Goodbye, Andy Robinson!

There comes a time when every cockney bloke must run off into the London sunset, and that time has come for Andy Robinson.

After four years of weaving wonderful tales at Playtonic, Andy has returned his quill to the company ink for the final time. From wooing the press to breathing life into the Yooka-Laylee universe, Andy has been incredible to have around. We wish him all the best for his future adventures – we’re sure the Ghost Writers will carry on his legacy in ours.

“Take a good look at this face, ’cause you’ll never see it again.”

The thing is… we didn’t want to let him escape without subjecting him to a Dr. Quack-esque quiz. We admit, the “quiz” resembles a pleasant interview with some nonsense thrown in, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!

Andy’s departing “quiz”

Who is your favourite Robinson?

Robinson’s fruit juice.

What was it like being a part of Playtonic’s growth during Yooka-Laylee development?

Mad. And not just the massive Kickstarter and million-selling game; realising that nobody says hello or goodbye in the office environment. Navigating Steve Mayles’ mountain of lad mags. Learning the science behind Kev Bayliss’s morning grooming preparation. Begging Chris Sutherland to stop doing Killer Instinct announcements in the gents toilets. Having to sensibly deal with content commits such as, ‘fart bubble now has force feedback’.

What’s your biggest phobia?

Travelling to the Midlands.

Will you miss cheap Midlands pints?

They’re great until the entire high street shuts down at 9.25 and the town crier directs everybody back to their cottages, after which you have the choice of breaking into the Carling brewery or mixing your own in the bath.

Will you stop calling the Midlands ‘the north’?

Will you obtain a mobile phone signal?

You were never a contender in Mario Kart 8, what games are you actually good at?

Mario Kart Wii, where real men throw down the green shell gauntlet.

Are you happy that you got away with some typo bugs by blaming QA?

The joke in question (‘Is it the quality assurance move? Of co%3urse not’) generated my favourite moment at Playtonic when QA genuinely bugged it as a typo.

Did anything happen during your time here that made you cry?

When Dan didn’t put all the music variants in Galleon Galaxy. Or the boss intro music. Or the pause tune.

What would our community gain by continuing to follow you on Twitter?

They can enter my special venn diagram of West Ham and Nintendo, and help me get my blue tick back after I leave Playtonic.

What’s your favourite memory of Playtonic?

All the trade shows where the hard work finally paid off, and the team were allowed to enjoy players actually experiencing the game; the huge queues at EGX, the relentless interviews at E3, the awkward Yooka-Laylee rap premiere at Rezzed… golden memories.

Is it just us, or is Steve Mayles the smallest person in the world?

He’s small but deceptively strong: he once pushed me into a garden hedge in Los Angeles, lifted me up, and then threw me back in again. I’ve never been able to get the dirt stains out of those shorts.

Did you notice your framerate dropping when you stood close to Steven Hurst?

Only when I was looking at him with from behind a lit torch with many, many particle effects.

What is your favourite line in Yooka-Laylee?

Ooo, this is self-indulgent. We cut one in Casino: ‘I recognise this… it’s like the shooting gallery from the Jungle world’ / ‘This is the spiritual successor… it captures the look and feel of the original shooting gallery with a few modern twists’ / ‘Could you not afford the original? Cheapskates.’

Could you leave us with a brief story synopsis for our soon-to-be-announced match 3 game?

Rextro is running a Kickstarter campaign for the next of his wildly-popular arcade games, and has to fulfil several thousand physical item orders, while also answering angry emails about why said physical items aren’t available in different colours. The falling match-3 bricks represent his sanity steadily peeling away.

Who is the greatest Gavin at Playtonic?

Gavin Mayles, who secretly ghost designs all of our games from behind a curtain in the disabled toilet.

Would you have rather had money than the leaving presents we gave you?

I’m sure they’ll fetch a fair price on eBay.


Good luck on your new adventure, Andy! You will be missed.