Media Coverage Meltdown

With Yooka-Laylee just 5 weeks from release, the world’s gaming media and video aficionados recently got their hands on the game and Sonar Shot their opinions across cyberspace.

Did you GDC us?

At separate media events, attendees were invited to sample 2 hours of a near-final version of the game, with progress limited to the first two worlds. At the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we also showcased a smaller demo of the game’s Glitterglaze Glacier world, which was limited to ten minutes’ gameplay and pre-expansion.

There’s lots of new gameplay to witness and words to savour, and that’s not all: we’ve also released a pair (!) of new trailers showcasing the Glitterglaze Glacier and Nintendo Switch version of Yooka! You lucky people.

For your pleasure, we’ve bullet-pointed a handy summary of articles below.

Our tiny team of veterans can’t wait to see what you all think come Yooka-Laylee’s April 11 release day. Thanks for your support and see you soon for some collecting!


Kickstarter: Last Chance to Lock Shipping Addresses

As the clock ticks towards Yooka D-Day, we’re delighted to confirm that backer-exclusive Insert Coin t-shirts have been made and are beginning to process!

Time for Tee

To ensure that your t-shirt arrives with as little disruption as possible, all backers who have physical goods must ensure that their shipping address is filled in correctly before Thursday, March 9 in BackerKit. If you don’t do this, your t-shirt may go to the wrong address for you and we’d be unable to send another so make sure you have the correct address down.

You can access your BackerKit information via Remember at this stage all other Backer pledge options are locked, but you can amend your shipping address until Thursday this week.

For those with other physical items that require shipping, we’ll be looking into organising those in due course, prioritising game disks ahead of other items.

Your Comments

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    This is all great to hear! I can’t wait to play the game. 🙂

  • oliver clark

    i cant wait to play this on the switch and carry it around with me. keep up the great work tonic team, this is only the beginning of the Amazing games to come.

  • Talal Rahim

    When is the game coming on Nintendo Switch? Do you have a release date?

    • lolm8

      I would like to know that too

  • Jonathan Dalton

    I cant wait for this to get the bad taste of Mighty number 9 out of my mouth

  • bluedragon992

    I could care LESS whether or not JonTron is in this game. I for one am going to play this game and I’m going to like it! “Politicization” be damned!

    • Craig

      You mean COULDN’T care less?

      • bluedragon992

        “Couldn’t care less”, “could care less”, I’ve heard people use both variations and still mean the same thing (that they don’t give a crap about the “issue” AT ALL)… Sorry for not having proper grammar…

        • Craig

          “Couldn’t care less” means you “I CAN’T care less becuz I care SO little”. Like a one out of ten. “Could care less” means “I don’t ENTIRELY not care about it… I mean, I could certainly care less than I do right now.” Like a two or three out of ten.

          I just can’t ignore a mistake. It doesn’t feel right. In most cases, the person simply doesn’t know. Like ‘breath’ and ‘breathe’. I used to always get those mixed up becuz they don’t teach you the simple, easy rules that are actual rules of English. My point: we need better English teachers.

          • bluedragon992

            Yes. We do…

          • FrostUK


  • Slick Rick

    I will like this game no matter what, people need to grow up and forget the whole JonTron thing.

    • dragmundis

      I’m with you there Slick. Let’s forget the bad and remember the good. 🙂

    • Brandon McCrary

      Nobody is saying you shouldn’t enjoy the game. If you don’t care about the controversy, good for you. However, many of us are upset about dishonest journalists having an influence on people’s lives.

  • You Just Made The List

    Wow, this actually looks like a pretty interesting game. Unfortunately, I can’t support the way I’ve see you lot treat paying customers.

    • Koalaman412

      Because of Jontron?

      • You Just Made The List

        That, and the piss poor way they’ve handled the backlash from it. (Refusing refunds for people who want them because of this issue, deleting threads and posts asking for said refunds, etc)

  • dragmundis

    No matter what, even now, I still want to thank Playtonic Games for bringing back 3D platforming games. 😉

  • TimelordLink

    So will Wii U backers who don’t switch consoles get the Switch version?

    • Craig

      No. They’ll get the PC version. Unless you switched to Switch in time. But I didn’t realize that was a thing till it was too late, so now I get two copies on PC. Oh, well. It’ll make a nice gift.

      • TimelordLink

        HA! I see what you did there! Anyway, is there a link to where you can do that? I’ve looked and can’t find anything about switching consoles. Or in my case, switching to the Switch. LOL

        • Craig

          Sadly, the option to switch consoles has long past. 🙁

  • kara mitros

    Good job, Yooka Laylee is now officially a Left Wing only Game. Good job bringing politics into gaming. You should have stayed neutral on this since jons opinions were personal. i’m totally boycotting your company and spreading the word to anti Left wing gamers since you’ve chosen sides

    • Nino Oštir

      This makes me stay even more neutral because of feeling that I’m doing something wrong when playing this game.

  • Kalle Ekström

    Yooka Laylee will probably be my game of the year. Will Zelda loose the spot?

  • FireEye the Artist

    Cant wait for it to download at release nbecause I pre-ordered and am gonna play it when it comes out

  • Nathan Josephs

    when are backers getting there codes?

  • Suzanne Snover

    Jesus F*cking Christ. Everyone is so butthurt over JonTron. His career was over the moment he left Game Grumps. And him having his distasteful views put another nail in his coffin. Playtonic didn’t want to be associated with his views. But even in cutting ties they’ve been branded anyway, so what the f*ck can they do? And then hiding comments for refunds? Maybe some people are being super aggressive and harassing Playtonic over this because a refund over a favorite “celebrity” is a stupid excuse. I’m sorry. I don’t see anyone boycotting Chase for funding the DAPL and I don’t see Pro-Lifers going to those families and offering to adopt the child they can’t afford… If we’re going to get political, let’s get political. This game was made with a sh*t ton of love, and the fact that it was kicked over a million dollars shows that and the fact that they didn’t want to have politics muddy the waters of their company… But like I said: damned if they do damned if they don’t. How about everyone who’s having a b*tch fit over JonTron take a step back and realize the game has NOTHING to do with him. The game is not called JonTron. The game is Yooka-Laylee play it, or don’t that’s your prerogative but demanding a refund because JonTron isn’t in it is ludicrous.

    • Brandon McCrary

      The people who asked for refunds are greatly insulted by Playtonic’s decision to remove Jon. Dishonest journalism is a massive problem and Jon’s removal is only giving these quacks more power. Jon made some distasteful comments, but he was removed because of lying cowards who intentionally focused only on a few quotes as opposed to summing up Jon’s views as a whole. They don’t want to disprove a few statements made by a guy who has some nuanced views, they want to paint whomever they can as white supremacists so they can pretend we still live in the early 1900’s.

      • Suzanne Snover

        Media didn’t make him say anything. He still had distasteful sh*t to say and wasn’t afraid to say it in the stream. And his defense of, well everyone else is saying these kinds of things – and THEY’RE not getting in trouble/fired, isn’t a valid excuse. Jon wants to be a white supremacist, and Playtonic wants nothing to do with it. Plain and simple. Just because journalism brought light to it, doesn’t mean it’s any less valid, and doesn’t mean it’s fake just because someone disagrees with the news.

        • Brandon McCrary

          I never said the media forced Jon to say anything. I said they cherry picked his statements and ignored statements that painted a better picture of his actual position.

          I never said Jon shouldn’t be dropped because other people don’t get dropped when they make disagreeable statements.

          I never said the journalists were wrong because they brought light to what happened. That doesn’t even make sense!

          I never said the reason it was fake was because I disagreed with them.

          Stop being a dishonest liar and address my ACTUAL criticism, or is your reading comprehension skills honestly THAT bad?

          • Suzanne Snover

            I could cherry pick Hitler’s statements to paint a better picture of him. Does that make him a better person?

            I didn’t put those words in your mouth either.

            Yeah but calling them dishonest sounds like you disagree with them reguardless.

            Shhh. Sounds like you’re baiting me. Not gonna fall for it.

          • Brandon McCrary

            Your Hitler comparison makes no sense. It literally doesn’t prove nor disprove my statement.

            I called the journalists dishonest because they were precisely that, dishonest.

          • Suzanne Snover

            Ok. You’re right. You win the internet. I can’t discuss with an idiot. So I won’t. Have a great day. Ok? 🙂

          • Brandon McCrary

            What does it feel like with your head in the clouds?

  • Justin Maitland

    If it had voice acting or no grunts, weird noises then I think I could enjoy this game. As soon as the noises from characters came into play, I really considered taking the game back. Now I have to enjoy the game with no effects on so I don’t have to hear the annoying voice sounds. I wish there was an update to just take the noise out for dialogue or add voice acting.