Media Coverage Meltdown

With Yooka-Laylee just 5 weeks from release, the world’s gaming media and video aficionados recently got their hands on the game and Sonar Shot their opinions across cyberspace.

Did you GDC us?

At separate media events, attendees were invited to sample 2 hours of a near-final version of the game, with progress limited to the first two worlds. At the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we also showcased a smaller demo of the game’s Glitterglaze Glacier world, which was limited to ten minutes’ gameplay and pre-expansion.

There’s lots of new gameplay to witness and words to savour, and that’s not all: we’ve also released a pair (!) of new trailers showcasing the Glitterglaze Glacier and Nintendo Switch version of Yooka! You lucky people.

For your pleasure, we’ve bullet-pointed a handy summary of articles below.

Our tiny team of veterans can’t wait to see what you all think come Yooka-Laylee’s April 11 release day. Thanks for your support and see you soon for some collecting!


Kickstarter: Last Chance to Lock Shipping Addresses

As the clock ticks towards Yooka D-Day, we’re delighted to confirm that backer-exclusive Insert Coin t-shirts have been made and are beginning to process!

Time for Tee

To ensure that your t-shirt arrives with as little disruption as possible, all backers who have physical goods must ensure that their shipping address is filled in correctly before Thursday, March 9 in BackerKit. If you don’t do this, your t-shirt may go to the wrong address for you and we’d be unable to send another so make sure you have the correct address down.

You can access your BackerKit information via Remember at this stage all other Backer pledge options are locked, but you can amend your shipping address until Thursday this week.

For those with other physical items that require shipping, we’ll be looking into organising those in due course, prioritising game disks ahead of other items.