A Thank You

After 1 year, 11 months and 4 days, Yooka-Laylee is finally beginning to Reptile Roll its way to Kickstarter backers across the globe!

Physical items have been dispatched and will begin arriving with backers as early as TODAY, April 5 (see our FAQ below), while digital codes will be dispatched within the week so that backers can pre-load and play the game!

Thinking Outside the Box

The journey up to this point has been a proverbial minecart ride, from the twilight days when we had to put everything on the line for an office the size of a gents’ toilet, to the incredible, humbling support of our fans and smashing the UK games Kickstarter record. Yooka-Laylee’s construction has been an incredible experience and we hope it delivers everything our backers and fans hoped from an old-school 3D platformer!

The support of our fans – the ones who, like us, waited so long to see a game like this light up the shop shelves once more – has transformed our tiny indie studio and put us in such a strong position for the future. Looking back, we’re all very proud of what we’ve managed to create with a tiny team of veterans – but this game is just the start. Now that we’re expanded to a strong 25 people, we can’t wait to repay our fans with even more colourful and diverse adventures in the future!

Today, the Playtonic team continues to work on updates that will further improve the performance of the game, and early birds should expect to see the first game update from today. Once release is out of the way, we’ll start planning a DLC add-on created exclusively free for our Kickstarter backers. We’re also working closely with Nintendo to bring the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee to Nintendo fans as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your support – and enjoy the game!


This chimney gag is on the house.

When do physical Kickstarter versions dispatch?

In order to ensure that physical backers receive their game in time for launch day, physical copies of Yooka-Laylee, including 64-bit Editions, have now been shipped! This includes the versions below:

  • PC Physical inc. manual/artbook
  • PC Physical signed by the team inc. manual/artbook
  • PS4 Physical
  • XB1 Physical
  • 64-Bit cartridge inc. box and manual/artbook

Our delivery partner works on a minimum to max timescale for delivery, which varies depending upon the country being shipped to. Although we can’t offer exact delivery dates, backers should receive their items from April 5 onwards, depending on territory.

Although all packages being shipped are tracked, there are no tracking ID’s which we can provide to backers. However, upon delivery the postal tracking system will track that the package has been delivered. If backers are expecting a combination of the above SKU’s, these will be delivered in one package.

Further delivery notes:

  • All shipments will need to be signed for upon delivery, shipments will not be delivered without a signature.
  • The postal company will attempt delivery to the shipment address 2 times.
  • If a shipment fails delivery after the second attempt a delivery notice will be left.
  • If the delivery company cannot deliver after 2 attempts, the shipment will be held at a local depot for collection.
  • The shipment will be held for collection for 7 days before being returned.


Important: If you had not fully completed all relevant pledge requirements (pledge questions, shipping address, full payment) by Backerkit address finalisation on 7th March, then we cannot guarantee that your reward will be in this shipment. The shipping of any backer rewards which fall into these categories will be handled post launch of Yooka-Laylee.

Can I stream the game before release?

We request that those who receive the game early kindly respect not spoiling the game for fellow backers by holding off streaming or uploading video until release day. After release day, please feel free to stream and create videos of the game. We’re looking forward to seeing them! 🙂

When do digital game rewards dispatch?

Digital Game Rewards for Steam, GOG and Xbox One will be sent out this week so that backers on those platforms can pre-load the game in time for release day. PS4 codes will be dispatched and immediately playable on Monday, April 10 in time for Yooka-Laylee’s first worldwide release in Australia and New Zealand.

Codes will be fulfilled via platform specific codes which can be collected from each users BackerKit pledge. Backers must have access to their BackerKit pledge, using the email account registered on the BackerKit system. Digital Codes will not be accessible via Kickstarter.

What about Digital Deluxe versions?

Please note that non-game components of the Digital Deluxe package (such as the soundtrack or manual/artbook) will be accessible via a direct download from each backer’s pledge on BackerKit. This is because there are some differences between the backer versions and those on sale via other platforms.

When will I receive my backer T-Shirt?

T-Shirts are currently being processed via our fulfilment partner. We have prioritised ensuring that all games are delivered on time for backers before finalising shipment of these. Look for an update soon.

When will I receive my signed Character Parade?

Signed character parades are ready for team signing. We are currently focusing on ensuring the game is delivered on time for backers before finalising shipment of these.

What about the remaining Stretch Goals?

Due to time constraints, the orchestral soundtrack, 64-bit shader and dev commentary will be added to Yooka-Laylee post release. Our priority was to deliver the core game experience to our backers without further delay and we hope you look forward to these free additions in the near future!

Your Comments

  • naqaden

    a you’re welcome

  • Sam Buckingham

    Just wondering… Is there anything special about the PS4/XB1 editions you guys have dispatched for backers? Or are they going to be the same as retail editions?

    Can’t wait to play!

    • Anubis316

      pretty sure standard

  • Jesper Elgaard Laursen

    but but…. what about the game for nintendo switch? nothing to say there?

    • Pan Naan

      “We’re also working closely with Nintendo to bring the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee to Nintendo fans as soon as possible” is all

      • Anubis316

        This is fine by me, if they had more to say and could they would. They are telling everyone to not freak out and be paitient for the switch version. It’s understandable IMO and we just have to wait… hopefully not too long though

    • wombat

      See, that’s why you read a post before commenting on it.

  • Oh, I knew my ears weren’t tricking me! Glad to see that an orchestral soundtrack is still on the horizon.

    • Ian Taylor

      Here’s hoping they contract an orchestra for Yooka and Game Number Two. Kill two birds.

  • wombat

    I must say it’s kind of a dick move to give review copies before backer copies. Just sayin’

    • Conjo

      It’s not

    • Anubis316

      I see where you are coming from, but we are not supposed to play the game before release anyway. And even though they ask people to not stream the game before release you know some people will. Giving it to reviewers first was fine by me, heck giving physical copies before digital is fine by me as long as we can all play on April 11

      • Thomas Wade

        That would be great if all backers could play on April 11th, but a portion of us are still stuck waiting.

    • Daryle Henry

      No it isn’t. That’s the way it works. Reviews are part of the marketing strategy.

    • Helmic

      It’s not at all. That’s how it’s always worked, it’s so people can get reviews out before release to help people decide whether they want the game or not. Pre-release embargos ensure that reviewers don’t have to rush to race each other to put up the first review and can instead take their time to properly review the game.

      In fact, you should be *very suspicious* of companies that don’t give out review copies or have release-day embargoes. That is almost universally a sign of a company not having confidence in their game/movie/book/whatever and is an attempt to get players to go into games blind. If a questionable game hits store shelves without reviews, people can’t cancel their pre-orders in time and are stuck with something they likely can’t return. It’s pretty scummy and is why companies like Bethesda claiming they’re not going to send review copies out anymore is deeply concerning. They don’t do this for our benefit.

      • InShortSight

        Backers already payed for their copy. A year ago. They probably don’t care about reviews.

  • bentendo

    So no more accurate information on Switch release? I hope we aren’t waiting months for the same game. Not only is that bad for Kickstarters, but for the overall success of the game on Switch for everyday consumers.

  • Anubis316

    What can I say except you’re welcome

  • FuzzyCevin

    So we can’t track the package, but we have to be home to sign for it? Sounds like a Catch-22 to me mates.

  • iSayuri

    Excited for the Switch version, hoping it arrives very soon!

  • Matt Mayatt

    Waiting for Switch version

  • James Rundle

    So, will those who’ll be receiving a digital code get to play the game before April 10th? I’m a bit confused by the wording in this article.

    • Lacri

      no, the digital codes allow you to pre-load the game but it won’t be playable until April 10th.

  • Marc-Andre Jasmin

    thanks so much for the game.. i am sure the game will be nice.. i am mad about a lot of review from other site.. but if you liked bk and bt, you will love this game i am sure.

    • Marc-Andre Jasmin

      i just can’T said how happy i am with the creation of the game.. i realy want playtonic staff to know , some are really really happy of the game.

  • Ryan Green

    Is there any way I can switch the platform I set for the digital code? I sold my console.

  • Blank Blank

    DAMN! is there a way to get the N64 Version of the game as a standalone package?

  • Jonathan Rousseau-Nepton

    64 bit edition does’nt include a Physical CD Soundtrack???

  • Darren

    I finally noticed the digital key for the final game showing in my BackerKit account over the weekend and have successfully added it to Steam. However, it appears that I cannot pre-load it as it shows only as Coming Soon. Is there a pre-load for this game as my understanding is that it releases at midnight today?

  • Sarah Jack

    Hi I was a backer, but not able to access toybox…does anyone know why?

  • Tyler Joseph-ray Woods

    Anyone know how do you get the niche N64 collectors box and cart. I’m told you can’t actually play the cart, but I would spend good money on it regardless; being a huge N64 collector. I am an original backer, I just didn’t know they were going to do that!

    • Margie Testa

      I would like to know as well how to get the N64 cart and the art book.. I’m new to the site and the company I got hooked months ago when I first saw images of the game Yooka Laylee, and I told everyone one I could about this great new platform that was coming out, I have watched all the videos I’m so excited, that I will be there first when they open at gamestop tomorrow.. Also I would like to. Know what a backer is….because if this game turns out to be as great as I know it will be, I would like to learn more about the company ect..
      Will you produce stuffed animals and statutes from the game..I’m a huge fan, of this company since I seen this game plus I love retro games…I would like to saw I’m proud of all of you….this game is going to be great once it comes out tomorrow,..about 20 hrs to go and counting, I’m from Fl, United States..Hope you sell a ton on release day…

      • John Smith

        It was a tier award. You had to pledge a lot of money. Sorry, but it’s too late for that I think.

  • Nivek Vamps

    So, still haven’t gotten my physical copy from the Kickstarter…..and for some reason the digital Steam version doesn’t actually release until Noon. Have to say really not to happy about this, expected way better from the team that brought me my favorite games of all time

  • Rinku

    14:07 in the UK and still not unlocked on Steam…

  • James Buttress

    I am still yet to receive my CD key for this game. Help!? =(

  • Rodrigo Azeredo

    Vai ter realmente a versão em português?

  • Shilag

    I also have yet to receive my promised key. There have been no messages on kickstarter or on my email. What is going on?

  • Woof.

    Does anyone know the switch release date?

  • LysolPionex

    Has anyone received the physical PC copy yet?

  • Wesley Glasco

    I’m just blown away by this game, the opening into the 2nd world was breathtaking, thank you all! I’m so happy this came to be:)

  • Kyle

    what about the n64 shader mode?

  • Noah Lewis

    I find this game to be incredible, ive been playing rare games since i was kid and all i could ask for is 64 cartridge copy of the game. Any chance we receive dlc for yooka laylee would love more maps and or content?

  • Gra wygląda przesympatycznie.

  • Andy Nonomous

    I hope this was just a warm up. It is enjoyable but does not even come close to as good as Banjo Kazooie or Donkey Kong 64.

  • frigginzelda

    Any more recent news on Switch version?! It’s a bummer to see this on shelves but not able to play it!

  • Jesse Wade

    Still haven’t received anything. This is the last time I ever support anything on kickstarter.

  • Leo Previato

    Any update in when the orchestral score is coming?