Switch Progress Update!

Hello! Because it’s been a little while since we last briefed you, today we have an update on our efforts to complete Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch.

The Playtonic team has been working tirelessly to bring Yooka-Laylee to Nintendo Switch and we’re very nearly there (we promise!) However, we’ve encountered some final technical hurdles and had been waiting for the arrival of Unity 5.6 in order to fix them. Although this has now been released, it has unfortunately introduced other issues which we are working with Unity to resolve before we can submit to Nintendo and lock in our release timeline.

We understand the frustration that it’s taken so long to get the game in your hands but we hope that you understand that we’re working as fast as we can and want the game to perform as well as it possibly can on Switch. Once these remaining issues are resolved we hope to finally be able to commit to and share a launch date. Thanks as ever for your patience and please bear with us – we are getting there!

In the meantime, see this page for a sneak peek of how the lizard and bat are looking!

In the last month we’ve also managed to squeeze in a pair of new recruits in the form of Josué and Anthea. 

Engineer Josué joins fresh from a season or two tinkering fiendishly addictive sports game New Star Soccer and more. Keen to develop gameplay mechanics outside of the ball variety, he’s now Playtonic’s midfield enforcer, dishing out crunching tackles to lesser programmers.

Meanwhile, environment artist Anthea is almost as good at art as she is at swearing like a white van man, particularly when losing at lunchtime Mario Kart. It’s enough to make the wallpaper peel…

Welcome to the cause, both!

Your Comments

  • John S

    By the time this is released the game is going to be in the bargain bin for $5 for other consoles.

  • Evan Lin

    Thank you so much for your hard work Playtonic Games! This is finally one of the best updates you guys have given us to let us know what has been going on behind the scenes! Welcome Josué and Anthea to the team!!!

  • Can’t wait to finally see this release and the future projects that you’re all hard at work on!

    I’d love to see a physical copy of the Switch release eventually as well! Games for this platform are selling like hotcakes and I think it would be worth the manufacturing costs to please the collector in me.

    • SolidSonicTH

      Uh, they still owe us some DLC for THIS game…

    • Jeroen Le Roy

      What? There’s not going to be a physical edition of this game? Might skip it in that case, tbh I don’t mind downloads for my 10,- games but when it comes to ‘premium games’ I want them on cartridge or whatever medium to ensure playback in many years (i’ve kept each and every console I ever bought including my NES and still play on it, also own both Banjo games which I recently played around 90-100% completion again)

      • Erie Canary

        Really going to be disappointed if there isn’t a physical release too …

        • porthunt

          Gonna wait for a physical release as well. Don’t want to have it just digital.

          • Colton Gehrett

            We deserve the spiritual successor of Banjo on physical on a Nintendo system. We’ve waited eight months since the trailer dropped on YouTube, they need to give some update considering this is from September, and there is still no word on a release window even.

          • porthunt

            I was really hyped about this, but now that it is so late for the Switch, have no plans to get it anymore. I would only buy the game if a physical copy was released.

    • loudstone

      The sad thing is that if we did get a physical release, a Switch version of the N64 edition would have been possible. It’s the only system besides PC where the physical edition could have fit inside.

      I know it’s not going to happen, but I would gladly pay for the upgrade.

      (For those that don’t know, the PC version had an N64 option that came with an N64 style box, and an N64 style cartridge. Inside the cartridge was a thumb drive with the pc version of the game on it. It was a Kickstarter exclusive.)

  • Seaphron

    Still excited to play this on Switch, but I am a little concerned that you ran into problems with Unity on the platform. Isn’t the Switch supposed to be super easy to port to?

    • Evan Lin

      That’s only the case with Unreal Engine developers apparently.

      • Seaphron

        Huh that’s interesting. Any source on that I can read?

        • Evan Lin

          Just any article on Switch games that run on Unreal like Snake pass

    • Rash

      It’s well known that Unity doesn’t play nice on consoles in general. Hopefully the new updates makes things easier for the devs.

  • Mario Ramirez

    I fell in love with Anthea , keep swearing like a pirate!

  • Brenden Winger

    Thanks for the update guys. = ) Just keep us in the loop. Looking forward to playing on the Switch!

    (When does Unity 5.6 arrive?)

    • They said 5.6 already arrived but introduced other new problems.

  • That’s awesome, guys! 🙂
    Btw, love the effects added to the menu here on the website, HAHAHAHA, it’s just perfect XD

  • Devin Garabedian

    Six months later, still no release date. I knew I should’ve gotten that refund.

    • tagwart

      Do you even know how late some of their past games were? Golden Eye 007 was released two years after the film! The creators of Yooka-Laylee care as much about quality as they did when the were working for Rare.

  • Javibo Huerta

    I think you are losing a lot of money not publishing the game on a Nintendo console. Typical third company that always puts Nintendo on last place

    • Sara Nicholas

      Dude what the hell are you talking about? This post itself specifically discusses the game’s Nintendo Switch port. It IS going on a Nintendo console??

    • Josh Orton

      What? They couldn’t make it for the WiiU. It wouldn’t work. Just couldn’t ever happen. The switch was announced at the very tail end of the dev cycle, so they haven’t had a lot of time yet to work on it. They don’t have a huge team, and some of that team has to support what’s currently out. They can only do so much at once. Nintendo is literally in the roots of these guys. They made some of the best classics for Nintendo. Just be patient.

  • Rash

    Even though I have the PC version I decided to wait out for the Switch. Can’t wait to play this on the go.

  • SolidSonicTH

    Thanks for talking about the Switch version.

    I wish you said something SOONER because I think Nintendo fans have been kind of kicked around by this game but at least you’ve put out some news.

  • XXtheJUMPoffXX

    This game is taking forever to come out and will be buried by Super Mario Odyssey. They should’ve prioritized the Switch version a lot better than this.

    • Ryan Johnson

      The game’s merits aside, it’s not their fault the Wii U was a sales dud and that they didn’t know the Switch was releasing soon.

      • Dylan Heisner

        It’s not so much that the Wii U was a sales dud, as I believe they would have released it anyway if the Wii U was powerful enough to handle it – spoiler warning – it wasn’t. I’m just happy to get an update for the Switch release. These issues probably only cropped up because the game was developed with the PC, Xbone, PS4, and the Wii U in mind, but after cancelling the Wii U port, the Switch was just announced and they didn’t have enough time to prepare. That, and Unity’s Switch support was still being worked on by the Unity Devs, resulting in PT needing to play the waiting game. When the Switch port finishes development and is finally released, Playtonic will probably put more focus on developing a Nintendo Switch port as soon as development starts on the next game, and should have a better idea of the tech behind the Switch. There is a big difference between starting a Unity project with specific platforms in mind, and adapting the same project for a last-minute/late port to a new platform or a platform not initially planned.

        Or, they’ll just switch to a different engine next game. Unreal Engine runs beautifully on Switch, as the new Yoshi game looks amazing, and that is being built in Unreal Engine.

        • Ryan Johnson

          Did not know that. I would never take Nintendo to ever use Unreal.

    • Josh Orton

      They did what they could. They weren’t given the advance heads up that the console was coming out, so they didn’t get to start developing the game until late.

    • Sharan Balani

      Not really possible, since their ability to port to the switch, was dependent on the game engine developer (unity) providing adequate support for the switch, which it looks like they have just done.

  • Marcio Correia

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Carlos Silex

    Sorry, but too late.

  • Q Mulative

    Nintendo was most of the reason developers are even paying attention to Unity. Unity could at least have attempted to have their engine optimised when building to Nintendo consoles.

  • John

    Any possibility of a physical release on Switch? Will there be any Switch exclusive features, such as Amiibo support or something like that?

  • Markell Hawthorne

    How about some exclusive content to make the wait worthwhile. ;D

  • David

    Considering how long it’s taken for this game to come out already, you guys NEED to ensure a physical version will be coming out, along with add in some amiibo functionality to this version of the game.

    It just won’t sell as well as it can because of how badly you’ve been burning Switch owners.

    Yes we understand the port takes time, but you did not even provide the details on Unity last month, when you easily could have explained yourselves. Instead you were quiet for months while we had a Nintendo Direct and Indies showcase. The Switch version should have been prioritized.

    • Josh Orton

      It is being prioritized, but they don’t share every single moment with us because they didn’t have anything substantial yet. They haven’t been burning switch owners, this game was never originally even meant to come out on it. The switch came out shortly before this game and Playtonic didn’t have much notice on it. It’s an entirely new platform to work on, different from all the others. That brings new technical challenges.

      Everyone is here acting like they have a single idea how game development works, yet clearly you and the rest don’t. The game is coming, they’re working on delivering us the best possible product. Is that not enough?

  • So long story short, the game’s having a hard time running on the Switch hardware. It makes sense, as the Switch isn’t too massive of an upgrade from the Wii U. It’s going to take some time.

    Let’s just hope these technical hurdles aren’t too hard to overcome, as with the Wii U version.

    • Josh Orton

      Not really. The switch is far more capable and development for it is easier than on anything else. But they haven’t been working on this version for the amount of time they were developing the others. Less than a year, probably closer to 6-8 months. Really it’s just that it takes time to make a game. They’re also a fairly small studio, with no major company providing deep pockets.

      • I don’t doubt that the Switch is a more capable machine than its predecessor. But it still has less power than the Xbox One. And we already know that version has the most problems with framerate.

  • Ben Mapes

    Thank you for the update

  • Lexcyn

    Don’t listen to the haters and take all the time you need. The game is awesome and deserves the attention you are giving it for the Switch.

    • Deundre Williams

      Whos hating? Were obviously are here because we plan/ed on buying it. They are taking waaay too long. Im not even buying this anymore. Its better to release a quality product than a broken one but dam.

      • Josh Orton

        They never committed to a date as the switch announcement came at the crunch time in finishing the game for the initial commitment. The switch addition came way after. They aren’t taking too long at all. As they said, they were waiting on a new version of unity, and that fixed some things and broke somebody others. That’s out of their control. Developing on a new platform can’t just happen overnight. Yeah the assets are all there, but they have to do a lot to adapt the game for a completely new system.

        • christian Vaughn

          I dont get how porting games to the switch is so hard, I recall the Snake Pass devs saying in an interview it took them a week or so to get the game ported to the switch after completing the PS4/Xbone/PC versions, and that was an indie team aswell

          • Josh Orton

            Different game engine. I think they used unreal, Playtonic is using unity. Also the game may use more resources on the switch than snake pass. All games aren’t made equal.

          • christian Vaughn

            But a few weeks vs 5 months is a somewhat large difference and they and I think snake pass had more detailed graphics. But I guess some devs just learn new hardware much faster than others

          • Stephen Cornwell

            Or some games are simply more difficult to port than others. Again, it’s a different game engine and the challenges are different.

          • Sharan Balani

            It has nothing to do with “learning hardware” and everything to do with the Engine they are using, UNITY. Having worked with Unity, and have had to struggle with similar issues, there is really not much they can do. Unity probably pushed out some key updates regarding file size & stability, that has been plaguing the game, and forcing the developers to put out unstable hacks to even get it in the playable state that they have shown us.

            For a game of this size, if the game engine is not equipped to handle memory management (which is a major issue on the switch), as well as hardware performance management, it can lead to severe instabilities, or things going all wacko.

            There really isn’t much cause to blame playtonic here, because there is simply nothing practical they could have done except wait for unity to ship the version with improved switch support. Instead, what they have done, is crank out some key patches, that from what i’ve read has fixed many issues in the original release. I can only hope that the switch release comes with even more improvement that playtonic has worked on while waiting for Unity 5.6 to come out.

          • hadaad

            It is clear you don’t develop software for a living.

      • Krypto Konon TehHedgehog

        Not their fault Nintendo didnt show dev kits until last october or that your only console of choice is Nintendo.
        Get another console or wait, quit bitchin lol

    • Danny Torres

      Not hatingb jist hoping we get a physical copy. It would be a waste of tine for them and for us if onky digital copy was released. They would lose money for sure on this if they port to switch with only a digital version.

  • SVDark

    at least one demo… one minigame .. something PLEASE

    • You got an update. It’s both the least they could have done and the most useful.

      They’ve got an issue that they’re working out with Unity. These things take time. Maybe in 2-3 weeks they’ll be over whatever hurdle is blocking them now.

      • Sharan Balani

        Exactly, if the game engine won’t spit out a working build, they couldnt publish a demo even if they wanted to!

  • Thanks for sharing an update!

    Can you CC us (or at least me) on your back and forth with Unity, or maybe share the ticket number? (I assume Unity’s tickets are publicly viewable… or at least some tier of membership grants access to view them? Not sure. Never have had to file a ticket with Unity before – tends to just work for me.)

  • SVDark

    will the switch users have some extra gift for the delay in the release?

    • Josh Orton

      No? Why would they? The switch version was never a commitment from the start, and they’ve basically had to go ground up getting it ready for the Switch. 6 months is *nothing* in development time. They didn’t miss a committed release date, what we get is the game. They aren’t a triple A company, they aren’t a primary selling title for the switch. They’re doing the absolute best they can. Our reward is a polished game.

  • Zer0.exe

    I’d rather have a polished game late then a mess come early. Take all the time you need, fix those camera/ control issues and I’ll be a day 1 full price buyer on Switch.

  • gamingawesomeness222

    I like how you’re actually showing someone holding a switch. It’s disheartening to see how some are upset and fail to realize you’re not a position where you can operate like the Rareware of yesteryear, at least at the present, but the latter half of this update is a relief because it shows signs YL is doing well enough where you’re slowly growing back.

    And to those who are like “Well, do I get Yooka Laylee or Mario Odyssey?” The correct answer is both.

    • Rust

      I’m stunned that it’s even a question. Obviously both!

      Regardless of release date proximity differences, we all got both Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64 back in the day, right? 😛

    • Aly Phelps

      Not everyone has the funds to allow them both, especially if they didn’t back YL on a Nintendo console already (so would have to pay for both games at the same time, or at least in the same month). SMO 59.99 + tax = $64.49 (in my area of the States); YL 39.99 (estimating) + tax = $42.99 (again, in my area of the States). 64.49 + 42.99 = $107.48. That is actually a tidy sum for some people nowadays. But this is all assuming that YL miraculously releases next month alongside SMO, which I’m not expecting (but would be happy with, as I’m a KS backer).

  • Cynel1

    well its official i hate Mondays now

  • Vanillogical

    Great to get an update, but there had better be a physical copy of the Switch version. This kind of game is not digital. It needs to be physical, and if there’s no physical Switch version, I won’t be getting the game. This game is perfect for the Switch, and I want to play it, but it needs to be physical.

    • Cynel1

      you have to understand switch cartridges are expensive so going digital only is the cheapest way.

    • Josh Orton

      Maybe if they can later on, but digital only at launch 100%. It doesn’t *need* a physical release, and the requirement that it must be physical is pretty stupid. They are a really small dev, making carts is not cheap.

      • porthunt

        Of course it doesn’t *need* a physical release, but a lot of people is just going to pass it because of that. There are options nowadays, like eastasiasoft, limited run, etc.

  • Breeanna Foster

    So what kind of work has Athena done in the past and her accomplishments? It’s great to know that she can swear, but what about her work?

  • Benjamin Desmarteaux

    My excitement got crushed when there was nothing said at E3;
    my excitement got killed when nothing was said at Nindies at Night;
    my excitement got buried when nothing was said at the latest Nintendo direct.

    Honestly, this update vs a slap in the face : its just the same thing and my excitement for this game is still dead.

    Coming from the guys who were Nintendo’s saving grace back in the N64 days with Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark and Conker’s just to name these, this is just disappointing how poorly the Nintendo fanbase is being served.

    • tagwart

      Do you even know how late some of those games that you mentioned were? Golden Eye 007 was two years late! The creators of Yooka-Laylee care as much about quality as they did when the were working for Rare.

    • Rust

      They’re trying, man.

  • iván elene

    By now it’s widely known that the game is pretty bad, just stop working on the Switch version altogether wasting the money you got from Nintendo backers and move on.

  • Mark Burley

    I have the switch but am playing it on the ps4 pro this game got dissed badly and unfairly in my opinion it’s got story and character.

  • Tyler Mcintosh

    Super keen for this game, loved rares work on the n64. Really hoping there’s a physical release for this game….but think I’ve read somewhere it’s going to be digital only :/

    Keep up the good work!

  • Denn Ortega

    This is like a dream for me, the good old days are coming back thanks to you. For me this is more expected than any other game in switch so do your best guys! I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job, like always!

  • Jorge Simão

    Welcome Josué and Anthea! Playtonic is growing up fastly. I can’t wait to see what other games the company will develop 🙂

  • Antonio Gaxiola Vidales

    Hablare en mi idioma original al español

    Las verdad estuvo muy mal que hayan “Timado” a la gente ya que esperaban en la versión física de la wii u y decidieron sacarlo para la nintendo switch. De hecho ya no tendrá el mismo impacto ya que la mayoría jugo para la xbox one , ps4 y hasta la pc (de hecho se lo han descargado en pirata para no pagar).

    La verdad ya fue mucha espera y si fuera ustedes yo dejaría un lado este video juego y enfocarme a otros en futuras consolas.

  • Zacharie

    I will buy it on switch, even at full price. Nevertheless, and however valid your excuses are, it just comes way too late. The console isn’t barren of great games anymore.

  • Junior Ramos-Alvarez

    I was about to give up already and just buy it for ps4 today at target. Only reason i havent/didnt is because i dont really have time to play at home and i really want to 100% this game. Please take all the time you need. I’ll just keep waiting with my fingers crossed for a wearable mario hat in game and a physical release XD.

  • Jim Panse

    Soooo 3 1/2 months you were right before the final testing.
    1 1/2 tests it only were some final issues
    Today it is only some remaining issues.

    3 1/2 months ago I thought “yaay in a few weeks I can finally play Yooka Laylee”
    1 1/2 months ago I though “Oh right yooka laylee still exists. perhaps in a few weeks I can finally play the game”
    Today I think. “Perhaps I can play it in december, but more probably next year”

    I’m happy you still work on this version but to be honest, for me this news is nothing. It’s more like a “Look we still work on it but we won’t tell you anything of relevance for you.”
    If you said it will be there in a few weeks that would have been something.
    If you said we have to be patient until the next year it would have been something.
    Right now its the same as before, nothing specific. Not even remotely. It can be here in a few weeks, or a few months, even years would be possible.

    Furthermore, a lot of people in this comment section ask for a physical copy. Until today I took that as a given. After all there are physical copies for PS and XBOX.
    I don’t want a digital copy for the switch (for any game). I won’t buy a digital copy. So if it is true that there will be no physical copy it would be nice of you to tell it sooner rather than later, so a lot of people can move on and buy it on steam or for the PS4 or the XBox1 or just don’t buy it at all. (the latter would be me)

  • Just release it whenever is ready, I’ll be there to support the Switch version.

  • Holedigger999

    Take your time. Make the release strong. Everyone will appreciate that in the long term.

  • ThePolterghostNX

    I am getting it on Switch. I was looking at it in the PS4 Used section.. but then thought nahh I’ll wait until it’s polished and finished for Switch.

  • Liam McGowan

    Just announce a RELEASE DATE before I go INSANE.

  • Brandon Hughes

    Will the levels have warp pads like B-T?

  • Nintardo64 (Joseph)

    I’ve heard terrible things about this game, but I am pretty excited to play it since I am a big fan of Banjo & Kazooie. I just hope it’s not horrible. Also R.I.P. JonTron Voice acting.

  • Snickering Phantom

    I havent played this game, but ill play it on the switch, i hope it has a physical copy

  • Thomas Boye

    Playtonic, just for the hell of it … Give the Nintendo version a special treat and put JonTron’s voice back in the game again. Thank you!

  • Thomas Boye

    Playtonic, just for the hell of it … Give the Nintendo version a special treat and put JonTron’s voice back in the game again!

  • Rinku

    Do you still plan to release Yooka when ready, or will you wait for the Mario Oddysey hype to have calmed down?

  • Leo Lee

    I bought it for PS4 and after just a little bit of time playing, I quit..
    It just doesn’t feel right if it isn’t on a Nintendo platform, and I’ve been waiting ever since. I can’t wait to play it again once it’s on Switch!

  • BigGrunks

    I’ve been holding out on playing this game – Seems like the Switch is the perfect system for this game. Can’t wait – Thanks guys!

  • Nate

    Can’t wait to play this game on the Switch! Keep up the good work!

    I recently found out about this game talking to a friend about Banjo Kazooie. I’m so happy to hear that the team responsible for Banjo Kazooie lives on in this game. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

  • Devan

    No physical release? Not going to buy it.

  • Abdulla’s Fun Adventures 8D

    Hey Playtonic games I was thinking if you guys put on Amazon.com Yooka-Laylee 64 Edition that way non-backers can buy the 64 Edition like let say sonic mania collector’s Edition or Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle collector’s Edition and can ship anywhere in the world and they can have a physical version of the game.

    Ps: I am making a game based the same way as yours but with a flightless bird and a bat.

  • Danny Maffia

    So excited for this to be released!! Can’t wait!

  • Ifox Beltran

    I can´t wait to have it!!!
    idk now if i want it on pc or nintendo switch XD

  • Danny Torres

    Please updste us to the details if their will be a phyaical copy. I dont mind spending 30-60 bucks for this game as long as it has a physical copy. And some cool nintendo exclusive manual similar to a N64 manual would be cool. But if their will not be a physical copy them i wont wastemy money of a nintendo port. I been waiting this entire time to play it on the switch but if their will inky be a digital copy please let me know so i can pick up a used one for 15 on eother the playstation or xbox.

  • Matthew Zimmerman

    Any news yet on the Switch Game progress?

  • Bernard Briffa

    Any update on the switch version? Can’t wait 😀

  • XXtheJUMPoffXX

    So is this game still coming out in 2017? Please give an update

  • Mark Daigle

    if theres no physical copy of Yooka-Laylee on the Switch .. i don’t know if ill end up getting this … i love my physical copies, i don’t mind downloadable from the E-shop, i buy mostly indie games, and virtual console games from the e-shop only.

  • Devan

    Physical copy or goodbye.

  • Carlos Luis Bobadilla

    Hello, its almost the end of the year!! Where is the switch version? Any information on release? Still waiting to purchase and play it for the first time on switch 😍

  • senko ukura

    iv been waiting to buy this on switch cuz i believe that rare (the heart of rare not that shell that Microsoft has) should be on a Nintendo console. i have also been following this game since the kick-starter launched back in 2015. what i would like to know is when will it be released for switch?

    to take a quote from warcraft ” even the light can run out of patience” -Yalia Sagewhisper