter what they will do now. It´s over for them. I even say they are dead. because they simply are.

            They give given up on games development. And you`ll see next year, what that means for games-development in the future (Hint: It will only get worse for you, be prepared for more DLC, DLC in suddenly every 2nd game as well xD)…See? That´s what Nitnendo aims for.

            And like i said: Even Splatoon was created on PC. No wonder it has like 4 Billion bugs included…

          • TheChosen

            I said it in 2015, i repeat it “Yooka Laylee will suffer the same problems as this gen`s games: repetitive, bad ai, missing physics, no good gameplay and it will have countless patches to fix it- it won`t be finished at launch.”

            And i keep to what i said in 2015 about it. I won my bet since i also said “It won´t be finished for all those platforms until 2016.”

          • TheChosen

            Nintendo-users allways paid LESS for hardware dude.

            Nintendo-fans bought the N64 just in the past when it hit 200 dollars.
            Nintendo fans bought the 3DS, when it was CHEAPER (150 dollars). And Nintendofans bough the Wii, when it was cheaper too.

            The WiiU NEVER got cheaper. So not many Nintendofans bought it. WiiU uses expensive components that far outperformance the PS4s crappy AMD-standard garbage.

            The PS4 is a Toaster. And it has and shares toaster-games.

            Btw: the WiiU has REAL TENNIS-games. Oh wait…where are PS4/Xbxo ones Tennis-games? That`s right. You have none. See?

            But PS4/Xbox One share 100s of shooters. That´s what these machines mostly have. Shooters.

            Where is a Realtime-Strategy-game? Oh that`s right. You have none to choose from. On WiiU there are about 10 of them. See?

            The WiiU is the machine which has MORE GENRES to choose from.

            And Ps4/Xbox One are the machines which have way less genres, but have more games in each genre to choose from.

            And the WiiU´s biggest problem was it`s price. 350 dollars in the beginning. It was nearly the same as the PS4.

            With the exception that the PS4 has an embedded Bluray-drive so it can also be used as a Bluray-player (which many PS4-users today use their PS4 for), while WiiU does not support that.

          • Shadowstrike

            Where are your MOBAS? Or bullet hell? See we can do this all day. We have more then shooters we also do have realtime strategy games. I have no answer for tennis.

          • TheChosen

            Moba is like Xenoblade Chronicles X (since that isn`t just RPG lol). Since Xenoblade Chronicles X is more a coop-Role-Playing game. Not singleplayer only. If you want an RPG on WiIU that Fire Emble vs. Shin Megami Tensei is more something where to look at.Or Citizens of Earth.

            Wiiu has pretty much EVERY genre this gen. Including Tennis-games. PS4/Xbox One is mostly about Racing (where WiiU has better ones and more as well with SPEED) and Shooters and RPG.

            The same problem the N64 had: Too many shooters, too LESS riddle-games- too less PUZZLE-games. Too less DIVERSITY. 30 Shooters alone were available for Nintendo 64.

            And THAT is what N64 got famous for: it was a shooter-box. It was boring for me, who played mainly on PC these days (golden PC-days).

            THAT`S what it all comes down to. But Nintendo 64 had no Roller-Coaster Creation-game (WiiU has 2 allready). Nintendo 64 had no GOOD working Realtime-strategy-game (those early RTS-games had awful controls on N64).

            WiiU even has a Bridge-Creator game. WiiU has many more genres, than Nintendo 64 + Gamecube combined xD

            See? THAT IS a problem. Since i – personally- don`t just play shooters and RPGs xD Since we aren`t living in 1990s anymore where you had to artiicially cut your gaming-needs to this.

            What´S more:

            Wiiu even brought it`s OWN genres. Such as Splatoon. Splatoon isn`t just an Arena-Shooter like Overwatch. Splatoon is far more than that. And Splatoon even has an own Singleplayer-campaign with one of the hardest bosses i ever saw in a videogame (and one of the coolest bosses xD).

            WiiU has e.g. Starfox Guard which is- not a typical Tower-Defense-game…and not a typical Shooter.

            So what is it? See? You cannot tell what it is. It´s a new genre. Just like Captain Toad: A new genre, which wuold not exist without the touchscreen-input method. And i like both games.

            In Starfox Guard You have 12 cams, you need FAST reflexes, the game is hard as f…. and yeah. You have to shoot. And you have bosses. It´s nost just a casual game which you can rush through. The AI of the enemy is pretty hard. No 0815-player will be able to handle it to 100% xD

            But since you don`t walk around it´s not a shooter. See? What is that? A new genre. You have to shoot laser-beams at 12 different viewing-angles. What is that? Railshooter is also not suitable to compare it to other genres.

            No PS4/Xbox One can do that. Not even a PC has this type of genre.

            Same for ZombiU: Wiiu has many WORKING Horror-games. Horror-games actually LOOK like Horrorgames thanks to special shaders on WiiU.

            While on PS4/Xbox One lighting in horror-games looks “horrible” xD How it looks in that famous PS4-“horror”-game…lol that´S just jumpscares and nothing else. See how it works in ZombiU. Realtime-lighting.

            That means every light-source bounces off of other objects in the game. And you can SEE that. The same effect is used for Resident Evil on 3DS (which is missing on ALL CONSOLE-versions which is why console-versions are A$$ in terms of horror-feeling xD).

            In Zombi-Version in the PS4 it does not look horror- you have a typical average shooter-game which is missing horror-elements. No realtime-lighting. Looks artificial and thus no longer is a horror-game.

            Since the “a & o” of Horrorgames is the type of lighting. Not just rarity of ammunition.

            The WiiU has Realtime-lighting sources (more than 100k in ZombiU). Ps4/Xbox One does not have it.

            Same goes for Bioshock on PS4/Xbox One => The game is nothing like a horror-game anymore without realtime-lighting.

            Soon, once Linux is able to fully run Bioshock 1-3 via emulation on WiiU you`ll see that it will look like original version.

            Btw: “realtime strategy games”

            Yes you have. But we are talking about GOOD, WORKING RTS- games 😉 Not games with AWFUL clicky Casuall- 0815-controls 😉 Which can be controlled by monkeys and AI/Physics is artificially limited just like C&C was limited on consoles 20 years ago xD

            Those are not counting. So you have ZERO RTS-games. Not even that famous RTS-game works on PS4, since the controls- testers say- are broken. No wonder. What do you expect from buttons and sticks? 😀

            See? And THAT is one reason why i`ll never get a PS4. Simply too limited in genres.

            Only genres there which are limited and KNOWN to work good with buttons & Sticks. Like Racing-games (casual-racers with bad AI & physics and No CORE-games such as Fast Racing Neo, where you make one mistake and the AI kills you with ease xD).

            80% of PS4/Xbox One-games are pretty much Shooters. 10% are RPGs like Witcher 3 or Fallout 4. And then for the rest you have some riddle & Puzzle-game here, some Random-Indie-game here…

            See? Not even Kerbal Space Program runs well on Ps4/Xbox One.. Since controls are pretty much a mess 😉

            on WiiU it will be definitive version and it might even be BETTER than the PC-Version. That will be funny it it comes like that.

            The same problem the 3DS has:

            Too many RPGs. Missing Racing-games, missing Shooters, missing RTS (3DS has not a single EXCLUSIVE Realtime-Strategy-game!). Missing Puzzle-games Too less genres covered. Pretty boring lineup.

            3DS is exactly like PS4 this gen: Too overhyped if you ask me xD I would never LIMIT myself to broken controls like that.

            And It´s not new- this problem: Past consoles also had this problem. The SNES for example also mainly lived from RPGs & Shooters. See?

            But in the past you had a POINT where you can say “that`s because of tech and you cannot expect nextgen-input-methods”.

            Now you can have that.

            See? On WiiU i play a nice RTS with the touchscreen. It even works better than with an outdated input-device such as the mouse on a PC.

            On WiiU you can even play Indies such as “Citizens of Earth” on the gamepad. So you no longer have to push butons. You simply press on the touchscreen and it works. See? No annoying push on the A/B-button to jump over that annoying talking there…

            Makes it feel like a RTS-game instead of a simple boring RPG.

            And more Indies are planning to put out real RTS for WiiU.

            ” I have no answer for tennis.”

            No wonder. Since there´S not a single one of them on PS4/xbox One xD They pretty much all bombed last gen. Which is why no longer somebody is considering doing one for you (like Sega- which in the past did Virtua Tennis). The exception is that “destruction”-physics Tennis-game xD

            See? WiiU has many more genres than both PS4 & Xbox One covered. And comes with its own.

            While YOU are only stuck to play shooters, or RPGs (which you can play on every toaster since RPGs are never hardware-demanding) or casual-slow speed racing-games. That´s what this gen pretty much comes down to – 5 genres- and if you don`t like any of them you are pretty much doomed xD

            If you don´t like Shooters, the PS4 is not suitable for you (since you only have 20% of the games left to choose from). If you doN´t like RPGs & Shooters, it´S a no-go as well. If you LIKE Racing-games the Xbox One is the better choice. But the BEST racing-games are on Wiiu this gen, not on PS4/Xbox ONe xD

            See? We have everything on WiiU, no matter if it`s funracers like Mario Kart or Sonic Transformed or other such things, or Future-racers- or even the more realistic ones. ON Ps4/Xbox One theres no real fun-racer and you only have casual-styled slow-speed-racers like Need for Speed Online or racing-simulators.

            Btw: PC has the same problem when it comes to “horrorgames”: They don´t look horror anymore. And that´s because more and more horror-elements are taken out, since there are no good fixed shaders anymore to power the lighting-effects- and instead more shooter-elements are put in. See? No fixed shaders means => worse lighting. Which means horror-games don`t look “horror” anymore, since lighting looks bad.

            On 3DS playing Resident Evil Revelations i nearly shit my pants lol. because the lighting looked so damn real like in ZombiU…

            But on Ps4 watching my neighbour playing “Until Dawn” i just laughed sometimes…

            Even “Harry Potter”- the videogame turned into a Shooter lol!

            See? Like i said: I don´t limit myself to just Shooters, RPGs or Racing-games.

            I have pretty much EVERY avaiable genre covered on WiiU. From Tower-Defence to Creation-tools to REAL hardcore Speed-racing-games- to Space-Racing-games, to Minecraft- from J like Jump n´Run until Z like Zombi-game…

            Here´s my list i have covered:


            – Football & Tennis- others (all combined into 2 games aka game-collections)

            – Realtime-Strategy
            – Strategy
            – Racing: Casual (Mario Kart 8), Future (FRN), Hardcore: NFS or Planes 1 (you see? 4 games alone here)
            – Jump n´Run: About 10 games overall here for 2D
            3D Jump n´Run: Only some. But normal since 3D JnRs are dying out (no wonder since they are boring and repetitive)
            – Tower Defence
            – Creation-Tools (no, not crappy Minecraft)
            – Openworld-games
            – RPGs
            – Shooters
            – ArenaShooter/new genres such as Captain Toad (where you shoot, but you do also have to avoid enemies and have to solve puzzles so it´s not just a shooter)

            See? Nintendoland even combined 10 UNIQUE genres, you never had in the past. See? 10 Genres alone which aren´t on PS4…nor Xbox One. E.g. a Touchsreen-“Kuru-Kuru”-like game. See? See? You have even drawing-games on WiIU. No drawing-games on Ps4/Xbox One. boom. Another genre you don´t have…

            And many more.

            Like i said: I dont just play Shooters and RPGs xD I have got pretty much every genre there is avaiable on WiiU.

            Typoman e.g. is a new genre as well. It´S a puzzle-game, buy you doN´t just solve the puzzles by pushing a button xD See? You have to work like a computer here. It´s exclusive to WiiU as well. And it works only on Touchscreens.

            See? No wonder why i NEVER bought more than 5-10 games on older Nintendo-platforms in the past lol…since they had waaaaaaaaaaay too many crap-games or too many games for mainstream-genres like Shooter, RPG or Racing-game.

            But my taste in gaming tends to go for hardcore-genres such as Realtime-strategy (C&C, Age of Empires, RollerCoaster Tycoon, you get it?) with WORKING good controls not crappy buttons & Sticks- and action-games or Openworld-games.

            Clearly not the genres to find on a PS4/Xbox One this gen…

            And what if i want a tennis-game? Or what if i want a Typoman-game? See? It wasn`t there in the past Nintendo-consoles (new genres i mean).

            And i lately heard you poor souls on PS4 have to handle with online-connection issues on “Steep” which is from Ubisoft. Lol. The only like new genre this gen on these consoles. Snow-racing-game.


            We will soon be able to make our OWN snow-racing-games on WiiU. See? No point for any others to put out such games. Too late. With Discovery´S next Update, you`ll be able to make yourself your own racing-games. You design your own world, you design your own car….you design your own levels…!

            I find it so funny that in 2013, Sonyfans complained about “24/7-onlineconnections”…and now- in 2016 on PS4 there are coming out more and more games which are requiring such an online-connection to work 😀

            On WiiU you can even make your OWN 2D-games now. No 2D-games has been bought anymore.

            You want an own Sonic-Jumper?

            make your own!

            You want an own Harvest Moon RPG? Just make your own! It`s cool. I plan to buy it in a few days…

            You doN´t need Stardew Valley on WiiU lol.

            You can make your own. Just buy some special program and start making it. Takes 1-3 hours depending on how much levels you want and how good you are in drawing/level-creating and boom!

            See? PS4/Xbox One don´t even have that. lol.

            So let´s rule out all genres PS4/Xbox One don`t have:

            – Drawing-games
            – New genres which are exclusive because they doN´t work on “traditional” controllers xD
            – Game-creator-tools are also missing on both PS4/Xbox One (no, i don´t mean Minecraft, i mean others which are more like RPG-Maker or something like that)

            – FAST SPEEDY racing-game (Hardcore)
            – Puzzle games are also missing on both
            – real HORRORgames with good lighting
            – Realtime Strategy-games with WORKING controls
            – games like Rollercoaster Tycoon with WORKING controls
            – other genres missing (e. g. Tennis)

            Yeah. Like i said: YOu are pretty much limited to 5 genres on Ps4/Xbox One. If you doN´t like them, you are out of luck and should better stick to PC-gaming if you doN´t want to get a WiiU lol. Since PC-gaming has more genres combined than 20 consoles…xD

          • TheChosen

            Overwatch is not just on PS4, that`s why. Overwatch can be played on a PC (and there are 100 millions of them), it can be played on every TOASTER-hardware from 2005. And it can be played even on Xbox One…xD

        • TheChosen

          Another RPG? Citizens of Earth. And that is played with touchscreen and not with crappy buttons and sticks sir…

          Btw: I don`t play boring toaster-RPGs that often xD The WiIU isn`t an RPG-machine.

          The WiiUs most genres are in Jump n´Runs. How many 2D-Jump n´Runs you have? Oh that right. 5 xD Those which are coming mostly from Indies. But WiiU hast the most here.

          The WiiU has about 40% of it`s lineup shared for 2D Jump n Runs.

          The PS4 however has 80% of it`s lineup shared for Shooters or shooter-similar games or games which contain mostly shooter-elements.

          Btw: The Ps4s RPGs didn`t even sell 100k each of them in japan. So as you see? Pretty much every RPG released on PS4 bombed this gen. No wonder since RPGs no longer SELL good on consoles. Last gen was OK, but this gen…it`s over.

          Too many RPGs have been downgraded in terms of complexity/gameplay. So nobody any longer plays them!

          Btw: Monster Hunter is also on WiiU. But you see? It bombed as well!

          If you want an RPG-machine you buy the 3DS. Lots and lots and lots of shitty, crappy, outdated RPGs to make you happy if you like such boring games, where others would die of boredomness 😀

    • hi v3.0

      You know what f*ck you

  • Beard Nobles

    Will this have PS4 Pro support? Or HDR features on Xbone?

  • Devin Lowe

    Making the Switch and dropping the Wii U version?

    You guys at Playtonic Games made the correct decision, if you ask me.

    Can’t please everybody, but you can please the majority.

    • Beard Nobles

      Agreed. It’s not their fault that Nintendo abandoned the Wii U. Hopefully most Wii U backers can find another way to play the game.

    • TheChosen

      The problem about your statement?

      “majority doesn´T PAY ENOUGH to make up for the “minority” 😉 I laugh about guys as you 😉

      Dude? Not casual-gamers are what keeps this hobby afloat.

      not Wii-gamers are.

      It´s core-gamers which are buying 50 games/year dude.

      You have 1 Mio Core-gamers?

      You doN´t need 100 Mio casual-gamers, since those 1 Mio core-gamers are buying MORE games per year together, than 100 Mio casual Wii-buyers ever would xD

      See? THAT whas the Wii´s problem. 100 Mio sold consoles…BUT: Only 800 Mio sold games. That´S 8 games average. Very bad.

      The WiiU is now the exact opposite: Just 14 Mio sold, BUT: You sold a lot more games to everybody…

      THESE core-gamers are what keeps the hobby afloat.

      IF one day these core-gamers decide to not any longer support a games-company, if 1 Mio suddenly simply skips 10 years- then that´s game over for games-developres.

      Why? Because you would only get SHOOTERS and RPGs. That´s it. You would get no more AAA-games, but just more CoDS, and Fifas and more crapware xD

      You would just get ALPHA/Betas instead of finished games…And you would get ONE version of each games-franchise every year.

      Guess what happens right now?

      More and more CORE-gamers i know are Abandoning consoles and switching to either PC and/or becoming a retro-gamer. Which means => Another step to videogames-industry Crash No2!

      • Devin Lowe

        An incredibly bogus approach, as made evident by your username.

        • TheChosen

          Nintendo even complained, that Wii-gamers didn`t buy as many games sir 😉 See? I have evidence.

          100 Mio buyers only bought 6 games average on Wii. Very sad amount. But that´s to be expected since 90% of those gamers are “casuals”. That means they are happy with their 3 games each 3 years xD

          The typical Wii-gamer bought Call of Duty 1-3, one Fifa-crap-game and maybe some other game. And that´s it.

          See? I saw my gf lately and i suddenly found out, she`s only playing Pokemon, Monster Hunter and Mario Kart/Splatoon. Over and over and over again.That´s it.
          100% casualgamer xD uuuugh. But that´s how it goes.

          She bought 5 games in 5 years. While i bought 150 games in the same 5 yeras sir. More than 30 games average per year.

          I bring the money to Nintendo. Not she or 50 Mio other CoD/Fifa-players.

          If 10 Mio CORE-gamers like me suddenly say “not any longer Nintendo”, Nintendo is dead. Since that means, games like Mario Kart would sell 500k. Not 8 mio xD See? Boom. Your logic is busted.

          And funnily enough it was ME who bought Mario Kart for her. I am a core-gamer.

          She`s a casual average “Animal Crosssing” gamer. Boring. But you cannot have everything right?

          • Devin Lowe

            Taking your word for it isn’t “evidence”, newbie.

            Besides, the Wii U was intended to follow the Nintendo trend of being family-friendly and accessible to everybody.

            Same goes for the Switch, except it has full support for third-party developers and has superior hardware.

            No argument that a self-entitled pissant like you could possibly invent is going to refute any of the above.

            You don’t really know what you’re talking about when speaking of “core-gamers” or “casuals”.

          • TheChosen

            The WiiU was intended to be famliy-friendly? No dude. Clearly not. Otherwise we would have mostly People of younger age on WiiU.

            But guess what? Age-poll has been made by Nintendo and they said “most People on WiiU are older than 20, many are even older than 40 years. Only very few are younger than 20 years”. See? That is reality.

            It was intended to have no Voice-Chat. For reasons. Those reasons include => Console was delayed allready (tech was not finished in early 2012 to be shipped). OS does not run on PowerPC, and no ressources left on ARM-helper-cpu to enable it.

            Wii had “Voice-Chat” via “Wii Speak” Microphone. It`s funny i never even used that since it was an optional thing. But i understood it later it`S an important thing to many users.

            The WiiU might haven been intended to be “Family-friendly” first yes. but the execution of it clearly wasn`t dude. No Voice-Chat shies many People away. The WiiU clearly was a console for core-gamers. It might have missed many games you know from other platforms. But it also had many games which aren`t available elsewhere.

            Expensive costs isn`t Family friendly either (many People bought Wii when it was 150 Dollars, and not when it cost 250 Dollars at day 1).

            See? Costs Play a big role in selling a console. I paid 220 Dollar for Wii day 1 (after 2 weeks it came out). But i paid 350 Dollars for WiiU day 1.

            “and has superior Hardware.”
            No it hasn`t. Sorry dude. You pay less. You get less. That`s math. Just like PS3 cost more- but in many Points was better than PS4 (see Ubisoft`s Statements 2 years ago) the same will now happen with Switch.
            A 1020 mhz clocked cpu can- in no world (except it´s a 4-Stage RISC-cpu) beat a 1.25 Ghz = higher clocked cpu.
            You can do the math on your own, how much “gflops” you get ouf of ARM (it has allready been calculated, it`s exactly 4.9 gflops on a single core Cortex A72, assuming 2 cores usable, rest for Download/Sound-calculations etc that makes 4.9 x 2 = 9.8 gflops, or lets say 9 Gflops for games-logic since ARM isn`good at efficient multicore-usage). But there is a reason, no heavy physics-games are on ARM-platforms (such as Minecraft with atombomb-explosion mod like you have it on a modern-day PC).
            And that reason is => missing cpu-power dude.
            And if we go further- a 60 Gbyte/s cpu can- in no world be beaten by an 1020 Mhz ARM-cpu. Sorry dude.
            PowerPC of WiiU handles 60 Gbyte in each second (20 Gbyte on each core per second). That is 212 Tbyte per hour. And that is assuming uncompressed code.
            ARM cannot handle that amount of data. ARM is pretty slow.
            ARM has never been fast to begin with (even if you use the high-end model and clock it at 2 ghz). ARM was never even created to be powerful. It was created to be energy-friendly, aka being used in a portable device.

            ARM can handle about 2 Gbyte/s of data-traffic. If you reach the Limit the processor freezes.
            You- aka the Gamers will now pay a huge Price for all what happened.
            I said that 1 year ago. I forecasted it.
            And now it happens. First Switch-exlusive game “Seasons of Heaven” isn`t even running on Switch yet, as you might know. Since the developer hasn`t even got a Switch-SDK yet lol.
            Switch will get same “What this game is downgraded again?” Problems, as many platforms had it years ago.
            People will make games for PC first, and then it`s ported to Switch. And it`ll run worse, because even an old Core i3 will run circles around a Cortex A72-cpu.
            You know it very well. This is how it is going to happen.
            Oh and another thing:

            The more patches will be added to Switch-games the worse the games will run or the more effects or things will be taken out. Just like it happened on Witcher 3. Countless patches. And in the end, Witcher 3 couldN´t even handle smoke anymore.

            Remember my words when Switch is being shown in a few days.

          • Devin Lowe

            You say “clearly not”, and you have no actual credible evidence. Fail.

            As all Nintendo consoles, the Wii U is once again family-friendly. So will the Switch be as well. It’s like you don’t even know the definition of “family-friendly”.

            Those “many who are even older than 40 years old” obviously bought the Wii U to play with their kids, which I’ve seen many times over.

            Educate yourself on what “family-friendly” means before embarrassing yourself again.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I really don’t understand all the salt here. It’s a shame really but honestly a Switch version makes a lot more sense at this point. Plus it potentially means more games for the Switch’s launch. Also to those of you pointing out how Wii U had games like Zelda BoTW and Xenoblade X how many of those big open world games didn’t have some sort of technical issues. BoTW on Wii U seems to suffer from some serious framerate issues and Xenoblade X requires you to download additonal data packs just to get the game to run more decent.

    Yooka Laylee even for a Unity game and as less intensive as it may seem is still a relatively large and ambitious indie game even for Wii U and indie standards for that matter.

    At least be happy that Playtonic is being honest here unlike SMS who left Wii U owner out to dry with Project Cars

    • Filipe Santos

      Xenoblade X requires you to download additonal data packs just to get the game to run more decent.

      For me looks like every recent game that comes out in Xbox One, PS4 and PC nowdays….

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Also from what I have read the Toybox demo was more demanding than it looks

    • TheChosen

      a) Xenoblade Chronicles X isn`t a PowerPC-game dude.

      It ´s a low-budget ARM-game hackers say.

      b) Your download is only necessary for the low-budget 8 Gbyte-Version of WiiU. if you install the game onto HDD or play from disc.
      See? It`s an ARM-game. ARM is SLOW at loading-screens.

      No powerPC-game. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 was a POWERPC-game. A big-AAA-game. You cannot compare them.

      c) I would assume that NINTENDO might downgraded BOTW on WiiU on PURPOSE as well.

      if UBISOFT did it for PC-games lately…you really think Nintendo wouldN`t do it? Now that Kimishima has the turn?


      • Gabe Hoffman

        You realize how little sense your comment makes

        • SincerelyWTF

          He doesn’t, trust me. None of his comments makes sense.

        • TheChosen

          I only guess you might not understand what it means. Not my Problem though. You are free to ask or let it be.
          Fact is: UBISOFT downgraded the PC-Version of Asassins Creed-games in the past 3 years to make consoles look better as they really are. And there is a PROOF for this (Code in game Shows it, too bad Ubisoft was so lazy to not hide it, i thank hackers for revealing THIS!).Ubifailsoft even LOST Money because of this (because of more piracy because Ubisoft didn`t treat PC-Gamers like they should have, with honest answers and not bs-answers like “30 fps is better because it`s more cinematic”.

          Deal with it 😉

          Btw: Right now it´S not clear yet, wether the WiiU-version will be running on PowerPC or not. That might explain framerate-issues as well.
          Maybe Nintendo never even considered making a PowerPC-Version of it? Maybe Nintendo just wanted to make a GPGPU-engine as well? Would explain a lot.

          BUT: You can measure this (if a game uses an ARM-1-watt-processor or it uses a 15-watt-PowerPC or a singlecore 5-watt PowerPC). And you will be able to see it. I´ll be one of the first testers which will test this.
          And i am going to make a yt-video about it as well.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            You pretty much lost any sort of credibility when you called Xenoblade X low budget

  • oliver clark

    Playtonic has bent over backwards and more to get this far and create a great game for all young and old. It’s not there fault that technology has advanced so much of course there going to be problems along the way, the game is not the problem it’s the consoles that has its boundaries.

    We should be happy that they made an effort to find an alternative solution for the wii u

  • I can’t wait for the full game. Thanks for all the hard work. And by Upgrade to Switch from Wii U are you talking free or a higher paid tier?

    Oh and if everyone is getting the toybox can those of us who already have the toybox get toybox+ 🙂 ?

  • Jorge Garza

    I was really excited for this game, I was going to buy it day one, now I’m not even going to look at it. No, I didn’t back the game, because I have issues with crowdfunding and stuff like this is the source of those issues.

    It seems like developers don’t really understand the difference between private-funded games and crowdfunded games. It’s not the same, and it’s not just releasing developer reports to a select few or even releasing demo builds.

    Here, people are not paying in order to make money out of the game. Instead, what they are doing is basically pre-ordering the game. Thing is, that pre-order money is taken and used to allow the existence of the game.

    Here, making money is not the focus, the focus is making the thing, and that’s it. And since people paid you to do this thing, if you make promises like a Wii U version you fucking deliver. Business takes a backseat.

    Oh, and please, if you’re going to do this sort of thing at least have the balls to be honest. The version for the console that almost didn’t sell and would surely not sell the game is experiencing technical difficulties and has to be cancelled? How odd, I’m sure that is just quite the coincidence.

    Once again, people here are paying for something and you let them down. I hope you’re happy with your little scam. Good luck.

    • John Smith

      FIrst of all, you didn’t pay them to do JACK SHIT. You GENEROUSLY gave them money, HOPING you’ll get something back. THAT’S KICKSTARTER. Second, there’s little saying that describes this situation- SHIT HAPPENS. They’re not all-powerful gods’ they’re HUMAN. They will make mistakes and they can’t predict the future. Let’s suppose they release the Wii U port- what if turns out it’s like MN9 on it, where it’s utter shit? Then what? Will you complain that they don’t really value Nintendo because they did a half-assed job on it on a system that is VERY hard to develop for?

  • rergerger

    Excuses aside, you have no right to keep the money you were given to develop a Wii U version so you can blow it on a Switch version and then demand everyone buys a new console just so they can get the right to pay for the game, issue refunds for the entirety of the stretch goal at once.

    • Seaphron

      Look at the Wii U FAQ page. They have already offered this.

      • rergerger

        There’s quite a difference between people being allowed to go through the process of asking for a refund if they want to and Playtonic doing it themselves because it’s the right thing to do because they’re never delivering the product they begged the money for.
        Playtonic twiddling their thumbs and going “Not giving you a refund unless you ask” is not acceptable.

        • Seaphron

          I respectfully disagree. I like having the option to choose any of the other platforms OR a refund.

  • Seaphron

    No big deal guys. Completely understand. Love what you’ve shown so far and am looking forward to picking it up for my Nintendo Switch in 2017.

    Also totally setting myself up for failure, but hoping to see this at the Switch presentation on 1/12 and maybe even a launch title for the console.

    • rergerger

      Some people can’t just go and buy a Switch whenever they please, but you do so I guess nobody has a right to complain.

      • Seaphron

        Did I say somewhere that this didn’t suck? Did I say anything to the effect of people can’t complain? Did I say anything directed towards those complaining? No. My message to Playtonic was that for me it is not a big deal and that I understand why they are doing it. You don’t need to attack me because you’re upset about it.

        • rergerger

          “No big deal guys.”
          How about in your very first sentence?
          You didn’t say “It’s not a big deal to me” you said it’s not a big deal period, it was an abolute, you didn’t specify that you were talking about yourself.
          Learn to use words right to communicate your intentions.

          • Seaphron

            There’s more then one person on a development team buddy. Everything doesn’t have to be aimed at you. I’m sorry that this situation sucks for you, but no need to attack other people who aren’t as upset.

          • rergerger

            Where does the development team play a part in my comments?
            I’m talking about your poor use of the language to communicate an idea, your manner of speech suggested you were simply dismissing everyone else’s concerns because they weren’t yours, we’re not talking about the developers, we’re talking about the backers.
            Also, don’t buddy me, it’s a pathetic way to mask your true feelings.

          • Seaphron

            Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. Would love to hear what my true feelings are by the way.

          • rergerger

            Are you new to the internet?
            There’s no easier way to project contempt than going “Darling” or “Buddy”.
            This is even more true for people who hold on to that to derail from the actual topic of the conversation.

          • Seaphron

            I have no contempt for you. I call all sorts of people buddy/friend/etc. Really I just feel bad for you.This clearly upset you so much that you need to just keep attacking anyone who has a different opinion.

      • TheChosen

        What´s funny is:

        You woN`t be even more ABLE To get a switch day 1 on release, since it`s pretty much sold out (Preorders) xD

        hahahaha- so the excuse “buy a switch” isn`t able to work.

        Switch might suffer the same as Wii did year 1. Sold out for 12 months in my country…

        But i wouldn`t even buy a Switch if it were free or if it would give me money. Too worse are the consequences which i simply can´T live with. Too bad Nintendo decided for very bad things in the last 12 months. Too bad Nintendo as i know it is dead now.

        Well, good for me i can live without Nintendo. The question should be: Can NIntendo live without the money of many Nintendofans? The answer will be pretty interesting.

        Nintendo is losing all their advantages now. they are going to get huge problems in 2017. Nobody can save them anymore now. They have chosen they own fate (which is Harakiri).

  • BCP
    • John Smith

      Shit happens.

      • BCP

        Sure, I am very frustrated

  • StuOhQ

    Will you be offering the ability to “switch” to the new version as a physical release instead of digital? Digital makes a world of difference on a 64 GB SSD vs. the 1TB external HDD I have hooked up to my Wii U.

    • TheChosen

      Switch is said to have the same 32 Gbyte max Onboard-Flash Storage like WiiU. And you are limited to MICRO-SD-Cards for extension!

  • Wazikhiel

    Are you sure you can’t deliver the WiiU version with an expansion pack? It should fix the technical issues like Donkey Kong 64 ( just kidding :P)

    I was kinda disappointed but a lot of people still trust you Playtonic, give us a nice and polished version of Yooka-Laylee on the Switch and everything will be fine 🙂

  • samson7point1

    I don’t work for Playtonic and I’m not privy to their internal workings so I could be wrong… But I’m not. The Wii U version was cancelled because the cost-to-profit ratio made it unappealing. They know the Wii U backers will cry and whine but it ultimately doesn’t matter because Playtonic has already enjoyed the invested monies and have a viable product that will eminently be producing revenue. Issuing kickstarter refunds to the tiny subset of backers that will actually demand them in response to this decision is more tenable than investing time and effort into a Wii U version which will not earn enough back to pay for the cost to produce it. What they’ve done is unethical because they’re willfully reneging on a promise, but it’s good business. It’s also good business to lie about why they’re doing it. They can’t very well openly admit that they’re going to maximize profit (or minimize loss if you like) at the expense of some of the people who made this whole thing possible, so they have to invent some specious excuse that the problem was technical. Playtonic might be a small team, but they’ve got bean counters just like every other corporation, and the profitability comes first, not customers.

  • RPGHiro

    Why don’t you tell us what the technical issues are exactly?

    • TheChosen

      They don`t even know it for themselves xD

      But i know the “technical issues” With “Playtonic”.

      Some 30-year old Script-kiddies, wanna-be-pros, which cannot even get a Java-script-game to run at 30 fps if the processor would have 100 gflops 😀

      THAT is what their real problem is: ZERO (in numbers 0!) knowledge of how to program for PowerPC 😀

      • hi v3.0


  • Corey Marshall

    On it’s own, okay technical challenges for the value of Wii U as a platform (almost nothing at this point), it’s understandable that the studio feels it’s just not worth it. Thing is though, there are *a lot* of backers of this game who are primarily Nintendo fans who only play on Nintendo hardware, the Kickstarter for Yooka-Laylee billed itself as a Wii U game and you cancel the only relevant version for this group at the last minute without contingency plans in place? Your answer is maybe a Switch version at some point next year? Is this going to take months, another year?

    This is a very poor showing for Nintendo fans, you are treating them – some of your biggest supporters – like an afterthought.

  • Kataro7

    Sweet! I actually wanted to switch from we you to switch, now it might even be free to switch to switch! <3

    • TheChosen

      from “We”? You mean Wii? That 10 year old console? 😉 LOOOOOL!

      Btw: Don`t cry here if Switch isn`t what you think it is. Hackers are just around the corner waiting to hack Nintendo…LIke i said 6 months ago. Nintendo was lucky in the past…

      But now, that Nintendo has given up on REAL hardware-development and bowed down to lazy development, the hackers will just hack Nintendo like they did in the past for PSN or Xbox Live xD Please understand…

  • Ricardo

    No wii u version… thanks Playtonicgames but no thanks… =(

    • TheChosen

      I warned of those developers 12 months ago!

  • T-Dizzle

    I hope they make physical copies for the PC. Don’t have a Xbox nor a PS, now that the WiiU got canceled.

  • Chaltab

    Not a backer but I had intended to get the Wii U version when it came out.

    I just have to say I’m not surprised. The Wii U is a dead console at this point. All that’s left for it is Breath of the Wild. Even if there were no technical limitations to overcome, it simply makes no financial sense to release the game on Wii U at this point. Here’s hoping the Switch port goes smoothly.

    • Devin Lowe

      You know what’s funny? As soon as the Switch was announced, I had already assumed that Breath of the Wild would be completely moved to it instead of having a Wii U version still in the making.

  • ben

    The game is probably going to be shit compared to the new 3d mario on Switch. I would have given these guys money for a wii u version but when I get my switch I will have far better games to play and I have a massive backlog of better games on my PC.. this was a dumb move by the developers.

    • Devin Lowe

      If by “dumb” you mean smart, then yes.

      • ben

        If you think a third party platformer has a chance on the Switch against Nintendo’s first party I would say you are just blindly ignoring all of recent history.

        • Devin Lowe

          If you think the Switch isn’t allowing for third-party support compared to the Wii U, I’d say you’re just blindly ignoring all of recent history.

          • ben

            I am expecting games like Dark souls and Bethesda games to sell but I doubt a game that has the look of a nintendo game without the nintendo game 60 fps has a chance in hell.

          • Devin Lowe

            ^Then you’ve clearly never played Banjo-Kazooie games.

          • ben

            This cmpany s not everyone that was involved with those games. That should be clear from the start. Many of the talented people at Rare are still at Rare.. these are the dead wieght!

          • Devin Lowe

            So you’re admitting that this game has a chance of sellling like hot-cakes anyway?

            Of course it does.

          • ben

            It is currently being hammered on steam by Pc gamers complaining about the price and Nintendo being abandoned. So I dont see this ending well for them.

          • Devin Lowe

            A minority of PC gamers are complaining, and “Nintendo being abandoned” isn’t even a thing.

            If the latter was a thing, people are obviously “abandoning” the wrong company.

          • ben

            It is not a minority. Their discusion page is bombed constaintly and the game itself is so far down the steam chart it may as well not exist!

          • Devin Lowe

            That’s retarded. Why would it be high on the Steam chart when it’s not even out yet?

            You do realize that the aforementioned Steam chart tracks and ranks the games listed by how many people are playing these games.

          • ben

            Most games that have pre orders that will be popular are high on steam for months in advance, they are especially popular on the first day that preorders open.. Yookalaylee didnt make the top 50! You do realize steam has a sales chart or are you just dumb?

          • Devin Lowe

            You’re missing the point.

            Yooka-Laylee isn’t even ON Steam yet. Just because a Steam version is announced, doesn’t mean it’ll be instantaneously on Steam.

            Again, your argument is retarded. You can “pre-purchase” the game, and play a spoiler-free demo. Guess what, dumbass? It won’t show up because it’s not the actual finished product!

            Same with Bloodstained’s E3 Demo. When more people played it back in August and September, it didn’t show up on ANY Steam list.

          • ben

            Please check your facts before you make comments. It is on steam available for preorder.. you are being very dumb.. you didnt even check! games like Resident evil 7 were number one on the steam charts the day they were open for preorder. The only thing I can think is you believe steamspy to be steam.. it is not!

          • Devin Lowe

            You didn’t even READ my whole comment before posting. You skimmed and saw only what you wanted.

            Read again, dumbass.

          • ben

            You have no idea how steam sales charts work. Your comment refers to players, that has no relationship to the sales chart!

          • Devin Lowe

            “No idea”, he says to the player who’s been using Steam since 2006.

            Keep on deluding yourself.

          • ben

            So, you are just stupid? Because the steam has no connection to steam spy.

          • Devin Lowe

            So you are just stupid? You’re talking basically nonsense now and avoiding the topic.

          • ben

            Let me make it easy for you. Right here is the page where you can buy Yookalaylee right now as a preorder. Preorders chart as you can see if you check the steam store.

            Now, are you an idiot or not?


          • Devin Lowe

            I’ve already seen it, dumbass. You’ve clearly skimmed over the fact that I mentioned “pre-purchase” (in other words, pre-order).

            The technical date of release listed is APRIL 11TH, 2017. NOT DECEMBER 2016!

            It’s clear that you are the idiot here.

          • ben

            Hahaahah yeah.. I am an idiot because I said, #the game is available for preorder and no one cares. But you said that was not true… I am the idiot!

          • Devin Lowe

            Yes, you are the idiot. You kept on insisting that the actual game was out already.

          • ben

            When did I insist that? I never said that once! you cant even read!

          • Devin Lowe

            Have a taste of your own medicine, dumbass.

          • ben

            Do you know steam has a sales chart? are you this stupid?

          • Devin Lowe

            Did you even read my past comments? Are you that stupid?

          • ben

            I read your post it was bs. It has nothing to do with sales. You are talking about player base, which is nonsense and idiotic, but pre orders exist and show the amount of interest people have in a product. Yookalaylee has a very low interest level in every preorder shop, steam, amazon the whole biz. Customers dont care about this game.

          • Devin Lowe

            It has everything to do with the fact that this is still a pre-order and the only thing available now is the spoiler-free demo.

            Plus, like an idiot, your entire argument ignores the fact that many people have bought this game for CONSOLES. You’re basing “lack of interest” generally in this game solely on one platform.

            You couldn’t possibly get more retarded than that.

            Neither of us are ignoring the charts. You just want to claim that about me because it makes your feeble argument easier.

          • ben

            And i told you it is not selling on consoles on any preorder chart.. lol

          • Devin Lowe

            And you’re clearly wrong, you pitiable liar.

            The fact that you hypocritically acknowledged that there were pre-orders being sold on Steam already invalidates your argument.

          • ben

            What? You are so stupid you denied tat it was being sold at all.. how can you be so stupid to not even check what you wrote! and then call others hypocrits? are you Donald Trump`s retared love child?

          • Devin Lowe

            Once again, you’ve proven yourself incapable of reading. You’re either dyslexic, or truly a retard.

            I didn’t deny that “it was being sold at all”. I denied that it is out yet, which is true. Yooka-Laylee won’t be released until April 2017.

          • ben

            the back stepping is sick.

          • ben

            Yookalaylee is on Steam and available to pre order and pay now.. What is the excuse for the total lack of interest?

          • Devin Lowe

            Except the full game isn’t. Playtonic didn’t even FINISH the game, yet.

          • ben

            Did you even check? NO, you didnt you are so stupid it is right there! you absolute tool!

          • Devin Lowe

            Once again, you prove that you didn’t even read my previous reply.

            Spoiler-free demo? Pre-purchase?


          • ben

            So you still have not checked.. like talking to a wall!

          • Devin Lowe

            Why would I have replied if I hadn’t already checked, moron?

          • ben

            So you never understood that the game was available for preorder on all its planned released formats and no one cares!, but you argued that it was not available for preorder.. you are an absolute moron and I am done!

          • Devin Lowe

            Now you’re not making any sense, and have completely misconstrued past statements.

            When have I ever specifically stated that it “was not available for preorder”?

            Go back and read, dumbass.

          • ben

            LOL asks me to go back and read when he never read my comment that it was a preorder! From the outset I have always been saying preorder. You insisted it was not on steam yet. ! lol you cant even admit you were wrong.

          • Devin Lowe

            Trying to use my own argument against me? Fail.

          • ben

            I know.. right because if you went back and read my post you would have to accept you were wrong.

          • Devin Lowe

            As if I haven’t.

          • ben


          • Devin Lowe

            “Obviously” when it isn’t.

          • ben

            LOL calling people retarded and stupid. Here, here are the links to amazon for both xbox and ps4 you can buy Yooka laylee right now as a pre order. You can see the chart position of the game.

            ps4 at number 704 in the amazon video game chart.. behind 703 games! comes

            On xbox..
            I know, must be better right? I mean Rare is MS owned so that fan base knows these guys well..

            Ouch 1,815!


            Yeah, yooka laylee is off to a fliar!

          • Devin Lowe

            You’re literally the only person on Disqus that I’ve called a retard, due to your arguments so far.

            Incorrect, by the way. The PlayStation 4 version is specifically ranked #123. The Xbox One version is specifically ranked #216.

            That’s the Best Selling Rank, by the way.

          • ben

            LOL those are their positions within only the ps4 and only the xbox. You cant read data or facts so I guess this is a pointless conversation. I am clearly on a whole higher level than you. You, probably, believe in Santa claus.

          • Devin Lowe

            Claims I “can’t read data or facts” after he acknowledges that I did. You make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

            In case you didn’t bother to acknowledge it the first time, the chart that we’re both pulling from is the “Best Seller” chart.

          • ben

            No dumb ass you were clearly not using the best sellers chart at all. You talked about player base.. so get the hell out of here. you are a funny kid.

          • Devin Lowe

            He says “clearly not using the best-sellers chart” now after previously acknowledging that I used the individual PS4 and Xbox One scores on the best-sellers chart.

            Truly, you don’t make any sense.

          • ben

            My god. you are just wrong dude get over it. You denied it was on steam for 5 days.. now you say you always understood the sales charts.. then you say the links I sent you! about the sales on Xbox and PS4 are your evidence you used sales charts.. what a total dipshit! lol

          • Devin Lowe

            And you’re still moronic enough to believe that what I denied was the demo and pre-order, apparently. Not only are you retarded; you’re dyslexic as well. A terrible combination.

            You can’t possibly be bothered to acknowledge the fact that I actually stated the FINISHED GAME is not on Steam until April 2017.

          • ben

            What does finished game have to do with preorders being shit?

          • Devin Lowe

            What does the pre-order and demo showing up on Steam have to do with shipping, total sales, and “currently playing” statistics for the final game equivalent?

            The only “shit” here is your presumptive tendencies.

          • ben

            LOL you replied to me in the first place dumbass.

          • Devin Lowe

            And you failed to maintain an actual credible argument, dumbass.

          • ben

            My point has remained exactly the same from the outset you have changed your argument over and over.. one of us is a dumbass.

          • Devin Lowe

            My argument hasn’t changed at all. You claim that your argument remained the same, yet you kept setting up strawmen against mine in vain attempts to win.

            So far, you’ve failed at even that, dumbass.

          • ben

            Do you actually know what you are arguing? I said this game isnt getting preorders.. there is no counter to that.. it is a fact/

          • Devin Lowe

            I’m fully aware that you’re wrong. “This game isn’t getting preorders” is automatically a false statement, considering that you admitted earlier on in this conversation that it in-fact is.

            You don’t make sense.

          • ben

            I never did.. lol

          • Devin Lowe

            You’re either denying that you admitted the game is getting pre-orders. More likely.

            Or you’re denying that you ever made any sense. True.

          • ben

            How can you claim a game is being pre ordered when it is barely charting on any pre order charts on the day it had its release date announced. We are done you clearly just cant accept the truth.. no one cares about this game outside the people who backed the kickstarter.

          • Devin Lowe

            When did they announce pre-orders in the first place, and when is the game actually intended to be released? (Hint: It’s not March 2017, the same time as the Switch’s release)

            I’ll bet you can’t answer either of those questions correctly. YOU are the one who ignores the truth.

            If by “no one”, you mean yourself, you’d be right. Don’t judge the rest of the people who aren’t a shit-stain like you so early on.

          • ben

            They annonced pre orders were live on aroud the same date the announced the wii u was cancelled. And the release date was set at April.

            That was a very stupid set of questions.. from a very stupid person.

          • Devin Lowe

            The Wii U isn’t cancelled. They dropped the planned Wii U version of the game in favor of the Switch version.

            “Was” set at April? You’re incorrectly implying that it isn’t anymore.


          • ben

            What and what? A. they still have not announced the Switch version! B. Was is the correct verb because the information was provided in the past. I am not the publisher for me to use is is weird. Just face facts.. you have not a single argument left and you are now grasping at straws.. desperately drowning in your salty tears.

          • Devin Lowe

            If you acknowledge that the Switch version isn’t yet announced, why did you say that “the Wii U is cancelled”?

            It wasn’t set in April in the first place, back before they announced their intentions to move to the Switch. “Was” implies that it was originally set for April.

            I’m afraid I’m still standing undefeated, retard. You’re the one who needs to start crying, because I won’t stop until your argument falls apart completely.

          • ben

            They have not announced a switch version dipshit and i have not been talking about the switch version at all. just fuck off dickhead.

          • Devin Lowe

            You didn’t answer the question, retard.

          • ben

            You are the champion of Dumblin. You are undefeated in the land of Dumblin and you rein supreme. All hail the king of Dumblin undefeated and king of nonesense that is unrelated to anything anyone was discussing. May you live a long life of stupidity..

          • Devin Lowe

            Too late, dumbass. You’ve lost all credibility.

          • ben

            With Dumblin? ouch I am so sad.. you lost from the outset but continued in a delusioned state. You are so dumb you continue when you dont even know what you stand for.

          • Devin Lowe

            All this coming from the retard who was defeated by his own evidence.

            Bitch, please.

          • ben

            Erm.. No.. the evidence I showed supported my arguement perfectly.. the fact you didnt understand it and refuse to understand it ints to oen thing… Dumblin./

          • Devin Lowe

            Bullshit. What do you call my previous retorts, then? Because I obviously acknowledged the links you posted and used them against you.

            (EDIT): *Sigh* Don’t bother answering that, retard. You clearly skimmed. People like you just obstinately assume themselves right and don’t acknowledge anyone else’s counter-argument.

          • ben

            You have failed to retort anything. All you have said in simple terms is ” I dont accept that it is selling badly. ” And yet I showed you that the game was fully available for pre-order and is generating almost zero interest.. and you have no retort for that! You just call me retard without finding any evidence to support why this game will have any success! You just circle around and around making no sense with no clear point and no argument to support your opinion, which, as far as I can tell is also pretty unfamable. Just repeating.. “it is not available to buy on steam.” when it clearly is> or bringing up the Nintendo Switch, which it has not a chance on against the Likes of Breath of the wild and real 21st century games!
            So get the hell out of here with your stupid looping bs that has no meaning and is empty as your brain.

          • Devin Lowe

            So you believe. You didn’t show me half of what you claim. It remains very clear that you just skimmed over my replies if you believe I haven’t retorted.

            “It is not available to buy on Steam” Paraphrasing Failure!
            You absolute retard! I never said that.

          • ben

            Yes, you did. And you still keep looping about failing to make any statement what-so-ever!

          • Devin Lowe

            Same could actually be said about you at this point, retard. You’re saying absolutely nothing different than what you’ve said before, and it’s still wrong.

          • ben

            Oh my point has been repeated numerous times asshole. The game is not getting preorders that is y fucking point! you dumb fuck what is your point?

          • Devin Lowe

            And yet, earlier, you conceded to that point.

          • ben

            The situation is only getting worse as well. They are now desperate for attention giving demo disks with PS magazines.. Stuff that was for Kickstarter backers just being given away.

          • Devin Lowe

            If that was true, then why did they bother hiring two others on the staff?

            Stop making shit up.

          • ben

            Honestly, your moma should of named ya dumlin.

          • Devin Lowe

            Resorting to trolling. *Yawn* How pathetic.

          • ben

            Because you cant understand that if the game is finished or not has no effect on people preordering it. So you are dumblin and we done.

          • Devin Lowe

            I can perfectly understand that you’re setting up a strawman right now. That’s not what I argued, dumbass.

          • ben

            I said preorders were looking like crap and you replied to me .. to me dumbass.

          • Devin Lowe

            Because you’re obviously wrong.

          • ben

            I am wrong when the evidence supports me and you are right because you say it.. got it.

          • Devin Lowe

            We’re both using the same evidence. You’re wrong because your argument is entirely based on opinion.

          • ben

            No.. your argument is based on opinion. My argument is based on sales charts.. you are one dumb mf.

          • Devin Lowe

            For someone claiming to argue based on “sales charts”, you didn’t actually use them for anything truly relevant.

            It’s retarded to claim that sales of a finished game are “poor” based on 3-4 months before release, the release of a new system, and on pre-orders.

          • ben

            So let`s throw away all the evidence of the last decade and just listen to Devin.. you are one dumb prick/

          • Devin Lowe

            “Throw away all the evidence”? YOU can go ahead and do that. All you did was pretend that certain sources actually supported your feeble argument.

            Using the same evidence supports mine.

          • ben

            What is your argument? That the game is going to be a success? Based on what?

          • Devin Lowe

            Your argument is basically “the actual game isn’t selling at all because pre-orders aren’t showing up on Steam charts”. Utterly retarded.

            My argument is that, whether or not it will “be a success”, it’s not showing up because it isn’t out yet. Pre-orders and demos for ANY game don’t mean shit until it’s time for shipping the actual copies of the finished game.

          • ben

            Which is nonsense, most games have an impact on sales charts the day they are first announced for pre order. This had zero impact on every format it is being released on.. which was my entire point!

          • Devin Lowe

            And it is proven that your entire point is baseless.

          • ben

            By Dumblin? or by people with brains?

          • Devin Lowe

            By evidence, obviously.

            The same evidence you tried to use to support your own argument ironically damages it.

  • Mike Harris

    Incredibly disappointed by this news. I was actually looking forward to getting this on the Wii U, which is the only console I have. Plus, giving Wii U owners a punch to the gut four months before release, when they said that they were prioritizing the Wii U version and were well aware of the huge boost they got from Nintendo fans and Wii U owners, seems like a scummy move. Sure, nobody wants another Mighty No. 9, but this situation reeks of mismanagement and potential disappointment.

    Oh well, at least we still have Bloodstained to look forward to, right? Right?

  • Something Fawful

    Wanna tell us what the so called “technical issue” was? The fact that you haven’t tells me it’s one of:
    a) willingly not bringing it to the Wii U for whatever reason
    b) Nintendo not letting you, insisting that a game coming out that late must be for the Switch. And they’re not telling you that.

    As such if you can’t tell us what the “technical issues” are then we should either loose faith in you or Nintendo.

    Right now I have less faith in Nintendo so I’ll blame them, let’s go with the Linux version.

  • I’m confused

    Any true Nintendo fan is getting the Switch anyway, so I’m not at all bothered by this. I could easily run it on my PC, but I’m definitely getting the Nintendo Switch and definitely getting this game for it. It’s the only system that it will actually be portable on, anyone upset about the Wii U release, just remember that. The Switch is going to be awesome. I guess I can sort of understand anyone mad if they just bought a Wii U last year or something, though Nintendo’s said a new system was coming for quite a while. I’ve had my Wii U 3-4 years and a lot of games for it so I’m ready to make the upgrade and looking forward to this game even if you guys don’t get the game out the same date as the others. Just give us something extra special maybe? 😀

  • Rosenthal Bros

    I am devastated. I was looking forward to this game being on my Wii U so bad. I was not looking forward to having to buy a Nintendo Switch. In fact, I am not.

    • Devin Lowe

      Guess you’re not a true Nintendo fan, then. Anyone who actually does enjoy the Wii U is going to buy the Switch anyway at some point or another.

      It’s unbelievable that any one person would “not look forward to” buying a Switch, considering its hybrid home/portable console feature.

      • Rosenthal Bros

        Ah, the life of a child. (me)

  • DK3443

    Any chance non-WiiU backers can have the chance to switch to the Switch? I would have chosen it if I had known at the time of my backing.

  • Chris

    I know this is disappointing, I am one of those who hoped to play the game on Wii U, but the one thing that can really destroy a new company like this is a backlash within the fanbase. I want this company to keep making games, they’re the only kind of game that has that magical goofiness – that really makes you feel like a kid again, and I don’t want anything like technical issues or political nonsense to ruin their continued creation. Please, to those of you who are complaining about this basically meaningless problem, support Playtonic! Excitement and enthusiasm are the only things that will make this company succeed. They are essentially a new team, and will need us to make sure they can improve in the future, and prevent issues like this from happening again. Remember, this could be just the first of many amazing games! And I’m pretty sure in the future, nobody will care that the first of those games got released on the Wii U or not.

    So again… please look at the bigger picture and don’t let nostalgic disappointment sour the rebirth that so many of us have been waiting for since our childhoods.

    I am EXTREMELY excited for this game! It will be great no matter what console it’s played on.

    • hi v3.0

      ikr but haters gonna hate

      • ben

        Haters or people with geniune anger at being abandoned..

        • hi v3.0


    • Mike Harris

      I understand your opinion, but we gotta do what we gotta do. They promised something great, but, at least for the majority of the backers, they took their trust and attention and ran with it.

    • ben

      Fuck off the company can burn. Some sad old wankers who couldnt even think of a new idea for a game used their old idea with new characters and we are suppose to be happy they then screwed over the Nintendo user base.. why dont they just sell their company to MS and be done…oh….

      • Al

        who plays wii u? noone

    • Carlos Silex
  • Moon Sarito

    Sorry for My English, I’m Brazilian

    But… really ?, no Wii U Version ?, Well, as I do not own a pc with great hardware and neither a PS4 / XONE I will not buy the game I wanted so much…
    But seriously, you know what pisses me off about this?…

    You should analyze well if it is possible to play the game before promising it to such a platform and ‘cheating’ those who waited patiently for the game instead of getting ragged excuses … I even thought about donating money and helping the campaign but still Well I did not do it, if I were you Wii owners U that wanted so much this “magnificent game” that they donated money to help … seriously, I see no reason for you not to ask for your money back.

  • Ryan Summers

    btw you can download the toybox demo on reddit, have fun!

  • Exile

    This is completely unrelated to all of the Wii U controversy and maybe its my old love of Banjo-Kazooie kicking in, but I think that Yooka should have some character building article of clothing. Not like the Sonic Boom scarf, or the Banjo shorts/backpack. But something original that complements Youka and Laylee characters. I mean even Trowzer the snake has on pants and a hat, surely a smooth chameleon and his wacky bat friend could have something relating to there character without them looking cheesy… or stark naked. #Yookaneedsyourhelp #SolomonGrundywantspantstoo

    • Devin Lowe

      I can just imagine Yooka and Laylee holding up signs saying “Will work for small-clothes”.

  • Jordan

    Continued support and understanding?
    Fuck you. I’ll be asking for a refund, thank you very much.

  • OuyaMasterrace

    Hey guys, i don’t know if you will see this. But i pre-ordered the game on PS4, and tried the Toy Box. And i think the camera needs a lot of work. especially when you’re close to walls. And would be nice with a locked camera option, behind Yooka and Laylee. Also hope you guys are gonna work on the movement, for some tighter gameplay. It feels a little clunky right now.

  • Mike Harris

    Wouldn’t it be funny if all the Wii U backers just got refunds and the quality of the final game went down the toilet because of it? If only it were to come true.

    • John Smith

      You are one sad, petty little man.

      • Mike Harris

        I know.

    • ben

      It wont happen because you have to write a begging letter to get a refund. Playtoxic is not automatically giving them!

  • Moon Sarito

    No version for Wii U, less a sale for you
    It’s sad because I really wanted this game…

    • Devin Lowe

      On the contrary, the vast majority approve of the Switch over the Wii U.

      If you don’t have the money to buy a Switch by March 2017, that’s not a problem. Bloodstained isn’t going to be released until sometime in 2018, so you can wait until then to save up money and buy the new console.

      • ben

        I dont see that mass approval on any feedback page I have seen.. maybe take the horse blinkers off and read the feedback and the negative pr this has actually generated.

        • Devin Lowe

          I’ve seen the negative pr, and it’s vastly outnumbered by all the positive pr on all the websites I’ve visited.

          You don’t see it because you simply don’t surf the Internet or know of as many sites as I do.

          • ben

            Look at the public responce, who cares what game journalists say?

          • Devin Lowe

            You rely on game journalists. I’m the one who relies on public response.

            I’ve seen it everywhere, and it’s vastly in favor of the Switch.

  • Dean Exley

    lets be fair here if yooka laylee was released on wii u it would hurt nintendo switch sales . if you want to support nintendo then reorder for switch . polytonic started using wii u has lead platform so nintendo will of sent them dev kits for the nintendo switch and for this game to look has good on all platforms they might of had they hand forced

    • ben

      I dont think a little tiny insignificant game that can barely make it in the top 50 on steam and didnt even make the top 100 on amazon.com on the day it became available to preorder is going to hurt anything.. you seriously overrestimate how big this game is.
      A wii u version would have been good for the devs, because there are a lot of kids world wide who own wii u consoles that wont be getting a switch until at least Christmas 2017. So the devs threw away a lot of potential sales on this in my opinion.

      • Dean Exley

        I hear what your saying Ben but when they start the hype Yooka-Laylee will be in top 20 and it will generate the Nintendo switch hype too and vice versa. Let’s just see.

        • ben

          It is never making the NPC charts.

  • Phazer

    I backed this game on Wii U but completely understand the technical hurdles they had to cross over in order to get the gam where it was. Will definitely upgrade to the Switch version 🙂

  • Lemmy Winks

    People who are saying the switch version needs to come out on April 11th with the other versions are morons. The switch version is not even in development yet. Even if Playtonic devoted all of their resources to developing the switch version, it would take *AT-LEAST* a year to make it. And this wont even happen if the PC/xbox/ps4 versions flop, why would they go through the trouble for a failed game.

  • Evan Rice

    Well, this is upsetting. I don’t have the money (and won’t for the forseeable future, by which I mean years unless something big changes) for getting a Switch. I don’t have a PS4 (and don’t have the money for that), I will never buy any Xbox system ever, and I don’t PC game (or Mac, or Linux… the point is, no computer gaming). To me, this is a broken promise akin to not releasing the game at all, and I contributed enough to get a copy when it comes out.

    I’ve been excited about this game for a long time, and I feel cheated. I’m not going to demand a refund, because I still think the game deserves the money, but I do think we deserve more than an apology; there are loads of people who only game on one platform, and you just yanked the game away from us after promising it to us for a year and a half. Maybe something like a non-expiring code for the Switch version that will remain valid until Playtonic goes out of business or the Switch Nintendo store is no longer supported, whichever comes first over the next decade or two.

    • John Smith

      I do feel your pain- didn’t back this, but I only own a Wii U. Don’t got the cash for PS4, Xbox1, or PC, and I ain’t buying the Switch day one after the trainwreck that was the Wii U. Welp, I really wanted to play this, but I’m fucked, aren’t I? Oh well, suppose I still got Kazooie and Tooie to play with…

  • Mike Harris

    At this point, I’m surprised that no one tried to petition Playtonic to save the Wii U version.

  • Ricardo

    Playtonic Games: Yooka Laylee 2 for Switch, PS5, Xbox Two…
    Playtonic Games: eemmh… Switch version cancelled but thank you for the money nintendo fans XD

  • Thunder84

    Note that this is coming from someone who prefers Nintendo for video games, did not back this game, and is planning on buying it on Xbone unless the Switch version is vastly superior. Not sure if this changes anything, but just as a notice.

    I can completely get why people are upset about this. Playtonic promised them a Wii U version, and they can’t make one. However, business-wise, this is a brilliant move. The Wii U is absolutely a dead console, and releasing a game on it when there is a brand new console coming out would’ve sold horribly. It’s important to please the backers, but it’s also important to make revenue. Nintendo fans will be the main source of revenue for this game, and thus moving it to the Switch not only makes it still available to many of the backers who will probably get the switch, but also makes it more well-known to people who did not know of this game before. If losing the sales of some backers means you get the sales of a much wider audience of non-backers, then that’s a move you have to make as a business.

    That’s not even the main reason why the game won’t be on Wii U. If they’re saying that it just won’t run well on the Wii U (And I believe them), then there’s no reason to continue developing it at this point. Unity does not run well at all on WU, and if they want to make the game able to run on it, they’d most likely have to switch to a different engine. That would take way too long, and by the time they’d release it, Wii U’s won’t even be on the market anymore. And not only that, but it’d be out considerably later than the other versions, or they’d have to delay the other versions to when the Wii U version launches. Or the third option, release it as a buggy, unfinished game. If they move it to another engine, no one would be happy with the massive delay it would cause. If they released the game much later than the other versions, Nintendo backers would be pissed. And if they released it buggy and unfinished, they’d be absolutely crucified by the backers for not providing them a quality game. None of these options make any sense whatsoever, especially since it would only be done to please a very small group of people.

    • Mike Harris

      Sure, but they said that they were developing the Wii U and PC versions primarily and were outsourcing the PS4 an Xbox One versions to Team 17. They had more than a year-and-a-half to develop it and, magically, four months before release, they come across technical issues?

      If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Nintendo payed them to can the Wii U version in favor of the Switch. And seeing as they’re offering to upgrade to the Switch, that might actually be true.

      • Lemmy Winks

        I doubt its a financial move from Nintendo. They would make more money from a Wii U version, if they could of finished it. A Wii U version would have come out on April 11th as planned. A switch version is unlikely to come out in 2017. Anyone who actually wants to play this game will find a way to do so on another system. Everyone has a PC and the game isn’t very demanding, the Wii Us power is roughly equivalent to the xbox 306, which came out in 2005. The Wii U is garbage. By the time the game eventually comes out on switch there will be very few Nintendo players still in the market for the game, who have not already played it elsewhere.

        • Thunder84

          Saying that the Wii U version would make more money is rather silly. It’s completely dead and honestly no one really cares about it at this point. Most nintendo fans will have probably sold their Wii U to buy a switch, so the sales would be incredibly low.

      • Thunder84

        Development can be really tricky. Sometimes, certain gamebreaking bugs can pop up, despite the rest of the game being fine. If it gets to a point where the team can’t finish the game in time or make it up to par of the other versions, then there’s no reason to continue it. Some people may be upset with how it is right now, but the backlash would’ve been much larger if they released a broken Wii U version only.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I don’t really get why people say Wii U doesn’t run Unity well considering Nintendo includes the Unity 5 license free with all their Wii U dev kits

  • Nathanael Blevins

    So if we weren’t able to back on here but did it through paypal, will we not have the option to upgrade to a physical copy?

  • Rinku

    I am hoping i can upgrade my backing from PC to Switch, because i think my PC can’t run it smoothly seeing how big the worlds got, and i would have chosen the Switch without a doubt if i knew it would release on that…

  • D O

    donkey kong country 4 please

  • Patrick James Gilmour

    What everyone complaining about the Wii U version has got to realise,

    1 the Wii u based on a hardware and architectural level is difficult to develop for, It runs PPC (PowerPc) architecture which is a bitch to run with most engines especially with the particular version of UNITY the Playtonic DEV team created Yooka Laylee on

    2 They really did try to put as much effort as they could into all versions including the Wii U and didn’t just cancel it because they didn’t feel like it, It was literally a last resort that was taken with very long and careful thought.

    3 They’ve offered to refund all Wii U version backers or offer an alternative version free of charge, so it’s not like you’ve been swindled out of your money!

    4. They are very dedicated to making sure they bring out the best running and performing game they can and be using all that time to get passed all the bugs that plagued the Wii U version, it may not have performed to the standard of quality they would release as a game for retail sale.

    5. They are working very closely with Nintendo to bring out a Switch version as the switch runs on ARM which is a much more stable and compatible architecture than PPC to develop for.

    6 This is coming from someone who preordered the Wii U version but decided to suck it up and either change versions to the PC or see if I can switch it to the switch when it is released.

  • NitrOST

    You know which is the problem??? Unity3d it is not well made for wii U. Games like mario galaxy or smash bros wii U run very well on wii U. But Yooka no. Which is the problem? the Unity engine, I dont think that Chris Sutherland is a bad developer, COME ON!!! how can he be a lazy developer?, the assambler man, the diddy kong quest man, the N64 man. He is a coding genius, maybe his workers are the bads. Chris was maybe the best programmer at rareware. Beyond Martin Hollis or Phill Tossell.

  • Alex DSL

    No one owns a Wii U anyway.

  • strongfemalecharacter

    I’m a little bummed there will be no Wii U version as I wanted to play the first Playtonic game on a Nintendo console, but since the release coincides nicely with the Switch release (and I can’t pretend I won’t be buying it for Zelda: Call of the Wild!) it’s not so bad. I understand it’s probably not worth putting in the extra money and effort it will take to release Yooka Laylee on a dying console. You guys seem so dedicated to doing this right I believe you’ve looked at every possible way of making it work.

  • Clint Mason

    I pre-ordered for PS4 at GameStop and I didn’t receive any access to the ToyBox! There was no mention of it only being available to those who pre-order the DIGITAL copy. Anyway you can provide me access since I did in fact pre-order it?

  • Jacob Rowland (Lilrol99)

    You Guys are the best, Banjo kazooie was my childhood and even though I played banjo tooie on Xbox 360 I bought a used n64 cartridge of banjo tooie just to get the authentic experience, The best part of the release date is that it’s one day before my birthday, so it’s like an early birthday gift from the team who made my favorite game

  • soccerman002

    Any news on whether the Switch version will be launching alongside the other platforms?? I’d rather get the Switch version so that I can take it with me on the go!

    • hi v3.0

      Hey there 🙂

  • Zonned87

    Nintendo fans shafted as usual.

  • Luis J Rodríguez

    About the rumors of a digital copy only (for the switch):

    I was waiting for something like the switch to buy a console (I’ve had only PC since N64, then comes Yooka-Laylee), but I won’t buy it on Digital and I won’t buy PS4 or XB1, so, if this does not come on phisycal I’ll be sad because I just wont buy it at all.

    What when I buy a new PC?
    What if my hard drive gets toasted (wich has happened 2 times)?
    What if my Switch breaks or I loose it, or gets stealed or anything? (inb4 “you can download it again” …really?)
    What if I take care a lot for it and some years in the future I want to play it again just because I like it and can’t because there are no servers anymore?

    I like more the Switch’s potential catalogue than the others have already.
    I’ll simply won’t buy a PS4 or Xbox for a single game, no matter it is this [great] one.
    (Not threatening nor saying one copy sold is as much, just my position on digital copy).
    Best wishes anyway it will be for playtonic, and let’s hope you be as successful as we all hope, I know it is difficult to get everybody happy.

  • namelessuser

    Very late reply, but can I point out just how ludicrously uninformed, insane, illogical, and stupid the guy who goes by the handle TheChosen is? Talk about obsessed and absolutely unknowing of how hardware, research, and self-informing actually works.

  • Carlos Silex
  • Fiaz Ahmad

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