Project Ukulele – Your questions answered!

How was your weekend? Get up to much? Our Saturday involved a three-hour train journey, hearty Full English, followed by an afternoon thoroughly enjoying studio GM Gavin break down, as his terrifying on-stage EGX Rezzed appearance loomed closer.


To be fair to Mr. Price, he put in a performance in the end – and only got through two of the nappies we packed in the Playtonic travel hamper. In comparison Mr. Sutherland was positively cocksure: these sorts of high-stake situations just don’t affect you when you’re the voice of Daniel Carrington, y’ know?

If you watched our little dev session (what else would you be up to on a Saturday evening?) you’ll have seen the first proper glimpse of our game Project Ukulele, along with confirmation that it’ll include 3D jumping, trinkets to collect and inanimate objects with big eye-balls on them.

Elsewhere in our talk we confirmed:

  • A Kickstarter in May to expand our vision for the game and bring it to multiple platforms.
  • Confirmation that our new worlds will not just unlock – but expand too!
  • The name of our new main collectible… Pagies!

You can watch the whole thing again via the EGX Rezzed YouTube channel and we’ve also uploaded some lovely desktop wallpaper versions of the first Project Ukulele images.



With his bowels back to standard operating levels, we also managed to convince Mr. Price to supply this handy Project Ukulele FAQ. Enjoy.

Why Kickstarter?

“Ivory backscratchers. Also, we want to make this the best game it can possibly be, with the creative freedom to ensure that the final product is something we can all be proud of. Since our public unveiling the community has cranked up the pressure for us to deliver the best game of our careers (so far…) and this will help us do that. It’s also a great opportunity to build community and have fans get their hands on all the cool physical rewards they want (and can sell on eBay in a few years at inflated prices… everyone wins!)”

What kinds of tiers and rewards can we expect?

“That’s up to our fans as well as us, but a same day multiple platform release would be a great starting point so no one has to wait to play our game! In terms of rewards we could have books, limited editions, toys, clothing… We may even throw in some games as well.”

What happens if the Kickstarter fails?

“We’ll carry on making the game and release it when it’s ready. But the Kickstarter will help us add many features and platform versions – not to mention cool swag – that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

What can you tell us about the actual game, you information hoarder?

“There’s plenty of time to keep telling you more in the run up to our Kickstarter. The hype train is only just leaving the station as our fans keep saying! If you like our past work, the humour, style, challenging 3D platforming, helping out lots of mumbling NPC’s and collectively collecting collectibles then you’ll be in for a goggle-eyed treat!”

Which platforms will you release on?

“The ones our fans tell us to! Fans of our past work are all over the place and it’d be a shame to leave anyone out and we’d really not do that! We’re GAME developers, not SHAME developers (Note for our editor Andy Robinson – let’s trademark that one).”

Would you consider partnering with X publisher?

“Not right now. We’re just a team of developers who want to focus on making the game itself. There’s LOTS of other tasks that need doing in future and we want to be in full control! If someone wants to help out with the other tasks and also leave us be, we’ll think about it so long as it means the game gets even more focus from us!”

When will we see the bloody characters?!

“You’ve seen the eyes, what more do you need? The eyes are the portal to the soul, look deep in to them and you’ll learn everything about the characters! Apart from their physical form and potential for all new cool moves of course – you’ll see more of that come May!”

Your Comments

  • Jorge Rueda

    I really hope we get storm of info in the coming month

  • GoldenEdge Gaming

    Rareware was the developer that ruled the Nintendo 64. Banjo, Goldeneye, Perfect dark, Donkey Kong, Conker, and Jet Force. Playtonic looks like they know that WE WANT and what they are doing. I love this!

    • agentboolen

      I still can’t believe they where the big Ns go to developer and yet some how during the Gamecube error they ended up getting sold to Microsoft!!

  • Is the game planned to have a similar level structure to Banjo Kazooie – with large, open levels to explore, all connected by a hub world with it’s own secrets?

    • cresun7

      That’s a really good question. I loved how Banjo-Kazooie was centered around this large hub world, featuring all kinds of different themes to it, and snazzy little puzzles and secrets. It definitely added a lot to the magic of the gameplay. 🙂

  • josue58423

    Will you guys release a retail version?

  • TwinspectreGaming101

    tomorrow i’ll fund my money for a PS4 version

  • Austin Jackson

    I’ll donate money for a Wii U version once the Kickstarter launches.

  • ThatGamerDude

    All I want is Wii U version. I’m already hoping they become smash bros characters and I am soooo HYPED!!!!! You could have all my money!

  • Jorge Antonio Gutiérrez M.

    I have some questions for you, please, i will waiting their response: 1) The new game about of Project Ukulele will has the same or similar Banjo Tooie videogame Multiplayer, is it true? 2) The new game about of Project Ukulele wil has cheat codes like Diddy Kong Racing and Perfect Dark, is it true? 3) The new game about of Project Ukulele will has a second final story like Diddy kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini, is it true? 4) The new game about of Project Ukulele will have online mode for 2 players or more, is it true 4) If my questions is not truth can these questions and ideas be used in the future? Sorry, i cant speak english pretty well i speak spanish.

  • megasceptileftw

    I am so going to donate for an Xbox One version! This looks really awesome!

  • Ty Brown

    I REALLY don’t know what platform I want to play this platform on, as I happen to have multiple, but I’m SO EXCITED!!! 😀

  • HigiCura

    Can’t wait to play this on my Wii U ! <3

  • GamerWho

    Wii U please

    • Evan Lin


      • Ashley Hawkins


  • Glen

    I’d really like to see a Linux version. A lot of Kickstarter games have been supporting Linux lately, which is great! With game engines like Unity, Unreal and Source it is easier to do than ever before. Also the Steam Machines launch November this year and supporting Linux could be more important than ever. Imagine if Steam Machines become as big as Wii U or Xbone.

    • Andy Nonomous

      PC master race.

  • This has to be released on the WiiU! I would definitely back it! I have soooo many good memories playing BK on my N64 (still have both games which will help me wait for this one!).

  • Jon Chamberlain

    I moved on from Nintendo during the Wii Phase so I would love to see this on PS4. The market needs this, I need this!

  • Orange-Yoshi3

    Please make a Wii U version 🙂

  • Blake Gentry

    Wii U should be the first-thought platform release, given that Banjo-Kazooie was home at Nintendo.

  • agentboolen

    I’m interested but to play the devils advocate, I always felt like your hub worlds where quite complicated and found myself always lost not being able to find the last world I played during my last play session. Mario 64s hub world I found to be easier to navigate through, so in otherwise I’d hope if it does have a grand hub world don’t make it so grand (and confusion). Also go light on collecting, sometimes that stuff felt like a choir in your N64 games, stick to the fun.

    Also boy those 16 bit days you guys saved the big N where great, don’t ditch 2d completely from your future.

  • Benjamin Eriksen

    Will there be a 3DS version?

  • Juan Carlos

    I want it in my wii u please!!!

  • Juan Carlos

    I m very excited!!

  • Daniel Pajor

    I must know.. will Grant Kirkhope be involved with the score?

    • Gabcormier

      Will be. David Wise too, the composer for DKC

  • Is it confirmed on Wii U yet?

  • André Nielsen

    This could restore my childhoos if you release it on the PS4.

    • Andy Nonomous

      not going to happen. These guys don’t like Sony.

      • Luke

        It is happening. They’ve already said it is getting released on PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBO/WiiU

        • Andy Nonomous

          I love these dudes.
          “We are going to be releasing on everything because we dont want people to be stuck having bought the wrong platform”. These guys are my heroes.

    • Luke

      It is getting released on PS4. The platforms already mentioned by them are PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBO/WiiU

  • steven

    You should do a AMA soon!

  • Andy Nonomous

    For the love of bottles make this for PC. I am dying to play this, the glory days of video games that actually care about something more than money might be back and the magic from Rare is returning. I want to give playtonic all my money… that’s if they also release on the PC master race.

  • Stray Cat

    As an original Banjo Kazooie fan who’s all grown up now, I’m glad to see this is getting released on PC.

    It was a smart move not getting blinkered by all the console publishers waving their chequebooks and yelling for exclusives. You Rare guys are still awesome.

    • Andy Nonomous

      These dudes are pretty much my heroes.

  • Healy

    So friggin’ stoked at this project, guys. It captures that old Rareware feeling. The music, the art, characters, googley-eyes on everything! I wish you guys were still proposing the $1060 prize. I’m planning on taking a break from college for a semester, and I want to travel, and I would love to meet the team who shaped my childhood. But I’ll support all I can.



  • Aaron Pitts

    wii U i agree a 3d platformer would be awesome on it