Job Spec: Technical Artist

Playtonic are looking for an experienced Technical Artist that can contribute on many levels in all things techy and arty. As a small studio we’re looking for someone who can be versatile and adapt to the potentially wide variety of technical challenges that could be thrown their way, but initially, have a stronger leaning towards the rendering pipeline side of things.

They should be well versed in processes such as shader coding, content optimisation and tools, with a view to helping define, communicate and enforce best practices to other artists. In addition, they would be in a position where they could help develop and prototype bespoke solutions for whatever weird and wacky visual ideas our designers and artists come up with!


  • Shader Creation – Design and create optimized shaders through the use of both programming and shader editors and instruct and guide the artists in best practices for shader creation.
  • Optimisation of game content via profiling and diagnostic tools in order to enhance performance and develop a guide to best working practices for the artist to utilise.
  • Collaborate with other developers to prototype, develop and test new features, tools and visual effects.


  • Extensive experience working with the Unity Engine with in depth knowledge of the rendering pipeline.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Maya
  • Ideally knowledgeable in a range of other content creation software including Photoshop, Zbrush, Allegorithmic Substance Designer/Painter
  • Shader programming experience
  • Scripting skills with Python, C#, and C++
  • Strong knowledge of current 3D rendering principles
  • Experience in architecting and developing tools and pipelines for artists
  • Experience working with and knowledge of current generation console hardware


Beneficial Additional Skills (not essential to the role but would help differentiate candidates):

  • Maya Rigging experience


Interested in working at Playtonic?

Drop us an email introducing yourself over at Attach a copy of your CV and any portfolio work you wish to share! Including the name of the role you’re after in the subject line would be ace too!