New Year, New Us

If you’re reading this then congratulations, you survived the carbohydrate onslaught of Christmas and may just live long enough to see Yooka-Laylee reach the shops (we’ll certainly be doing much detoxing until then, burp).

We’re kicking off the new year with a small, employment-related post today but rest assured: we’re currently working on a much larger update for later this month with information on, among other things, how Kickstarter backers will be able to change platforms and upgrade to physical versions.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered Yooka-Laylee and unlocked the Toybox, you can do so from many fine establishments including Steam, GOG, GAME UK, the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. For those who’ve already backed us, we thank you very much for your support.


Veterans Yay

Arriving just in time to light the cigars at the Yooka-Laylee launch party and take a well-earned break, it’s our latest Playtonic hires!

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of supreme scheduler Andy Wilson, who joins as producer, and handheld honcho Gary Richards, who joins our design team. The 20-year game veterans have entered the Playtonic office hungry to help us improve – and not just in the average employee age department.

Andy and Gary here, proudly posed in front of the Playtonic Joiner’s Bush

Here’s their RPG backstory:

Like all good and proper developers, Andy and Gary have a history in QA (and NOT hard crime, as some have suggested). The former acted as tester on Diddy Kong Racing and lead tester on Banjo-Kazooie, while the latter attempted to break countless classics across NES, SNES, Game Boy and N64.

By the late 90s the pair had moved full-time into both design and primates; Andy joined the design team on Donkey Kong 64, while Gary helmed Game Boy title Donkey Kong Land 3.

“It’s great to be back with a small team in control of their own destiny”

For Andy, the dabble in design kick-started a 15-year career in production across almost 10 platforms and 20 titles, including Banjo-Tooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Jetpac Refuelled and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Gary’s design debut meanwhile paved the way for a similarly glitzy career. Gary went on to become Head of Handheld department at Rare and lead design on all portable titles, including the likes of Conker’s Pocket Tales, Sabre Wulf, Banjo Pilot and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

Gary gasped: “Having spent over two decades working with most of the guys at Rare, I already know what a talented and awesome team I have joined. I can sense great things ahead.”

Andy added: “A couple of years ago, I thought it was time to grow up and jumped into the world of commercial software. Then Playtonic came knocking and that itch to get back into game development became too hard to resist. It’s great to be back with a small team in control of their own destiny.”

Welcome aboard, gents!

Ear’s a Freebie

Red sky at night… aural delight

Later this month Official PlayStation Magazine UK is offering its readers a very special newsstand treat; a free Yooka-Laylee music sample CD!

This one-of-a-kind aural delight contains a handful of tracks from the final game. To get your hands on it, British residents can simply visit newsstands from January 17. Alternatively, the issue can be purchased online via the website for worldwide delivery.

In addition to the pretty excellent free gift, there’s a ton of new game details and images in the issues. It’s not to be missed!



Your Comments

  • Sounds like they are fashionably late to the party! I bet everyone can’t wait to see the game in the store, I know I can’t!

    • Holedigger999

      Heeeeyy! Fancy seeing you around this neck of the woods. Shoulda figured for a guy who made emulator software for Nintendo controllers that you would be following playtonic 🙂 (I was that one guy who helped add instructions for downloading Toshiba Stack) Last I heard, you were working on your own game, right? Best of luck! ^^’

      • Yes sir! It’s nice seeing a friendly face. I even used my program to play the Toybox. And my game (Mega Maze) will be releasing on the 19th, though it will probably be completely overshadowed by the Switch, but that’s okay as long as it finally gets out there.

        • Holedigger999

          Great to hear! I haven’t pre-ordered the PC version quite yet because I’m waiting to hear more details about the Switch version. Gotta say thanks a ton for your program! Using it right now for my own game I’m working on. I’ll be sure to check out your game on the 19th! Congrats man!

          • I got the toybox from the Kickstarter, I’m holding out for Switch for the final version as well.
            That’s cool, can’t wait to hear about it!

          • Holedigger999

            Take care my good friend! I know we’ll talk again 🙂 Hopefully we’ll both have more good news!

  • CitrusRain

    >free music disc for dying media format subscribers in UK
    I have a saltshaker lid full of salt. I am trying not to spill it.

  • Geneva Sieg


  • Phazer

    Which stores in the US?

  • ben

    So you went from? Microsoft to sony.. Out of the frying pan into the fire…

    • Orange Lightning

      Not really…

    • bluedragon992

      Actually, no. Yooka-Laylee is going to be a multi-platform release. Which means it is going to be on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

  • William Crenshaw
  • Meichikun

    So the Yooka-Laylee music sample comes in the January 2017 Issue 131? or the one after that?

    • Cloudy

      Yooka-Laylee magazine is Issue 132 February 2017.

      It costs $16 with shipping to the USA.

      • Meichikun

        Rip, i ordered 131 and it got dispatched today, well rip.

        • Cloudy

          I plan to scan the entire section of Yooka-Laylee of this magazine edition in color to help the editors on the Wiki with the new information. You should reply to my comment with your email address. Remember to put your email as meichikun [at] [gmail] [dot] [com] so bots do not email you. Then I will get notified. Then I will save your email address. Then I will reply back to you here so you can know that I already saved your email address. Then you edit your comment to remove your email address, so you do not get spam in your email inbox from bots. Then you wait for my scans. I am doing this for you because I would hate a Yooka-Laylee fan to lose out on money due to not paying attention. If I was in your position, I would want someone to be nice too, so this is why I am doing this for you.

          If you are interested in reading the Wiki, you may read it here:

        • Cloudy

          I contacted you on Reddit and Steam.

          • Meichikun

            I replied on Reddit

          • Cloudy

            I sent you the scans on Reddit. Good luck!

  • Jessica Chandler

    Hello Playtonic! So will this be the January 131 issue, or is it the next issue coming out? Just wanted to be sure to buy the right one!!

  • Cloudy

    Yooka-Laylee magazine is Issue 132 February 2017.

    It costs $16 with shipping to the USA.

    Click “Buy Current Issue” to only buy 1 issue.

  • BMcP_2112

    Can someone tell me how to order the digital deluxe on Xbox? Is that even an option yet? Thanks in advance!

  • Anthony

    is Yooka-Laylee canceled?

    • Hank Hill


      • Anthony

        Thank you

    • bluedragon992

      Only the Wii U version. They are however making a version for the Switch!

  • Cloudy

    It sold out. Will there be a restock?

  • Cloudy

    How do I cancel my order?

  • Ryan House

    disappointed about no Wii U version. I hope putting it on the switch is possible and doesn’t take too long. Rareware was always up there with Nintendo as my favorite developer. I have battletoads on nes, all DKC snes, DK64, Diddy Kong Racing, Jet force Jemini N64 and Starfox adventures. for gamecube. I will never feel like dinosaur planet shoud of been changed to starfox. it feels like two games pasted together. I am gald it came to the Gamecube it got a graphics upgrade. but turning it into starfox wasn’t the right move. I wanted to continue to fight dinosours. like that T-REX guy.

  • Happy Mask Collector

    So it’s gonna take longer than the 11th to get the switch version??

    • Ty Brown

      Realistically, probably. Even though Unity has full support for the Switch, it’s not as easy as exporting to it. They’ll have to spend time optimizing it. I’m hoping I don’t impulsively cave in for the PS4 or PC version because I mainly wanted it for WiiU. Hopefully the wait isn’t too long, because I want the Switch version. I think a month or two after release is the best bet.

  • Carlos Silex

    Nintendofans paid this game for Wii U. Results: Launch in PS4 and Xbox One… This have a name: Fraud

    • Ashley Hawkins

      They gave you the option to switch to steam or wait for switch so not really.


      Wii U is a dead console, no comercial reason to lauch a game to it. Switch is the right thing to do.