Community Competition Winners: New Beettalion Guards Appointed!

On the 17th of June we launched our #PickMePhoebee contest. We were blown away by the entries, from artwork and music, to strange balloon adaptations of Yooka and Laylee. Competition was fierce, and after filtering through to a 14-strong shortlist before a full studio vote, our new Royal Beettalion Guards came to bee.

Winner: Daniel Garza
Beettalion name: Danbeeil

Daniel’s papercraft/clay styled animation was a hot favourite in the studio. It’s aesthetically and thematically on point. The Royal Stingdom will be a more entertaining place with Danbeeil around – once Yooka and Laylee rescue them, that is.

Winner: Cameron Perry
Beettalion name: Camerhoney

WordPress doesn’t like to embed Twitter videos (curses!), but we fully encourage you to check out Cameron’s entry here. We found it difficult to not throw all of our votes at an animation which saw Capital B being spanked with a flyswatter. If that doesn’t convince you to have a look, we aren’t sure what will.


Winner: Cameron Reigle
Beettalion name: Cam Beegle

This tribute to Rextro won over a fair few hearts, securing Cam Beegle a place in the Royal Beettalion Guard. Funnily enough, we have a reference to a “Game Bee” already in our game, so either Beegle aligns with our puns eerily well or we need to fire someone for leaking.



Winner: Lillyanne Taylor
Beettalion name: Lilbee Ann

Queen Phoebee was very impressed with Lilyanne’s fantastic book about Yooka-Laylee and the Royal Stingdom. She insisted that Lilbee Ann join the Beettalion “immediatebee”. With the Queen’s heart won, we welcomed a very young, but no doubt heroic bee into the fold.

Winner: Jeff Onan
Beettalion Name: Jeff Dronan

Making a game based on a game you’ve yet to play is pretty next level. We were impressed with Jeff’s level of dedication to creating something fun and original while sticking to the theme of the competition. With Jeff Dronan around, the Royal Beettalion Guard will never get board.

Winner: Evan Lin
Beettalion Name: Hivan Lin

Are you okay Evan? Breathe. Evan’s Yooka-Laylee piano medley was a wonder to behold. Our Audio team kept saying “that’s dead good that” and we all agreed. Welcome to the Royal Stingdom, Hivan Lin, maybe one day you’ll have an audience with Queen Phoebee.


We want to thank every single person who entered. Picking winners was really tough and we were humbled by the passion and work that was put into entries. Those who made it to the final 14 will be included in the credits of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

Runners up:










That’s all folks! Remember to check in with us on Twitter and Facebook for all things Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair!