Happy Birthday to Yoo

Surprise! Remember us?

Yes, hands up, we’ve been a bit quiet for a while. But we promise it’s because we’ve been far too busy working on covert goodness, and not because we’ve been down the pub for 4 months. Soon we’ll start talking more actively, both about extra content for Yooka-Laylee, plus… other stuff. Shhh!

But in the meantime, it’s Yooka-Laylee’s Birthday! Huzzah!

Frame not included

The journey up to now has been a proverbial minecart ride of surprises, and we wish we could reach out and give each and every one of our supporters a big snog. We love you guys XOX

But since we can’t physically caress all of you, you’ll have to make do with a competition.

To celebrate Yooka-Laylee’s first birthday, we’ve got a very special giveaway for you offering the chance to win one of five ultra-exclusive character parade posters, signed by the entire Playtonic dev team!

These posters were originally given only to the ladies and gents who worked on the game. However, the good news is that we’ve managed to convince the team to keep them off eBay long enough to hold this giveaway.

Want a chance to win an exclusive Yooka-Laylee Character Parade Poster? Head over to our Twitter page for details!

Thanks again for your splendid support over the past year. There’s lots of exciting stuff going on behind the scenes that we hope you look forward to. Cheers!