This week the Playtonic team did a ‘Reddit AMA’, which those in the office under 45 advised as a fashionable thing to do. You can find a lengthy summary over on the forums, but really all you need to know is this; Grant Kirkhope is a plonker, we make everything up as we go along, and Yooka IS wearing pants – just not ones visible through your eyes.

We also managed to coax two members of the team down to London, using a convoluted invention involving a piece of string and a Cornish pasty. Once safely herded onto the ‘subterranean steam train’, Sutherland and Mayles travelled to the IGN UK office, wiped away the crumbs, and talked over a video. Here it is:

With only 12 days remaining on the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter clock, next week our gaze turns towards the final stretch – and that includes the glamorous industry shindig of E3.

For the important duties of sitting in LA traffic and keeping us awake past 5pm, we’ve contracted the skills of one Grant Kirkhope. Together with Señor Robinson, the composer and America’s Biggest Gossip will be fulfilling media duties and as promised, playing an instrument in the street – as long as law enforcement don’t stop him. If you see us strolling around come and say hello. Only Grant bites.

We’re hoping to sweeten the E3 deal with a few more Yooka-Laylee media drops, but until then the art department has arisen and grasped its digital crayons long enough to produce the beauty below. Head over to our game page for a wallpaper version.

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