Yooka-Laylee in Edge Magazine

Public service announcement: Edge Magazine issue 294 is on sale now, plump with precious Yooka-Laylee print!

Fresh prints.

As well as screenshots and shots of our frankly filthy studio, the issue reveals brand new details on our plans for Yooka-Laylee, including the first in-the-wild impressions of the game’s opening world and the collectibles, characters and challenges within.

The magazine also reveals a pair of new supporting characters destined to join the Playtonic Universe; the hapless, multi-limbed scientist Dr. Puzz and her traitorous former colleague Dr. Quack.

“Paying affectionate homage to its past without being a slave to it, Yooka-Laylee could well be the best N64 game you’ve never played.” – Edge

You can purchase the print version of Edge either online or via some sort of physical shop nonsense. Alternatively – and this bit is useful for you non-Brits – you can opt for a digital version via the same link, or the Google Play and iOS App Store platforms.

In case you missed the hoo-ha last week, we unveiled the first Yooka-Laylee screenshots from the game’s final form and laid out our plans for the coming weeks.

Soon you’ll see eyes-on reports of Yooka-Laylee appear on your favourite online channels and video platforms, quickly followed by the hijinks of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We will of course ensure that Kickstarter backers are kept fully up to date with everything we reveal going forward.