Learn from the Bessst

As the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign ascends to even more spectacular heights, it’s high time we introduced you to the game’s first support character: flash, wheeler dealing serpent, Trowzer!

“Alright geezersss… come to learn from the bessst?”

Look: Clothing!
Look: Clothing!

Trowzer is a business-snake whose career never took off. Not that he knows it – the smug, serpent salesman thinks he’s the bee’s knees (not that he has knees), and for a little dosh he’ll teach you some of the slick moves he picked up on the high-stakes sales floor.

Yooka-Laylee’s creative lead, Gavin Price explains: “Trowzer thinks of himself as the best salesman ever, but with his downbeat appearance and 1980’s mobile phone, life never took off for him.

“He’ll take your money and count it (he’s an Adder…) and because he knows best he’ll even demonstrate the moves you just bought for you to replicate… if you can follow his jiggling.”

Character artist extraordinaire, Mr. Steve Mayles described the design process behind his latest creation: “I didn’t want him to be a snake in the traditional sense, and when Gav suggested he should have shorts on (do I have to add shorts to all of my characters?!), a great idea for this was his body could curl back up through the other leg hole. So he’ll move with a certain springiness, which will be fun to animate.”

So there you have it. We look forward to your beautiful fan art and the inevitable furore surrounding how many pairs of pants he’s wearing (or not wearing).

Don’t forget you can still contribute to the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter – and thanks a million for your splendid support so far.

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  • Vorsun

    This play on words is a bit too much for me. I really like the design too.

  • Ben Springs

    So Yooka can’t have pants, but the snake can. XD

    • The world of Yooka-Laylee is harsh, and only the most brilliant of double entendres and puns can survive its savagery.

    • Mast3r5py

      I’m surprised the pants didn’t have just one leg (well, it IS explained up there…) because in B-K, all of Banjo’s transformations have the shorts, but with on leg.

    • I’m really hoping that Yooka can change colours to look like he’s wearing clothes.

  • friendlysoviet


  • Clint Oliver

    I knew shorts would appear on a character! It was inevitable! Major props for the concept of using the other leghole to loop his tail into. That’s hilarious!

  • JshBee

    This is the best. Wonderful show. The puns.

  • Pan Naan

    I love it

  • Omg, I loved it, hahaha! <3

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    ….i see what you did there….and i love it 🙂

  • LysolPionex

    Genius. Pure genius.

  • LysolPionex

    Genius. Pure, utter genius.

  • Christian Kurti

    Trowzer Snake?

  • Anubis316

    Ha the new Bottles is a “Trouser snake” love the hidden mature humor

  • Jon McGuire

    “Look: Clothing!”

    I cannot express how thankful I am you guys have retained the same cheeky and clever humor Rare was known for for years. <3

    Really lovely character design, this is wonderful.

  • John Enigma


    …with a pair of pants…

    …called Trowzer (trouser).

    *Facepalms in laughter*

  • hhog

    Ohhh you guys, you and your naming characters after subtle double-entendres. 😉

  • Ty Whittle

    This is a very clever character. Keep it up guys!!!

  • Otakold

    Great character! Brasil love’s your work guys!

  • InfiniteQuasar

    Now that we got a bottles-like character…will there be gruntilda(villan)-like character as well?

  • Sam Packer

    A Trowzer snake. That is the most god damn hilarious shit I have ever heard in my life!

  • Fuzunga

    This character is perfect.

  • Antony Juan

    i somehow knew it was going to be a reptile character to have a support role….i’m glad its a snake……alright now that we know who is the new..bottles…i wonder……who will be the new mumbo?

  • Raney

    looks more like a safari-ranger or something like that to me 😀 but i love him already!

  • Roberto Perez

    looks funny lol

  • The ‘Crayon Snake’ in “It’s Mr. Pants” for the GBA was originally called the ‘Trouser Snake’, but THQ (who was publishing it) asked for a name change.

  • Lonewolf

    This is hilarious, well done!

  • Cameron Ward


  • I love the whole “Used Car Salesman” vibe he has going on 🙂 It’s unique 🙂

  • Stephen Snelten

    Trouser Snake… Really you guys?

    I love this company!!!

    • Scott

      Not just a trouser snake; if you look carefully you will see that he is a one-eyed trouser snake.

  • Mast3r5py

    Don’t you mean thanks over 2 million?

    • CraZShinobi

      Over 1 million if your looking at it in terms of cumulative British pounds thus far (over 2 million converted to US Dollars).

  • puffwad

    Soooo basically Bottles + Money Bags = Trowzer… I’m in.

  • ontheshoreline

    I love this! I especially like the snarky caption underneath too!

  • TreasureMan

    I can’t wait for the lore and story, I wonder if there will be voice acting

  • TreasureMan

    I hope to explore some secret hidden areas in the game aswell

  • TreasureMan

    So he can use the washroom without taking of his pants haha!

  • EarthenWarrior

    Freaking instant classic, and seriously Steve, shorts look great on anything

  • StarvingGecko (Zachary McC)

    Gotta’ love that little date gag too – Googled it right after I saw it just to make sure, ahah.

    I was remarking to a friend earlier about how the shorts thing here seems like an obvious idea in hindsight, but I haven’t really seen it till now – seems like you guys are gonna’ have a bit too much fun coming up with these new characters! Also, keep those rare entendres comin’

    • Joshua Murray

      I found you outside the hospital!

  • Balbasaur

    This character is absolutely stunning. He’s definitely got that whacky Rareware vibe, and I’m excited to see what all he has in store for us.

  • James Rundle

    Dude, that is a sick design

  • Eccles _

    Seriously though, Trowzer’s design is great. Can’t wait to see his animations!

  • Adam Austin-Andrew

    You should have a line where he talks about being so dessssssperate that he had to sell his own oil, AND PEOPLE LOVED IT

  • archvile78

    Oh man, that play on words…

    Lol i love it.

  • BanjoKazooieHub

    Sooo looking forward to this game!!

  • (Minimmat)

    Um, not to be a downer, but doesn’t this kinda ruin the whole “kid friendly” vibe for anyone? I mean, it is funny – ha ha, ouch, my ribs – but I have a hard time calling any game with a joke like this rated E. Rare has always been a bit bawdy, but this is nearing Conker levels of tacky.

    • Mast3r5py

      Shh… the kids don’t need to know.

      • (Minimmat)

        That’s not the problem. The trouble starts when dear sweet granny asks little Timmy what he is drawing. XD

        • Mast3r5py

          “That’s the last time you try to make r34 Timmy.”

          • (Minimmat)

            That’s about right XD

    • Coolf

      Doesn’t a /lot/ of kid stuff have sexual innuendos?

      • (Minimmat)

        Mario doesn’t. Donkey Kong doesn’t. Banjo-Kazooie… it had a little crude humor (fart/poop jokes) but I don’t *think* it did either. Please, name a well know E rated franchise that does – I honestly would like to know. 🙂

        • EspomBarrack

          Actually, Banjo-Kazooie is notorious for it. Lots of innuendo and ‘adjusted phrases’, particularly with word swapping out a phrase(like Mother Clucker). And Mario isn’t a shining beacon either, my first thought goes to that peach game with the ‘Vibe-Scepter’…

          • (Minimmat)

            I’m pretty sure that Mario innuendo was created entirely by the internet – just take phrasing out of context and bingo!

            I feel that this character is more on the nose than the word swapping in Banjo. I mean,this guy’s name is literally Trowzer Snake. XD

        • Coolf

          Need I mention Rayman, LoZ, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, Harvest Moon, and Pokemon? Also why limit yourself to video games? We have adventure time, Looney Tunes (now THAT is chopped full of ’em), nearly everything on Cartoon Network for that matter, Spongebob, Fairly odd Parents, AND even some baby shows.

          • (Minimmat)

            Never played Rayman, Crash, R&C, Harvest Moon. As for the others, I don’t recall anything in LoZ or Pokemon. The Loony Tunes were actually pretty tame, you’ll have to cite a specific instance. Never watched Spongebob. Fairly odd Parents… don’t recall anything of the sort. And baby shows? I doubt that

    • Balbasaur

      wait am I missing something? I didn’t see anything sexual about this

      • (Minimmat)

        You seriously don’t get the joke?

        • Balbasaur

          No? I’m just seeing a snake wearing a pair of shorts. What am I missing?

          • (Minimmat)

            The devs made a joke, the character’s name is Trowzer the Snake. Trouser Snake – get it? The devs did this as a snarky comeback to all those who asked why Yooka – unlike Banjo – lacked shorts. (Sounds silly, doesn’t it?)

          • Balbasaur

            Ayy I guess that makes sense, yeah.

  • Joe Swistock

    The fan art of Trowzer on Deviant Art will be disgusting. Prepare your emails, game devs!

  • Jonny Spence

    I lost it at the adder pun XD

  • Scott Lawrence

    I see what you did there. 1985 is written on the phone. the same date that Rare was founded. love the concept

  • Toby Plowy

    yes rare is finally back woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t go back to Microsoft Neve ever! EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Turret Cube


  • MarioManiac01

    I have an idea for another character: Oinks. He could be a pig that stores away Pagies, and you’ll have to collect enough coins to pay him. He could also save your game. Here are a bunch more character ideas:
    – Bambanda the Panda: Transform Yooka & Laylee into other forms.
    – Sam the Toucan: Gives you hints for getting Pagies in exchange for coins.
    – Huron the Triceratops & Tailtwo the Squirrel: Act as rivals to Yooka and Laylee. They can also upgrade attacks for coins.

  • Needs more googly eyes…

  • Zeek Vervin

    Next thing you know they’ll make a Female Leopard that has a Anaconda Side kick just so you can swing from trees or make the game feel like Earth worm Jim. Then again that sounds interesting. (After reading this please don’t take it out of context, Though I know you will!)

  • SIADmander

    More sexual innuendo please.

  • Icek00l

    Ha! I could totally do a fan art of this. But, just wondering, will the price vary for different moves? Or will it stay the same majority of the time? And will he be in one set place (in kinda a hub world)? Or be a bit like bottles in BK and move around?

    That may be a few to many questions but I would like to know :3

  • Lord Dracula

    I’m anxious to see who the antagonists will be! A worthy successor to Gruntilda, perhaps?

  • micah

    why not have more reptilian characters because you have 2 already. and why not have banjo and kazooie as playable characters in the multiplayer as well as other characters like an octopus and a flying fish or an ogre with a dragon… possibly.

  • DaftPunkboy

    Awsome design^^

  • Kieran Hart

    LOOK! He has the Pants like banjo and a tie like DK!