Gamescom Trailer & Hands-On Reports!

Snow ploughs! Flatulence! Googly-Eyed monsters! It’s most definitely a brand-spanking-new Yooka-Laylee trailer – and you can watch it in all its butt-stomping glory below.

A right loose cannon.
A right loose cannon.

This week we’ve dispatched our most frankfurter-resistant team members to the Gamescom expo in Germany. As well as teasing some of the new enemies, moves and mechanics you can see in our latest video, we offered Cologne-dwelling press the opportunity to play Yooka-Laylee for the first time.

Media were invited to sample a version of the game’s first world, Tribalstack Tropics, slightly edited for spoiler content and overly-lethal puns, and you’ll begin seeing hands-on reports on your favourite outlets from today. Very soon we’ll reveal our plans for how we’ll be making similar invitations to the wider world. Stay tuned.

Of course many of you will have already been sampling our game mechanics via the Kickstarter backer-exclusive Toybox, the response to which has been nothing less than fantastic. The Playtonic team wants to thank everyone who’s played the Toybox so far for all of your valuable viewpoints.

The team has been closely following your comments, videos and streams and you can rest assured we’ll be looking to improve the final game based on your responses. Though we’re still not putting pants on the lizard.

Development is entering the polish stage and we’re working our hardest to make the game as sparkly as possible in time for release day early next year. Look out for more Yooka-Laylee content reveals in the coming months.

Thanks for your support!

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  • Bust4cap

    thats deeefinitely kazooie on that canon 😉 a weird, stubby, little kazooie xD

  • Nathanael Lawrence

    I honestly can’t wait for this game, I loved Banjo Kazooie. I am so glad this team is still alive after so many years. Hey, maybe sell some Yooka-Laylee merchandise? Can’t wait to see what the Co-op mode will bring.

  • Bloxy Poxy

    So are the googly eye enemies just eyes that can jump on objects and control them? Cause if not they should.

  • Asha Dasha

    Similar invitations to the wider world? Does that mean a public demo? That would be lovely.

    Very keen for this game, and watching you guys make so much progress is awesome. Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Scott Brown

    Cars??? Cars! CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the work you guys have done keep up the good work!

  • Kristian Bonjet Boje

    Which platform do you expect this will be most enjoyable on? Banjo Kazooie was for N64, so can we expect a “better” game on the Nintendo platform? maybe just for nostalgia? Or is it the same feeling on all platforms, if you know what i mean?

  • Juan D.Gonzales

    i am so hype for this, i really wish this was done. but please don’t misunderstand me i do not wish for this to be rushed, please take your time and make it as awesome as possible. i only wanted to express my feels and it’s this I AM RIDING ON THE HYPE TRAIN CHUUUU CHUUU!!

  • Hailey117

    Was so gunna back
    This on Kickstarter totally missed out stupid bills-.-

  • Billy Binder

    What were those shorts doing in those snowballs though….

  • Darren Spencer

    We can’t wait for this game! Massive fans of your work on N64 so will be buying for Wii U even though we have a PS4 it just feels right to play on Nintendo! 🙂

  • txeriff

    I remember when games had in the box : only for nintendo.

  • Kyle

    Did you guys from Playtonic consider giving some clothes to them?
    This fanart looks awesome.

  • Yooka fan 9211

    hey has anyone noticed that the pirate ship in the background of the picture that says”A right loose cannon” might be the one spoken about with the palm tree near it in the secret in the toybox