Introducing Yooka-Laylee

They’re not real human beings, but they are our new heroes. Meet Yooka and Laylee, the buddy duo set to adventure in our aptly named debut project Yooka-Laylee, coming to Kickstarter this Friday!

keyart_finalDreamed up by character artist Steve ‘don’t call me Steven’ Mayles – the man behind Banjo, Kazooie and the rebooted Donkey Kong family – we think the bat ‘n chameleon (we’ll let you guess their sexes) are our most inventive protagonists yet, and we’ll tell you just why we’ve deemed that over the next 24 hours.

Starting right now IGN has the ‘scoop’ (we’re assured that term is still used) on the first ever Yooka-Laylee gameplay footage and feature details. Head over there for ‘the skinny’ and when you’re done visit our brand new game page to see some beautiful artwork.

Tomorrow we’ll publish loads more Yooka-Laylee media (will there be David Wise and Grant Kirkhope tunes? You bet your pedigree gerbil there will be) alongside an interview with their father, Mr. Steven… sorry, Steve Mayles himself.

And then at 5pm BST on Friday it’s the big one, the launch of our Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign. When we first discussed this project the reaction was immense. You flocked to our shop doors like eager amiibo scalpers, and your mouths were full of requests.

You told us you wanted Yooka-Laylee (or whatever it was called back then) to be the best game it could possibly be. You said you wanted sprawling, gorgeous worlds to explore, tons of smartarse characters to meet and inventive moves to learn… and you wanted to do it all on your gaming platform of choice.

When we launch our Kickstarter in less than 24 hours, you can help us tick all of those boxes and more. Together you can help our team create the game they’ve dreamed of making – and you might pick yourself up some cool swag in the process.

Your Comments

  • Liam Freeman

    Oh yeah!

  • Alfred Griffin


  • JP005

    Time to empty my wallet.

  • I am sooooooo excited!!

  • 8-inch


  • azalea

    yay! I hope one of them is a girl 🙂

    • Helioptile, Krookodile Dundee

      Hate to burst your bubble, but both of them are male.

      Oh well, better than nothing!

      • Amy

        Where’d you find that out? Does it say somewhere? I must have missed it…

        • Amy

          Thankfully, one of the devs just confirmed on his twitter that the sexes of Yooka and Laylee aren’t revealed yet!

          • Amy

            Pointless to speculate of course, but “we’ll let you guess” might imply that the duo mirror banjo and kazooie in that respect too. That’d mean Laylee was a girl 😀

          • ontheshoreline

            I think Yooka is the girl! 😀

          • dsloaner

            OBJECTION! Our new heroes, Yooka (the green bloke with no pants) and Laylee (the wisecracking lady-bat with the big nose) . Taken straight from the kickstarter page.

        • Steffanio

          “we’ll let you guess their sexes” One is most likely female 🙂

          • KartSmash

            I’d say the bat on top is the male and the chameleon is the female from their eyes.

          • kaptinscuzgob

            another reference to banjo-kazooie there, swapping the gender of the two characters

          • KartSmash

            I can dig it 🙂

          • Kiddo The-Dragon

            It’s been confirmed by the Kickstarter page that Yooka (The chameleon) is male and Laylee (The bat) is female. Just as I hoped. 😀

      • ontheshoreline

        Nope! IGN jumped the gun on that one. Playtonic have said it’s not revealed, meaning at least one is a girl. 🙂

        • Agent Rose

          Yeah. Layelee’s a girl. 😛

    • TickleMeTingle

      Yooka looks more like a girl to me to be honest.

  • JD69han

    Just got done making a kick-starter account just for Yooka-Laylee 😀

  • anon

    Time to make fan art.

    • Keichi Morisato

      time to make some rule 34 fan art you mean.

  • 華奢 キャャャャー

    I feel like an amazing nostalgia brick just smashed through my window. Roll on tomorrow!

  • Helioptile, Krookodile Dundee


    Can’t wait for fan art, as well as crossover fan art of Yooka and Laylee with Banjo and Kazooie!

  • fenix_down25

    YASSSS!!!!! Oh than you thank you thank you! Can’t wait to contribute to this!!!

  • Love it! Can’t wait to get this on my Wii U!

  • NaughtyOttsel

    -swoons- oh my god, I’ve been waiting 15 fudging years for the return of you guys and 3D collectible platformers done right.

    I’M IN LOVE!!

  • Michael Andrew

    you guys gonna do a physical release? cuz i neeeeeed this in a box

  • Jérôme Thibault

    OMG !!! Thanks 🙂

  • FrostedFireFly

    That gameplay looks SO cute!!! I HAVE to back this! I wanna play it so bad!

  • Rodrigo Azeredo

    Por favor tragam este lindo jogo em português !! I need this game in Portuguese!! PLS!

    collect enough money in the kickstarter to spare a little for a translation

  • ThatGunslinger

    The graphics have that Super Mario 3D World sheen on them. I approve.

  • Eintopf Mitschinken

    Two thoughts on this:
    1. They are sooo naked! No backpack, no yellow shorts ;P
    2. I’m not a friend of that blocky landscape. I hope that’s not the style of all levels. It’s what made the world of Nuts and Bolts so artificial to me.

    • Raney

      i think most of the pictures are from one and the same level, because they didnt have enough time to do more. Although i like this block-design, i hope there will be more variation

    • Alex Cervantes

      I have to agree that they are really naked… and the texture of the world is a little smooth.. but im going to play this till my eyeballs fall out! But seriously naked…

      • Houston Eitle

        Look @ sonic the hedgehog, he is practically naked (but let’s not turn this forum upside-down on that subject)

        • ShoesBro

          What kind of sonic fan wouldn’t throw a fit/vomit in disgust if they saw his actual feet/toes?

          • Houston Eitle

            That’s just because, he (sonic) is iconic to sega, yooka is a new character so…

        • Infernova

          Now that you mention it, I think Yooka needs some SHOES.

      • kaptinscuzgob

        i expect itll get far more detailed as it gets developed. whats been shown is nowhere near finished, remember

      • ontheshoreline

        This is all just 3ish months work remember. It’s going to be way more polished when it’s done, even though it looks amazing now!

    • Houston Eitle

      It was supposed to look artificial. The trees were detachable from the ground if I remember.

    • DorsalAxe

      The world’s are meant to be expandable, so perhaps the block look ties into that visually.

    • Ben Waxler

      I imagine the blocky landscape might change later on. This could just be more of a tech demo right now just to show off their abilities and some of the gameplay.

  • Skylar Misery

    My body is ready.


    Finally! Cant wait!

  • 234glenn

    You need a support as paypal button, else I wont be able to donate I’m affraid, and I really want to support.

  • Tatzelwurm

    Can’t wait to play this game!

  • Ken Krumbach

    I neeeeeeeeed it!!!!!

  • Brian Michael Hite

    This looks wonderful and I cannot wait until Friday when I get to throw money at it!

    They are very naked, though. So very, very naked. It won’t be a deal breaker if that doesn’t change between now and release, but I’d love it if we could add some pants for the reptile.

  • As the old saying goes, “Shut up and take my money!”

    • 234glenn

      Here is a similair saying for yah

  • Houston Eitle

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they had the characters play a banjo and a kazoo

    • Spencer Agabiti

      Or a Yooka Laylee alt skin (not colors) For Banjo and Kazooie IF they make it to smash.

  • Dave
  • puffwad

    Hmm. If i’m being completely honest. I don’t like the character designs.

  • Kyle8497

    It looks fantastic! Gaming has been revived!

  • Adam Sthename

    If these characters are both genderless/ female, or Yuka is female, I will love you for this and 9 of my next incarnations.
    Also you’ll create a groundbreaking game like Splatoon, where the game and all of it’s marketing never assumes that ‘male’ is the default player, that female players are just as important, that anyone and everyone can play.

  • koritron

    OMG so addictive name Yooka-Laylee, btw is there going to be a witch as villain?

  • Trent Martin

    This is what we have wanted for aver a decade. You have my support!

  • Alex Cervantes

    I have done some thinking but just my input anyway. The bat should have kept the eyes from the first picture shown to us, big and bulgy going every direction. And the chameleon seems like a girl (which is awesome that you threw a curve ball like that. Love it) but i dont like how ill proportioned she is. Her body is like a square with arms and legs. Just wish it flowed better. And horns maybe give her some horns. Thanks for hearin me out.

    • Alex Cervantes

      Maybe just some pants.

    • JoePlant

      I like the idea of Yooka being a female

  • Alexander Barker

    So excited for this! I want this and B-K on my Xbox One!:)

    • Spencer Agabiti

      Why for Microsoft, when they can come home on Nintendo

      • Alexander Barker

        Because Rare seems to be more interested in their past games now, as well as Microsoft. It’ll be interesting to see what they do next. Especially since Killer Instinct has been decently popular for the Xbox community since it launched.:)

  • Michaël De Bona

    I just hope this game will be a great tribute to the N64 era. No DLC please !

    • Kevandre

      Let’s not go crazy. Release a complete game, but please create DLC levels and stuff post release! There’s nothing wrong with new content so long as it isn’t held back from the initial release.

      • Keichi Morisato

        when the game is closer to release, if they want to do DLC, that is when they will need to start planning it out. a lot of people for some reason get upset when people think about and start planning DLC before the game is release, and fail to realize that there is a lot of planning involved.

        • Kevandre

          Oh absolutely I understand how it works. I’m just saying don’t take stuff out of the game specifically to release it later. Do like Sakurai is doing.

          • Keichi Morisato

            you mean, do like what Nintendo as a whole is doing.

    • Spencer Agabiti

      There adding a 64 Bit mode as a dlc mode.

  • Alex Cervantes

    Did anyone realize that both of these animals cant see very well?

    • Durandal

      Now the draw distance doesn’t have to be that high! :^)

  • bellboy64 .

    They are cute as hell, guys/Steve. Well done!

  • mkoiuytrewqazxcvbnm

    today started to play banjo kazooie, alredy one of my favorite games of all time. evening comes and I see the news on ign. almoast past out from exitment!

  • CitrusRain

    I’m afraid of this killing off any hopes of Banjo-Threeie.
    Which I am hoping will finally be made due to how much support they’re gaining for the Smash Bros ballot.

  • Balbasaur

    I’m super ready to see more gameplay of this. I’m so excited I can hardly sit down. I’m just so happy with the way these characters turned out and I can’t wait to see Yooka’s tongue-grappling move.

  • MuppetTechNews .

    give them pants you misogynist males. lol

  • Dunkare

    These Characters look boring! Give them some Gadgets or at least some clothes. They very much lack personality. No doubt the gameplay will be great, but a true successor to Banjo-Kazooie needs heart and soul, too!

  • y0d499_1337

    Looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the Kickstarter!

  • Anjospot

    I hate “Shut up and take my money!” Its annoying. Many people do not realized that they are not getting any profits.. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft make money thanks to you people and now they are rich. Nah. I am not getting it at all. Its cute but nah..Thanks anyway. Sorry about my English.

  • Daniel SF-MB

    Me chifla la idea de este nuevo videojuego. Ojalá lo veamos en Wii U. Por lo que he leído acerca de éste, me ha enamorado. No puedo evitar recordar el Chameleon Twist 2. Por otra parte, tengo muy buenos recuerdos de la saga de Banjo gracias a este videojuego. ¡Qué ganas de saber y ver más acerca de este videojuego!


  • I just want to say; Thank you. Just a plain old thank you very much for bringing this game to life. ;-;

  • Nesther

    Looking great, hoping for some clothes on Yooka and/or Laylee though.

  • Fist

    I…. I think my childhood just came out of remission guys.

  • RNM714

    Wait, is the chameleon a dude or a chick? Yooka is kind of a girls name, but the IGN guy said “guy”

    • ontheshoreline

      IGN got it wrong I suspect, thus the correction Tweet from one of the devs.

  • Ryan Neely
    • Steve Morera

      While it is fun, no matter the likeness! xD

  • HintShade

    The only thing I can ask for is to not have a tutorial character whom gives you all your moves, and hopefully get a more fluid way to learn moves. (NO BOTTLES PLEASE!!!) T3T

  • Nicolino77

    I’ve been waiting for almost 15 years for this. I almost cry happy tears…

  • Rasmus Bek Kordic

    I love you.

  • fbontheweb

    gentlemen i will happily throw my 60 quid in

    European currency in your direction. #platformheaven

  • MD

    Needless to say… I’m excited. Take my money!

  • ontheshoreline


  • SuperSethBros

    Time to make fanart XD

  • JoePlant

    Alright. This looks amazing. I’m stunned that you guys were able to pull what you did together in the last 3 months. It seems half of us are on the ‘Character design looks ‘effing great as it is’ and the other half are whining for a backpack or some such. Character Design is GREAT how it is. As much as I love Banjo and his design, this is Yooka! YOOKA-LAYLEE!

  • WhoFedKennen?

    PLOT TWIST : Microsoft announces Banjo Kazooie 3 at E3

    • Ben Waxler

      Well I read somewhere that Playtonic knew what rare was working on and there might be some collaboration between the two.

    • Andrew Krueger

      Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Balls

  • Naomi Rose

    I think Yooka wears no cloths because he/she can blend in with the surroundings, aka invisible like chameleon(stealth mode) I don’t think cloths would be able to pull that off when they go that move. so be like seeing a invisible ghost wearing clothes….yeah

    • JoePlant

      Agreed and Yooka is definitely a she!

      • dsloaner

        Laylee is stated as a she within the kickstarter page, and Yooka is stated as “The green bloke with no pants.” Bloke. Male.

  • Hamzilla22

    This looks soo good! can’t wait!

  • Cosmo Gato

    i want this on my pc :3 it come to pc win/steam os, would be the only aceptable platform game on pc.

  • Ryan Joshi

    Let the hype train commence.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    my hype cannot be contained!

  • Mano Branded


  • Amoranth

    Very excited, this animal duo should provide the context for some great gameplay mechanics; chameleons can climb very well and have long sticky tongues,maybe we will be able to acquire some Chameleon Twist style abilities at some point. Bats can fly of course, but they also have sonar so that they can navigate in the dark. Both of these guys (I think Yooka is a girl for the record) together make me confident that we’ll have satisfyingly diverse movement options and special abilities to play with, which is of primary importance in a Banjo-style 3d platformer. They are a bit plain looking though, Yooka could use some kind of visual additions at least. Pants? Shirt? Something.

    Also, just my opinion here, but please be careful about making the environments overly-stylized and square, it can go too far and cause the world to look artificial, less interesting, and less beautiful. I find it difficult to get immersed into sandbox/3d platformer games that look like Project Spark, where everything is fake and plastic looking but (in the case of Spark) has no in-game reason to be that way. Texture/lighting is important as well. Even very stylized characters can exist in beautiful worlds that aren’t as stylized as the characters, like in Sonic games, or the DKC series. I’m not saying attempt realism, or that Yooka-Laylee doesn’t look good already, just use caution/don’t overdo the environmental stylization and end up making the game less beautiful just because simple/sleek/rectangular is the fad for kid’s games right now. If you have to do it for performance or gameplay reasons though, that’s another story.

  • crimsondisco

    “Like eager amiibo scalpers”


  • bob vance

    Game looks excellent, but Laylee’s nose is just not working for me. A minor nitpick is the lack of clothes/accessories like Banjo’s shorts, but I would be fine with only a Laylee redesign. It’s like a clown nose.

    • JoePlant

      Love the nose actually.

    • KittensWithHIV

      Completely agree about the nose, maybe the chameleon doesn’t need clothes because he’s a chameleon.

      • Serperion

        Never assume the bigger character is the male.

        • Weston Mitchell


          • ontheshoreline

            Dude shut up. So immature. Above commenter is right. Yooka is probably the girl.

        • tickles

          ign made it sound like they’re both dudes but it could go either way.

        • Stephen Carnaggio

          Yeah, true. After all, in nature, the female is usually larger than the male.

          • lol no. it varies by species, but LOL NO.

          • Serperion

            What’s wrong with Yooka being a girl, it’d shut the feminists who say that all video game protagonists are men.

          • Infernova

            There’s no need to please the fems. They can just go shut themselves.

          • Infernova

            Depends on the species. Lions are bigger than their females, just as men are larger than women. BOTH lions and humans are ‘in nature’.

        • dsloaner

          Our new heroes, Yooka (the green bloke with no pants) and Laylee (the wisecracking lady-bat with the big nose) . Taken straight from the kickstarter page.

    • mofi

      If you add conventional nostril holes it will look like Yooka. Also it´s probably modeled after a vampire bat and then heavily stylized, i dig it.

      • MarioManiac01

        It looks like it has 4 nostrils.

    • Orange-Yoshi3

      Yes I agree with you.

    • PositivePeoplezz

      Im sure they’ll make some really cool transformations that’ll look awesome! On the kickstarter page, it said they would include those Mumbo-Jumbo style transformations like we had in Banjo-Kazooie titles if they reached a certain goal (which they reached).

  • bob vance

    Oh, and can I just say thank you for including the equivalent of kazooie’s double jump. That part had me giddy

  • Michael

    How do you feel now that you own me? This is incredible. Banjo-Kazooie is my favourite and first ever game. I want this, I am ready. Thank you guys so much!

  • Lanturn

    Literally the first thing I thought of when I saw this. So excited for this though!

    • chris obrien

      lol XD

      • chris obrien

        thats the first thing that came to my mind too :3

  • Paul Davidson

    Well I for one am excited, I was more of a Mario 64 guy than a Banjo Kazooie guy but I love what you guys have come up with. The characters look great, the overworld looks great, and I cant wait for the Kickstarter, Ill do my best to support the cause. Congrats!!

  • Brad Silvia

    Physical edition, please.

  • Guilherme Schmitt

    This is so exciting!

  • David Ahn

    Money is being thrown at the screen for Yooka-Laylee

  • TheKnight

    If you have a different way to contribute, I would love to. However since I don’t have a credit card and Paypal doesn’t work on Kickstarter I’m left just rooting for you guys. Though, there’s probably no question it will get fully backed.

  • James R Stabile

    i dont even care what system its on (as long as i dont have to buy a play station as poor collage student is poor). but anything else and you guys are gonna sell atleast one copy to me.

  • Francisco Madrigal

    Did you just confirmed that Grant and David Wise are in the team????? O_O

  • Alan Morrison

    Definitely going to miss using Kazooie like a gun… Rip Eggs

    • HigiCura

      Maybe you’ll shoot sonar blasts a la shademan or something with Laylee.

  • Yooka-Laylee? oh god, I can just SMELL the puns…

  • Banjo Kazooie

    this looks amazing!

  • Defender of Time

    What I love is that it’s gonna be available for the PC! I don’t have any of the new consoles, but I sure as heck have a computer! I can’t wait! 😀

  • Rai Avila Vargas

    I needs a yooka-laylee amiibo, and hey, night as well as make an amiibo of keith and burly too

  • Ayy Lmao

    Nice original character guys! AYYYYY LMAO

    • Z_

  • could you give us a wii u version

  • THE_AJ


  • Shadic2003

    I need this game

  • Hanatarot

    First splatoon direct and now this ? Then hearing the developers got ideas and enjoy prefect dark from rare? 2 new ips annoucements on the same day from 2 awesome companies? Grea! Man. May going to be sweet.

  • Kaibun

    This is awesome. The whole original team is here, this is gonna be just about perfect, much better than Rare’s recent poor attempt.

  • Ruesiken

    Please let JonTron do the voice for Laylee!!!
    He’d make an awesome sassy sidekick!

    Also Jacque cameo please! 😛

  • HigiCura

    I’m guessing Yooka is female and Laylee is male, even tho Laylee sounds more like a girly name than Yooka… I just hope the characters are as funny because I loved Kazooie as a sassy sidekick (funny that she was the sidekick because when they got separated in Tooie she had the coolest abilites, Banjo sucked… he just slept in his backpack).

  • Sharpstix

    Yooka The Hedge-meleon Twist-hog

  • Really loved the whole game design! Hope to see this game on a Nintendo console!

  • Gerardo Figueroa

    This just puts a smile on me each time i see these characters 🙂 i love yu guys!

  • Alan Olsen

    My inner child is squealing right now.

    The game already looks amazing and can’t wait for that sweet music. I’d love to play it on Wii u! Maybe something with steam?

    I’m also skeptical about Laylees nose and Yooka’s exposed bod but you never know, could grow on us. I trust whatever playtonic decides. You guys rock!

    p.s someone send my love to Grant!

  • Adzl33t

    This better be for PC, I dont own a console in like 5 years

  • BornFlunky

    Words cannot express how hyped I am. Legitimately. Not “Watch Dogs trailer” hyped.

  • Matthew Todd

    Calling it right now, they’re both female and this is going to be the sassiest platform-adventure game of all time!

    On the design, I’d love to see some little bits of characterisation like the old blue backpack/yellow shorts/shark tooth. As others have mentioned, they seem a little naked. And yeah, not sold on Laylee’s nose, but hey it might grow on us.

    However this ends up though, I’m sold already. Looks like the game I’ve been anticipating for the last decade has finally arrived.

  • tickles

    love the nose. cant wait for tomorrow!

  • It’s such a great time for old gamers who grew up with so much stuff that’s coming back now. Hard to express how heart-warming those few animations are, among the BK-style sound-snippets. I also wouldn’t have thought you guys would make the game’s characters so close to BK in terms of controlling 2 characters and stuff. But I guess especially for marketing purposes it’s genius and for everyone asking for a new BK game that isn’t like nuts and bolts, this is the closest thing to get.
    Plus it gives you the possibility to go in complete different directions, whenever you want, as after all, it isn’t BK, but actually something new. And I hope it doesn’t too much play like a BK-HD.

    I’m actually just writing this because I don’t know how to fill the time until I can finally empty my bank account over your kickstarter project.
    One last wish: take the time you need and never rush things.
    Currently waiting for the game Armikrog to be completed and it has been delayed over and over again and I believe it’s soon one year past it’s initial release date. But every single fan is absolutely cool with that as they are just doing art there and pressure doesn’t help that. So the only important thing is, that it’s polished and offers that amount of details and love that made BK such a great game. It was that degree of extra love a gamer wouldn’t expect. My favorite example for that was Nabnut. Everyone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to, play BK now.

  • Nicholas Scott

    This is why I love Rareware, so much. Because the legendary employees who used to work there, knew how to make some of the most greatest games ever. From the amazing Donkey Kong Country trilogy to the epic Banjo-Kazzoie games for the Nintendo 64. When Rareware worked for Nintendo, during the Classic NES, Super NES, and N64 era, every game they made was awesome. And finally seeing Yooka-Laylee for the first time and a little bit of gameplay, just goes to show that the Playtonic Games team still has that great talent that they showed us, back in the day. I loved Rareware when they with Nintendo and I love Playtonic Games for not giving up on making games. Keep it up guys. If you see this comment, then let me just say one thing. Playtonic Games is AWESOME!

  • TJgamer

    I’ll bet my possibly nonexistent gerbil that I’ll be sharing this project as much as possible!

  • JoJo_718

    Everything looks pretty rad, but I think the characters look a tad too simplistic compared to Banjo-Kazooie, Conker or the Kongs from DK 64.

  • Gianluca Matterhorn Abbate


  • Alex Cervantes

    Ps3? Its all i have right now, and all ill have for a long time. Not looking forward to joining the next gen consoles.

  • I literally can’t eject money from my wallet fast enough 😀

  • sonic7M

    For the love of god stop it with the gender discussions already. Why would it even matter if yooka is a girl. I swear it looks like feminists are invading every good game I know. If this affects the developers right now nobody’s getting my money for this anymore and that’s most likely exactly what you want. It looks nice, it has potential, and they’re characters. Why would it matter which gender they have? It never mattered up until a little while ago, and now every non-gamer is going nuts about females being “oppressed”. Games were good back in the day and nobody had complaints. People who keep ranting on about how the females should be the ‘stronger’ or main character in the game should just deal with it, they’re most likely not even active gamers or won’t buy the game anyway. No loss for the devs. But for the love of god, STOP bashing on male characters in video games when everything was fine before.
    Also: >inb4 butthurt feminists raging hard on this comment. If you don’t have anything better to do than make hateful/annoying comments, please get a hobby. Do something you like, get a joy in life. Making these kind of comments really isn’t helping anyone and people will just in general avoid you if you keep that up.
    Anyway, if the devs read the comment section, I hope some clothing/accessoires get added. Other than that it has great potential. I’m really loving how it looks and it’s pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Great job by these people

    • Kiddo The-Dragon

      Yea, true. Besides, the Kickstarter page has already confirmed that Yooka is male and Laylee is female.

      I don’t think giving Yooka clothes is a good idea, though. I mean, Yooka’s a chameleon. Chameleons can camouflage themselves, which would be a cool ability for him. If he wore clothes, though, this ability would be rendered useless.

      He also looks more beautiful without clothes. :3

  • mofi

    Yooka Laylee, Ukulele… I see what you did there 😛

  • Orange-Yoshi3

    Great looking game with fantastic gameplay! I like to explore big worlds and this game is perfect for me 🙂 So Shut up and take my money if it comes out for Wii U!


    Definitely backing this. Not sure how much money’s I’m going to throw at it yet though. But I’m all for some 3D platforming goodness. Something that isn’t Mario. Thank god.

  • Harry De Darthes

    Yooka feels underdesigned. He/she really needs some clothing.

    Clothed animals are really a “rare” sight.

    • Jacob Tshikani

      Why would a chameleon need clothes? They have camouflage, and that’s probably going to be one of Yooka’s abilities.

      • Kiddo The-Dragon

        Yea, I agree. Besides, I think adding clothes to Yooka would ruin his design.

  • Tristem Saris

    You know its interesting how close some of the speculative fan art got to getting Yooka Laylee’s right. Quite a few of them imagined that one of them was a chameleon.

    Anyway its great to see the heroes of the game now. Overall they look awesome. Although I agree that they need a bit more detail on them they look a bit plain as is, and I agree with some of the others that the nose on the bat looks a bit weird, but overall I like how they look.



  • May

    My hands are itching to draw these! 😀 Love how familiar yet a bit new it will be to play these characters!

  • jokerpentrick

    I really, really like the look of this and will be backing the hell out of it

  • Elliott Lockwood

    Looks fun, nostalgic, and just plain awesome! I’m in.

  • ZeroNow

    Pretty sure this will be an instant purchase for me. Just the thought process and devotion behind it is enough for me to give you guys money so I can enjoy it on a console like I bet it’s meant to be played

  • So when does the kickstarter begins?

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    The graphics look vibrant, but I do NOT see Banjo-Kazooie…

  • Sam Costello

    I am beyond stoked for this

  • Jonathan Gonzales

    The nose on Laylee is kind of goofy looking, perhaps they would concider making it a bit smaller?

  • Renatoy René Israel Castillo V

    Quiero jugarlo

  • Oof, a year+ out on release. And probably longer for the Wii U… Congrats on the kickstarter thought.

  • Dannynez

    There will be hidden colored eggs ? : D

  • Hanatarot

    Awesome character design. Never had the 64 but I did pledge $46 dollar for this game. Can’t wait to play it on my wii u!

  • Splitforces

    I wish the PC version wasn’t tied to Steam for DRM reasons but that is a tiny complaint for what looks like an amazingly comfy game.

  • Kiddo The-Dragon

    Really love how they have no clothes. I hope it stays that way. 🙂

  • Polarjelly

    Yuka needs to be wearing something on his body. If not a backpack like Banjo, a messenger bag over his shoulder with the bat in it. Necklace, scarf, something. Please have a shaman use voodoo to transform yuka and laylee into a bear/bird… at the very least as an Easter egg.

    • Kiddo The-Dragon

      No, no clothes, please. I like them the way they are. D:

      Rare’s had multiple characters without clothes as well, such as most of the Kremlings in Donkey Kong Country 3. Nobody complained about that either.

      I think to add clothes to the characters would ruin their beautiful appearance now.

      • Polarjelly

        Kremlings are enemies you kill not main characters nor do you play as them. Accessories add personality and a sense of charm. If banjo had nothing on but a bird on his shoulder…that’d be bland not to mention lame. Forgettable even. Mario without his iconic hat, Link without his cap, Sonic without his shoes…Yula needs something on him to make him stand out as a character and if you think otherwise, you’re a fool.

        • Kiddo The-Dragon

          Oh, I do think otherwise for another reason: Chameleons can camouflage themselves. Chances are this might become one of Yooka’s abilities. But if he had clothes, this ability would be rendered useless since the clothes would remain visible.

        • Kiddo The-Dragon

          Oh, also, the Kickstarter page explicitly calls him “The green bloke with no pants”, meaning this is most likely the final design. I hope so. I love him the way he is and I don’t want any changes to him. Do you know how much time goes into designing a character?

  • PositivePeoplezz

    I’m gonna cry so hard… This is what I’ve been waiting for ever since Banjo-Tooie!!!!!! Nuts & Bolts was trash… This is the PERFECT direction to go and I LOVE how they’ve stuck with banjo-kazooie artistic styles, even in the title! It’s so nostalgic but new at the same time! The sign post with the eyes is so banjo-kazooie, I love those little characters. I am BACKING THIS ON KICKSTARTER 100000%!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS ARE SUCH FUCKING LEGENDS FOR DOING THIS, YOU ARE HONESTLY THE MOST LEGENDARY GAME DEVELOPERS I’VE KNOWN IN MY 25 YEARS OF LIFE, SO INSPIRING, SO CREATIVE…….. I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

  • nyanninja99 the robot scout

    YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR RARE (or at least this new company that has some of rare’s dev) TO MAKE A GOOD GAME

  • Sp00ks Pls

    It feels like Yooka is missing something and is a bit bland imo. Hopefully they will spice it up. Everything else looks great.

  • Mark Den Uil

    This is going to be my first pledge. Greatly excited for what seems to become a grand platformer, you seem to know exactly what many gamers have been missing!! All the best Playtonic


    its good thing that Microsoft missed this oppturnity and that will become more success with other systems like Wiiu and PS4, but now fans wanted on LInux and MacOS as well…i am shocked to heard that meaning more sales going other platforms..well this might replace the dying sonic franchise that SEGA hold too long at his deathbed…that title must pass on to someone else with experience of winning..

  • Francisco Madrigal

    Who is the girl? I really hope Yooka is, I don’t know, I fell in love with the character seeing it as a girl, that would also change the Banjo-Kazooie genres

  • disqus_7a3i8UAbLd

    Yooka-Laylee although colorful and beautifully designed look WAY too generic and lacking in personality for me to want to invest in. They are not nearly as endearing or unique as Banjo-Kazooie were, despite taking inspiration from them.
    In BK, It was the little brilliant details that came together. The characters were very different- Kazooie was an odd, quirky lanky bird partnered with a large goofy, loveable bear. It was great to see how their pairing worked together so well by design. Kazooie brought fun and unique elements to the motion dynamics they shared. Their differences served to further develop their unique personality traits which we came to love, and made them so fun to experience- such as Kazooie’s ability to carry Banjo as she ran (as well as sometimes using her wings), her getting tucked away in Banjo’s backpack (peeking out from time to time) and even the noises Kazooie made while in motion. All these things enhanced the experience and made the game so great to explore while playing them.
    Yooka-Laylee for me by contrast, are lacking. Aesthetically they just seem to blend into their environment like lawn furniture. Yooka’s face looks blank with no personality and Laylee’s nose is too distracting to notice much else. Their design feels more reminiscent of something I have seen a hundred times in generic children’s cartoons. Sure, a chameleon is supposed to blend-in, but that is not what I’m talking about here. Overall, they look like part of the game backdrop while just hanging around in the game.
    Meh. I am underwhelmed and disappointed. I know the character dev’s are capable of so much more. There is more to choosing a character than considering what movement options they bring to the table and then slapping on some colorful skins. I can’t imagine investing hours into a game playing characters that from the gate seem so lifeless…even if they and their environments are pretty and well designed. I’m going to pass.

  • Noam Elul

    Isn’t this copyright infringement? It’s basically the same game under a different name.

  • Michelle Swift

    YES!!! ;-; Oh my childhood, the nostalgia is unbearable I can’t wait.

  • TimeFart

    October 2016? For some reason I thought it was this October:) That’s a whole other year!

  • Andy Nonomous

    When is the playable demo coming out?

  • Fábio Matias

    this looks amazing, Banjo Tooie is my favorite game of all time and we dont see many cartoony adventure games anymore