Grabbing the Ghoulies

Just like buses, you wait ages for one character reveal and then a load turn up at once – and some drunken hoodlum’s urinated all over ‘em. Introducing the Ghost Writers!

“Come closer! Tee-hee!”

None wearing pants, sadly.
None wearing pants, sadly.

In their physical days these articulate phantoms were the scribes behind Yooka-Laylee’s mysterious book worlds. However, following their suspicious demise the Ghost Writers’ unsettled souls are now cursed to endlessly wander their creations in search of spectre salvation. Free their spirits for a special reward…

A Photoshop contest waiting to happen.
A Photoshop contest waiting to happen.

Yooka-Laylee’s creative lead, Gavin Price explains: “The Ghost Writers haunting the book worlds will add a fun twist to collecting.  There are a variety of different types hidden in every world, each with their own unique requirement for being caught.

“Mix that with the different areas in which you’ll find them, and hopefully they’ll result in a fresh challenge with every encounter. They’re like a living (un-living?) collectible.”

Character artist at large, Mr. Steve(n) Mayles described the design process behind his band of ghouls: “As these characters aren’t based on any particular creature, it was good fun to go a bit crazy with them. And we are crazy guys at Playtonic Towers… never a dull moment, etc.

“The ghost was originally going to be one character, but I sketched so many thumbnails (50+) it sparked the idea of having 5 separate ghosts with different abilities.”

The Ghost Writers are the third character reveal to date for Yooka-Laylee, following Trowzer and our heroes themselves. There are many more waiting in the wings, we promise.

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  • Nicolas

    It’s the clever meta-references like the title of this post that make me love these guys! Also, I’m liking where the whole concept is heading: worlds are books with collectibles called Pagies that serve to expand them, and now these Ghost Writer fellas… Looking good!

  • Dan Pricola

    zomg new jinjos

  • One of my big concerns for Yooka-Laylee is that it might be too indebted to concepts from Banjo or other Rare titles, and too internally-focused (this was also a problem in Nuts & Bolts, which narratively only makes sense to people who’ve long been Rare fans). Stuff like the worlds steadily being unlocked more over time and these guys are helping with that a lot – it feels like a new interpretation, but one that’s increasingly differentiating itself by working with the differences. The Jinjos are fun as a goofy, ersatz fairy species, but combining the idea of the game as a book with freeing its creators is a really cool concept.

  • Mast3r5py

    Gettin’ some deja vu sorta feels from these guys, they remind me of the different style of ghosts from Luigi’s Mansion 2.

  • Nathan Quattrini

    YEAY Grabbed by the Ghoulies reference! I always wanted to see a sequel to it, but some hommages will do 😉

  • Freddy Johnson


  • Wilco Spruijt

    Nice the jinjo idea is coming back 🙂

  • Anubis316

    waiting in the “wings”… hmmm a clue?

  • jldkjfasldjfaslkdasj



  • Antony Juan

    green ghoulie looks awesome

  • bellboy64 .

    GAF, you know what to do…

  • Hermione Granger

    gabba gabba yeah!

  • Icek00l

    Book worlds? Hinting at something? Or have I missed something and everyone already knows?

    • BobisOnlyBob

      You ain’t collecting Jiggies, you’re collecting Pages (Pagies?) to unlock new Books. The hubworld will contain all the stage “books”, as far as I know.

      • Icek00l

        Thanks. Where’d you find that out?

  • Felix Conde

    They are great… I am that all the characters in this game will be wonderful!

  • …Oh, I get it, these are the Jinjos of Yooka-Laylee!

    …But wait, it took 5 of these ghoulies to write up the contents of one book-world?

    …Can we expect a Jinjonator-equivalent in this as well? 😛

  • LysolPionex

    Will there be an Italian plumber to help suck them up in a Hoover?

  • Spencer Trumbore

    Oh, sweet! I didn’t realize this was an actual update.

  • Tenshiros

    One question. What 3D Software are you using to create the 3D Assets(besides Zbrush).

  • Aaron Taylor

    The way they describe them reminds me of… never mind, you already know what I was gonna say.

  • Tanner Roberson

    Ok, now where’s the shaman?

  • Edgar Adrian Aguilar

    Im so happy to see you guys making this new game, I cant wait. D:

    greetings from Tijuana Baja California, México. ✌

    and you have all My support for this video game.

  • Sweeeeeeet

  • Ian Neumann

    I think this Hub World may be a library.